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July 7 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Civil Rights, ADA, Crime Head Full July Agenda
July 7 - LEGISLATIVE AGENDA: Reputation of 101st Congress At Stake in Coming Weeks
July 7 - Budget Talks Reawaken Oil-Import Fee Debate
July 7 - Oil Import Fee: Winners and Losers (chart)
July 7 - THE BUDGET: Quandary for Hill Negotiators: What Role for Committees?
July 7 - NASA Audit Questioned Fees Paid to Hubble Builders
July 7 - Justices Show a Propensity For Letting Others Decide
July 7 - Major Decisions of 1989-90
July 7 - Recruiting Defense Dollars For Environmental Duty
July 7 - Mounting Cost Estimates
July 7 - SECTION NOTES: NATO Endorses Bush Plan For Strategy Shift
July 7 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Set To Debate 2 Nuclear Treaties
July 7 - House Seats Ripe for Takeover
July 7 - Vulnerable Democratic Districts (chart)
July 7 - Vulnerable Republican Districts (chart)
July 7 - Potentially Vulnerable Districts (chart)
July 7 - Primaries That Will Settle Elections (chart)
July 7 - Other Democratic Districts
July 7 - Other Republican Districts
July 7 - CONNECTICUT: Party Conventions To Weigh Gubernatorial, House Nods
July 7 - MARYLAND: Field of Challengers Emerges To Face 1st District's Dyson
July 7 - NEBRASKA: Nelson Is Democrats' Pick for Governor
July 7 - PROVISIONS House Clean Air Bill: Introduction
July 7 - PROVISIONS House Clean Air Bill: Title I - Ambient Air Quality (Smog)
July 7 - PROVISIONS House Clean Air Bill: Title II - Motor Vehicles
July 7 - PROVISIONS House Clean Air Bill: Title III - Air Toxics
July 7 - PROVISIONS House Clean Air Bill: Title IV - Permits
July 7 - PROVISIONS House Clean Air Bill: Title V - Acid Rain
July 7 - PROVISIONS House Clean Air Bill: Title VI - Enforcement
July 7 - PROVISIONS House Clean Air Bill: Title VII - Stratospheric Ozone
July 7 - PROVISIONS House Clean Air Bill: Titles VIII-X - Miscellaneous
July 7 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Issues NATO Declaration At Summit's Conclusion
July 7 - President Bush's Vetoes
July 7 - PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT: Veto of Mandated Leave Bill
July 7 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Court Not in Lock Step With Reagan March
July 14 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Hectic Pace To Continue As Time Runs Short
July 14 - CONGRESS: Some House Democrats Balk At Prospect of Mail Limits
July 14 - ETHICS: Floor Action Looms for Frank, Durenberger Investigations
July 14 - SENATE: Mitchell Will Keep Senate at Work
July 14 - Taxes Move to Top of the Deck In Deficit-Reduction Game
July 14 - Debt Limit: Early Skirmishing
July 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: Action Is Ahead Of Last Year
July 14 - TRADE: Bill Links China's MFN Status To Human Rights Progress
July 14 - Impending Senate Showdown Pits CFTC Against SEC
July 14 - Pending Securities Bills
July 14 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Scandal Gives Parties a Chance To Fire Away at Each Other
July 14 - Foreign Subsidiaries Accused Of Shirking Tax Payments
July 14 - SECTION NOTES: Federal Reserve Signals Easing of Credit
July 14 - SECTION NOTES: Greenspan Proposes More Bank Capital
July 14 - TRADE: Senate Debates Textile Bill; Early Positive Action Likely
July 14 - Farm Bloc on the Defensive As Bills Move to Floor
July 14 - The Deep Roots of the Debate
July 14 - Agriculture Appropriations (chart)
July 14 - AGRICULTURE/TRADE: Bill Would Renew PL 480 Food Aid
July 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: Whitten Cuts Crop Insurance; Food Stamps Get Big Boost
July 14 - ENVIRONMENT: Clean Air Conference Opens With Two Senate Offers
July 14 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: Omnibus VA Bill Sent to Senate
July 14 - COMMUNICATIONS: Closed-Caption Requirement Approved by House Panel
July 14 - ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Oil-Spill Conferees Near End With Deal on Double Hulls
July 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: Committees Resolve Turf War Over Airport Trust Fund
July 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bill Would Allow D.C. Abortions
July 14 - Transportation Appropriations (chart)
July 14 - 11th-Hour Deal on OIRA
July 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: Secret Service Gets the Jump On S and L Bailout Crackdown
July 14 - Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations (chart)
July 14 - Failures Give New Ammunition To NASA's Spending Critics
July 14 - Trapped by History
July 14 - SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY: House Supports Big Increase In High-Tech Programs
July 14 - Omnibus Crime Bills Talk Tough But Need Funding Backbone
July 14 - Deal on Civil Rights Measure Stymied by 'Quota' Issue
July 14 - Congress Clears Sweeping Bill To Guard Rights of Disabled
July 14 - HUMAN SERVICES: School Volunteer Aid Considered
July 14 - HOUSING: Bill Heading to House Floor In Shadow of Veto Threat
July 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Harmony on Labor-HHS May End on Abortion Issue
July 14 - Labor-HHS Appropriations (chart)
July 14 - SECTION NOTES: House Again Takes Aim At Drugs in School
July 14 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill To Reduce School Dropout Rates
July 14 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Would Overturn Abortion Regulations
July 14 - Bush Team Rethinking Aid As Hill Wariness Grows
July 14 - THE PENTAGON: New Chief Named To SDI Program
July 14 - Nunn's Panel Raises Curtain On Major Defense Cuts
July 14 - FOREIGN AID: Hill, Administration Moving To Assist Soviet Union
July 14 - Senators Moving To Close Net On New Breed: Hired Spies
July 14 - Spying for the Money
July 14 - EL SALVADOR: Administration Unveils a Plan For Deal on Aid Conditions
July 14 - Republicans Try To Keep Grasp On Two Hard-Won Districts
July 14 - With Well-Liked Politicians Facing Off Burden Likely To Fall to Challenger
July 14 - Democrats Seek To Regain Seats and Strength
July 14 - Missouri House Candidates (chart)
July 14 - Chicago Still Tops the List (chart)
July 14 - CONVENTIONS: New York City Is Democrats' Host For Third Time in Five Elections
July 14 - NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Calls Summit Agreements 'Positive and Unanimous'
July 14 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Taxes, Jimmy Carter And Social Security
July 21 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Farm Bill Becomes Focus Of House and Senate
July 21 - Votes Slated Before Recess For Frank, Durenberger
July 21 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Riegle Will Return S and L Money, Eschew Some PAC Donations
July 21 - Summit Talks Go in Circles As Partisan Tensions Rise
July 21 - Administration Deficit Estimates (chart)
July 21 - Sorting Through the Details
July 21 - Sobering Economic Forecasts (chart)
July 21 - Appropriators Go To Work (chart)
July 21 - Tax-Rate Bubble May Burst Under Budget Pressures
July 21 - The Bubble Blowers
July 21 - THE BUDGET: Balanced-Budget Amendment Fails in House; Act OK'd
July 21 - Often Proposed, Rarely Acted On
July 21 - Senate Passes Textile Measure, Challenging House and Bush
July 21 - TRADE: Panel OKs China MFN Status, Seeks Future Rights Gains
July 21 - TRADE: Ex-Im Financing of Military Sales OK'd in Export-Control Bill
July 21 - BANKING: Panel Passes Stiffer Penalties For Money Laundering Cases
July 21 - Cannons of the Conference Room Draw Clean Air Battle Lines
July 21 - A Slow Start
July 21 - ENVIRONMENT: Subcommittee Opposes Plan To Lessen Timber Losses
July 21 - Timber Sales (chart)
July 21 - ENVIRONMENT: New Jersey Members Push For Coastal-Water Laws
July 21 - ENERGY: House OKs Version Of Oil Reserve Bill
July 21 - ENERGY: Panel Approves New Benefits For Renewable-Power Plants
July 21 - Senate Appropriators Approve Energy-Water Funding Bill
July 21 - Energy and Water Appropriations (chart)
July 21 - COMMERCE: Product Safety Bill Passed by House
July 21 - ENVIRONMENT: Bill Would Protect The Antarctic
July 21 - TRANSPORTATION: House Passes FAA Bills
July 21 - Animal-Rights Activists Find Themselves on Defensive
July 21 - Animal-Rights Incidents
July 21 - Senate Begins Farm Bill Debate Acceding to Budget Limits
July 21 - Sweetening the Pot
July 21 - Agriculture Appropriations (chart)
July 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Cut No Quick Sale
July 21 - FOOD SAFETY: House Agriculture Approves Bill on Fish Inspection
July 21 - Job Training Act Revisions Still Stuck in Committee
July 21 - 1990 JTPA Funding (chart)
July 21 - COMMUNICATIONS: Children's TV Bill Passed by Senate
July 21 - SPACE: Senate Offers Little Solace For Bruised Space Agency
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Protect Grand Canyon
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: Cigarette-Safety Compromise Satisfies Tobacco Lobby
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: D.C. Abortion Language Sent to House Floor
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: Federal Pay Measure Called 'Historic'
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: New Uranium Enrichment Corp. Approved by House Panel
July 21 - Partisan Rancor Marks Vote On Civil Rights Measure
July 21 - Familiar Faces, Familiar Passions
July 21 - Dole Outburst Shows Frustration Over More Than Civil Rights Bill
July 21 - Shutting Off Debate (chart)
July 21 - Highlights of the Bill
July 21 - Measure Grows as House Gives Bush a Lesson in Addition
July 21 - Beefing Up Math, Science
July 21 - Education Authorizations (chart)
July 21 - EDUCATION: Conferees Split Over Focus Of Vocational Training Aid
July 21 - Judiciary Panel Presses On In Drafting a Crime Bill
July 21 - Comparison of Crime Bills
July 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Partisan Sparring Punctuates Passage of Labor-HHS Bill
July 21 - Labor-HHS-Education Funding (chart)
July 21 - CHILD CARE: House Gambit To Delay Funds Fails To Budge Conferees
July 21 - HEALTH: Stark Fires Shot Across Bow On National Medical Care
July 21 - HEALTH: Orphan Drug Bill Would Offer Shared Custody to 'Parents'
July 21 - HEALTH: Panel OKs Fines For Dumping
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: Arts Endowment Bill Still on Thin Ice
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: Four Immigration Bills Get Swift Approval
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: House Committee Passes Community Service Bill
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Votes To Reauthorize Funding for Homeless
July 21 - Democrats Will Offer Help To Offset Defense Cuts
July 21 - DEFENSE SPENDING: Aspin Takes Aim at Weapons To Achieve Budget Cuts
July 21 - Decision on Covert Aid Delayed As Panel Awaits Further Moves
July 21 - IRAN-CONTRA: Judges Set Aside North Conviction
July 21 - GOP Members Boycott Markup Of Technical Aid Bill
July 21 - NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Senate Committee Takes Up Pair of '70s-Era Treaties
July 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Committee Approves Military Construction Bill
July 21 - IRAN-CONTRA: Notebook Entries Raise Questions
July 21 - KENYA: Lawmakers Taking a Hard Look At Aid in Light of Crackdown
July 21 - Two Chicago-Area Districts
July 21 - THE CENSUS: Overseas Military Personnel Counted in Home States
July 21 - Dominant Republicans in 3rd Not One Big Happy Family
July 21 - CONNECTICUT: Morrison's Bid for Governor Faces Test in Primary
July 21 - Miller, Young Face Runoff
July 21 - Tennessee House Candidates (chart)
July 21 - TENNESSEE: Ford's Legal Troubles in 9th Invite Only Chance of Upset
July 21 - Wisconsin House Candidates (chart)
July 21 - WISCONSIN: Both Parties Look for Cracks In Wall of Safe Incumbency
July 21 - LOUISIANA: Boggs' Departure Buoys Hopes In Majority-Black District
July 21 - NEW YORK: Fizzling Campaigns Are the Norm
July 21 - Congressional Departures (chart)
July 21 - VERMONT: A Smith-Sanders Rematch Likely
July 21 - Q and A SESSION: Bush Discusses Germany And Favorite Novels
July 21 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Another Overhaul Plan For Electoral College
July 28 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Debt Limit Tops Agenda As Recess Approaches
July 28 - House Reprimands Frank, Refuses To Censure Him
July 28 - Senate Denounces Durenberger, Citing Financial Misconduct
July 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: Increased Spending On Congress OK'd
July 28 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: GOP Trying To Stare Down Democrats on Spending
July 28 - Negotiators Stuck in Neutral As August Recess Nears
July 28 - Making Spending Cuts Stick
July 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: Action Slows In House
July 28 - THE BUDGET: The Long and Short of Debt: Two Extension Plans
July 28 - TRADE: Ways and Means Acts on Bill Limit Textile Imports
July 28 - TRADE: Bargain on Ethanol Imports Unlocks Trade Standoff
July 28 - SECURITIES: Both Chambers Pass Measures On Civil Fraud Prosecution
July 28 - SECURITIES: Market's Swing Heats Up Talks On Control of Futures Market
July 28 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Members Chase After Bad Actors As Thrifts Face New Trouble
July 28 - BANKING: Deposit Insurance Changes Urged
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Targets Discrimination In Mortgage Lending
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Procurement Bill
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Hove Confirmation Fills Out FDIC
July 28 - House and Senate Resist Calls To Alter Course on Farm Bill
July 28 - Upstream Swim for Great Lakes Ports
July 28 - The Doctor Is In
July 28 - Rare Spotted Owl Lands in Lap Of Interior Subcommittee
July 28 - SCIENCE: Atom Smasher Tab Goes Up Again
July 28 - ENVIRONMENT: Conferees in Holding Pattern Over Clean Air Proposals
July 28 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Senate Panel OKs Pay Revisions
July 28 - Long-Delayed Oil-Spill Measure Closer to Reaching President
July 28 - Oil-Spill Compromise
July 28 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: COLA Adjustment OK'd for Disabled
July 28 - ENVIRONMENT: House Panel Moves RCRA Bill, But Probably Too Late
July 28 - LABOR: Family Leave Veto Upheld
July 28 - LABOR: Unemployment Bill Tainted By Fear of Tax Proposals
July 28 - LABOR: Funding Formula Compromise Advances Job Training Bill
July 28 - COMMUNICATIONS: Cable Re-regulation Bill Heads Quietly to House Floor
July 28 - COMMUNICATIONS: House Passes Limits On Kids' TV
July 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Finishes Transportation Bill
July 28 - Transportation Appropriations (chart)
July 28 - Boxing With Shadows
July 28 - DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: House Passes Spending Bill
July 28 - PUBLIC WORKS: Water Projects Put Into Flow
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Antarctica Protection Gets More Backing
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Cigarette-Safety Bill Sent to House Floor
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Florida Keys Sanctuary Passed by House
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Great Lakes Pollution Target of House Bill
July 28 - High Court Change of Guard Ups Policy Ante for Hill
July 28 - Brennan's Unique Judicial Stamp Left Mark on Congress, Too
July 28 - David H. Souter
July 28 - Nominations 1960-Present (chart)
July 28 - Many Questions on Abortion Asked But Only a Few of Them Get Answered
July 28 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Panel Adds Its Stamp To Civil Rights Measure
July 28 - Factions Vie Over the Terms For Poverty Law Program
July 28 - House Panel Wraps Up Work On Omnibus Crime Bill
July 28 - LAW AND ORDER: 7-Day Wait for Gun Purchase Endorsed by House Panel
July 28 - OBSCENITY DEBATE Compromise Eludes Members On Standards for Arts
July 28 - EDUCATION: Trade School Aid Issues Solved
July 28 - HEALTH: House Takes Steps To Bolster Injury, Illness Prevention
July 28 - Financing
July 28 - HOUSING: Members Weighing Remedies For Ailing FHA Program
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Seeks To Broaden Inquiry Into Pierce
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Judiciary Panel Approves Three Bills
July 28 - Both Chambers Ready Plans For Long-term Reductions
July 28 - Active-Duty Forces (chart)
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Aid to Afghan Rebels Cut by Senate Panel
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Senate and House Vote For Iraq Sanctions
July 28 - KANSAS; A Bumper Crop for Open Seat,
July 28 - The Property Tax Hot Seat
July 28 - CONNECTICUT: GOP Hopes Smooth Convention Paves Way to Governorship
July 28 - PROVISIONS: Americans With Disabilities Act
July 28 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Announces Court Nominee, Won't Answer Certain Questions
July 28 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Creating Black Districts May Segregate Voters

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