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August 4 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Congress Takes Breather As Budget Crisis Looms
August 4 - Incumbents Get the Jitters As Voters Grow Angry
August 4 - Returning S and L Cash Raises Questions
August 4 - New Attack on Pay Raise
August 4 - Showdown on Spending Limits Moves Toward White House
August 4 - Senate Bill Highlights
August 4 - Zapping Honoraria - and the Rich
August 4 - House Bill Highlights
August 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Postpones Mail Debate
August 4 - ETHICS: Rep. Flake Indicted on Charges Of Siphoning Church Funds
August 4 - Negotiators Go Into Recess No Closer to Compromise
August 4 - Debt Ceiling: Short-Term Focus
August 4 - Trying to Trim Bills Proves Fruitless When 'Vote Now, Cut Later' Prevails
August 4 - How Do I Tax Thee?
August 4 - Congress Ships Trade Bill To Bush for Signature
August 4 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Administration Makes Pitch For More Bailout Money
August 4 - Taking Aim at the Crooks - Again
August 4 - BANKING: Seidman Calls For New Rules
August 4 - TRADE: Panel Backs Bill To Improve Foreign Investment Data
August 4 - Veto Threats Greet Passage Of 5-Year Farm Measure
August 4 - Let's Make a Deal
August 4 - House Passes Dam-Control Bill To Protect the Grand Canyon
August 4 - ENVIRONMENT: Antarctic Mining Ban Supported
August 4 - TRANSPORTATION/ENVIRONMENT: House Panel Says No to Plan To Track Hazardous Wastes
August 4 - ENERGY: Fisheries Push for Inspections Of Underwater Pipelines
August 4 - ENVIRONMENT: Shore Bill Flows Past Panel, But Cost May Clog Path
August 4 - ENERGY: Panel Pushes For New Laws
August 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Oks Energy-Water Bill; Spending Exceeds Bush Plan
August 4 - ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Oil Pollution Cleanup Bill Is Set for Final Hurdle
August 4 - PUBLIC WORKS: Committee Leaves Water Bill Awash in Costly Add-Ons
August 4 - INSULAR AFFAIRS: Measure on Puerto Rico's Status Hits Snags in Both Chambers
August 4 - CLEAN AIR: Compromise on CFCs 1st Step In Slow-Moving Conference
August 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Pork-Barrel Interests Evident In Senate Treasury Bill
August 4 - COMMUNICATIONS: House Bill Curtails Unsolicited Ads
August 4 - TRANSPORTATION: Panel Joins Move To Repeal Trading of Airport Slots
August 4 - House OKs Passenger Fees To Boost Airport Funding
August 4 - Oberstar's Switch
August 4 - Congress Clears Bill Promoting Competitive Nursing Salaries
August 4 - FAA to Continue Penalizing Errant Airlines, Pilots
August 4 - House Committee Bill Revises Job-Training Program
August 4 - House Science Committee OKs Coastal, Weather Programs
August 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Bill Orders Government To Cede Radio Frequencies
August 4 - Self-Extinguishing-Cigarette Bill Cleared for Bush Signature
August 4 - Senate Passes Bill Requiring TV Closed-Captioning
August 4 - Kemp Is Dealt Major Defeat On Home-Loan Program
August 4 - New Programs: Highlights
August 4 - Housing Grants and Programs (chart)
August 4 - House Joins in the Standoff Over Civil Rights Measure
August 4 - Reversing Decisions
August 4 - Diversity Is One Principal Goal In Deciding Whom To Let In
August 4 - Senate Panel Turns Focus On Women's Programs
August 4 - HEALTH: Organ Transplant Bill Approved
August 4 - HEALTH: House Gives Stamp of Approval To Food Nutrition Labeling
August 4 - HEALTH: House Plan Boosts Rural Services
August 4 - DRUGS: Cutting the Wait For Treatment
August 4 - HEALTH: Potential Drug-Firm Windfalls Targeted by House Measure
August 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Abortion Issue Colors Debate On Poverty Law Program
August 4 - HEALTH: Senate Passes Aid For Atom Victims
August 4 - HEALTH: Stark, Sullivan Square Off On Race and Rhetoric
August 4 - EDUCATION: Senate Approves Vocational Aid
August 4 - HEALTH: Hill Puts Finishing Touches On AIDS Relief Measure
August 4 - Senate Votes To Save Stealth But By Narrower Margin
August 4 - House Panel's Diet Defense Bill Would Cancel B-2 Production
August 4 - Funding for Major Weapons (chart)
August 4 - IRAQI INVASION: Congress Worried About Oil, Threat to Saudi Arabia
August 4 - House Slices Bush's Request In Passing $8.6 Billion Bill
August 4 - Military Construction Spending (chart)
August 4 - Democrats Uniting in 11th,
August 4 - Florida House Candidates (chart)
August 4 - Chiles Holds to Old-Style Campaigning In Facing Nelson and Martinez
August 4 - Congressional Departures (chart)
August 4 - LOUISIANA: Three-Way War For Senate
August 4 - Political Scion, State Legislator
August 4 - Bellmon Exits; Battles Erupt
August 4 - Oklahoma House Candidates (chart)
August 4 - Democratic Senate Primary Offers Taste of '90s Issues
August 4 - Washington House Candidates (chart)
August 4 - WASHINGTON: Shaky Timber Industry May Fell Unsoeld's Re-election Hopes
August 4 - DELAWARE: Biden, Carper Look Strong
August 4 - WYOMING: Pair of GOP Women Aim at Sullivan
August 4 - ALASKA: Oil Is Lifeblood of Economy, Not of Governor's Race
August 4 - CONNECTICUT: Primary Slate Thins Out
August 4 - TENNESSEE: Rep. Ford Cruises
August 4 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Moral Conundrum Of Trading Partners
August 11 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Invasion of Kuwait Pinches Calendar
August 11 - Finding an Acceptable Deal Nearly Impossible Mission
August 11 - House Members Over PAC Cap (chart)
August 11 - THE BUDGET: Recession Fears, Gulf Threats Raise Hurdles For Summit
August 11 - Budget Timing: High Hopes
August 11 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Fail, Thompson Defend Roles In Purchasing Failed S and Ls
August 11 - DEBT LIMIT: Short-Term Increase OK'd by Senate
August 11 - SECTION NOTES: Procurement Law Wins Short-Term Extension
August 11 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Bill To Overhaul Markets
August 11 - SECTION NOTES: Wendy Gramm Confirmed To Remain at CFTC
August 11 - Iraq Hits a Raw Nerve in U.S. But Policy Changes Unlikely
August 11 - Crude Oil
August 11 - Crude Oil
August 11 - Oil-Spill Bill Cleared
August 11 - AGRICULTURE: Gulf Crisis Shows Close Ties Between Food and Policy
August 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Bill Passed by Senate
August 11 - SECTION NOTES: House Interior Panel OKs Puerto Rican Plebiscite
August 11 - SECTION NOTES: More EPA Investigators Approved by Senate
August 11 - SECTION NOTES: Safety Enforcement by FAA Continued by Senate
August 11 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Bill Aims To Protect American Indian Children
August 11 - HEALTH: Drug Treatment Gets a Boost
August 11 - HEALTH: Grants for Cancer Screening Get Green Light on Hill
August 11 - AIDS Bill Clears; Senate Votes A Raft of Other Measures
August 11 - EDUCATION: Math-Science Bill Voted by Senate
August 11 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Legal Aid Agency Tilts to Right On Management and Policy
August 11 - Gulf Standoff Highlights Need For Speed as Well as Power
August 11 - Iraq Map
August 11 - Members Back Sending Troops to Gulf But Worry About a Drawn-Out Crisis
August 11 - Senate Bill Redirects 'Star Wars' Away From 'Brilliant Pebbles'
August 11 - GEORGIA LAWSUIT: Justice Issues A Challenge
August 11 - Massachusetts
August 11 - MASSACHUSETTS: Democrats Prepare for Fury As Recession Grips Region
August 11 - In the Shadows
August 11 - MICHIGAN: Schuette Facing Levin for Senate;
August 11 - GEORGIA: Miller Handily Defeats Young, To Meets Isaakson for Governor
August 11 - KANSAS: Surprises in Two State Races;
August 11 - Tennessee Races Settled
August 11 - MISSOURI: Challengers Chosen
August 11 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Bush Announces Deployment Of Forces to Saudi Arabia
August 11 - NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Emphasizes Sanctions, Defense of Saudi Border
August 11 - PROVISIONS: Campaign Finance Measures
August 11 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Fame Often Not the Rule For Court Nominees
August 18 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Iraq Threat, Budget Await Congress
August 18 - COVER STORY: Recession Fears, Gulf Crisis Loom Over Final Weeks
August 18 - Lame-Duck Nightmares
August 18 - Inside Congress: Major legislative actions of the 101st Congress
August 18 - Economics and Finance: Major legislative actions of the 101st Congress
August 18 - Government and Commerce: Major legislative actions of the 101st Congress
August 18 - Social Policy: Major legislative actions of the 101st Congress
August 18 - Defense and Foreign Policy: Major legislative actions of the 101st Congress
August 18 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Hill Reconsiders Immunity As North Case Is Set Back
August 18 - A Need To Get the Facts Out
August 18 - Major Watergate Figures
August 18 - Action on Middle East Crisis Only a Matter of Time
August 18 - DEFENSE SPENDING: Cheney Slows Sub Production To Further Cut DOD Budget
August 18 - NEW HAMPSHIRE: Democrats Wage Primary War;
August 18 - Two More Turbulent Years?
August 18 - Gearing Down for the Senate
August 18 - OHIO: Popular Cincinnati Politicians
August 18 - MINNESOTA: Perpich Faces Stiff Opposition
August 18 - COLORADO: Heath Defeats Lucero Handily,
August 18 - PROVISIONS: Emergency AIDS Measure
August 18 - PROVISIONS: Caribbean Basin Initiative
August 18 - Public Laws (Previous Public Laws, Weekly Report, p. 1822)
August 18 - NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Blames Budget Problems On Hill's 'Lack of Action'
August 18 - NEWS CONFERENCE: Democratic Response
August 18 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Mo Udall Takes Politics With a Grain of Humor
August 25 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Congress To Confer With Bush on Gulf
August 25 - 1988 S and L Deals Are Revisited
August 25 - A Sweet Deal Gone Sour?
August 25 - Projected Costs of the Biggest
August 25 - THE BUDGET: Gingrich Calls for Tax Cuts To Help Bolster Economy
August 25 - Congress Out To Cut Pay Gap, But Odds Are Against It
August 25 - VA Headache Is Private Sector's Cure
August 25 - Hill Faces Trench Warfare Over Abortion Rights
August 25 - The Key Players
August 25 - Inflammatory Issue of Abortion Will Show Up in a Number of Bills
August 25 - FETAL RESEARCH: Abortion Issue Clouds Outlook For New Medical Treatment
August 25 - HEALTH: President Signs AIDS Measure
August 25 - Wars of Proxy Losing Favor As Cold War Tensions End
August 25 - Covert Wars
August 25 - U.S. Love Affair With Covert Aid Has a Long but Controversial Past
August 25 - MILITARY STRATEGY: Reserve Call-Up Tests Strategy Long Trumpeted by Congress
August 25 - Weighing Friends and Weapons
August 25 - Dyson Slowed But Not Felled By Questions About Ethics
August 25 - Maryland House Candidates (chart)
August 25 - VERMONT: Smith and Sanders Likely Opponents
August 25 - New York House Candidates (chart)
August 25 - NEW YORK: Primary Promises Few Surprises
August 25 - NEVADA: Incumbents Secure In Primaries
August 25 - VFW ADDRESS: Bush Calls for Strong Defense To 'Maintain the Peace'
August 25 - Bush Stresses World Support For U.S. Force Deployment
August 25 - MAY and JUNE 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Corporations and Businesses
August 25 - MAY and JUNE 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Interest Groups
August 25 - MAY and JUNE 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Labor Organizations
August 25 - MAY and JUNE 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: State, Local Governments; Utilities
August 25 - MAY and JUNE 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Foreign Governments
August 25 - MAY and JUNE 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Trade/Professional Associations
August 25 - MAY and JUNE 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Miscellaneous
August 25 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: President, Congress And War Powers

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