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June 2 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Cloture, Veto Override Floor Votes Scheduled
June 2 - The Year of Living Carefully: '89 Scandals Color Reports
June 2 - Tops in Honoraria (chart)
June 2 - Finances of Senate Leaders (chart)
June 2 - Finances of House Leaders (chart)
June 2 - Rostenkowski Tells All
June 2 - Where There's a Drug Deal,There's a Way To Launder
June 2 - Secrecy Abroad
June 2 - Strings Proposed For Foreign Aid
June 2 - Treasury Urges Regulation For Off-Budget Entities
June 2 - Bush and Gorbachev Sign Commercial Agreement
June 2 - Old Ways Don't Work Anymore For Farm-State Politicians
June 2 - Rural Troubleshooter
June 2 - A Long, Hot Summer Looms For Clean Air Conferees
June 2 - LSC Returning to Normalcy, But Skirmishes Continue
June 2 - Ferns, Farmworkers and Legal Aid
June 2 - Ban on Abortion Counseling Faces Review by Justices
June 2 - HUD SCANDAL: Thornburgh Seeks Wider Probe
June 2 - New Fight Likely Over Change In Mobile Home Standards
June 2 - Will Fear of Accidental Blasts Torpedo Activists' Plans?
June 2 - Bush, Gorbachev Sign Accords On Arms Control and Trade
June 2 - Panama-Nicaragua Legislation Helps Other Nations, Too
June 2 - Authorizer Sees Relevance Slip
June 2 - Democrats' Ties to Minorities May Be Tested by New Lines
June 2 - Eyes On Dunne at Justice
June 2 - Ex-Democrats Provide Action
June 2 - KENTUCKY: Rep. Mazzoli Fends Off Challenge;
June 2 - Two Democrats Vie for Chance At Senate Race With Brown
June 2 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Wisconsin Case Could Be a Test Of PAC Contributions Cap
June 2 - Members' 1989 Honoraria Receipts (chart)
June 2 - Bush Vetoes Amtrak Measure, Cites Regulatory Provision
June 2 - Public Laws
June 2 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Changing Image Of President Bush
June 9 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget, Crime, Amtrak Crowd June Agenda
June 9 - Durenberger Inquiry Ready To Go Public, on the Air
June 9 - The Durenberger Investigation
June 9 - Players in Hearing
June 9 - Senate Discipline in the 20th Century (chart)
June 9 - Trade and Foreign Policy: The Ties That Bind
June 9 - MFN: Not Just for Favorite Nations
June 9 - MFN and Trade With China (chart)
June 9 - U.S.-Soviet Trade Accord: Highlights
June 9 - Hill Stance on Lithuania
June 9 - TRADE: House Approves Major Shift In Export-Control Rules
June 9 - Negotiators Resume Seminar On Deficit Options
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: Delaware Ups Ante On Bank Powers
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: Eastern Europe Bank Pact Signed
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: World Bank OKs Loan to China
June 9 - SECURITIES: House Approves Market Bill
June 9 - Farm-State Senators Prepare For Partisan Showdown
June 9 - Attacking the 'Circle of Poison' (chart)
June 9 - $3.25 a Bushel
June 9 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Senate Panel Puts OMB Limits In Paperwork Reduction Bill
June 9 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Cable TV Reregulation Bill Sweeps By Senate Panel
June 9 - COMMERCE: House Panel OKs CPSC Bill Over GOP Opposition
June 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Super Collider Gets Full Nod In Energy Spending Bill
June 9 - AVIATION: Senate Takes Up Airline Rights
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Expand Radio Bands Approved by House Panel
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Increase Aid For Asbestos Removal
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: Contracting-Out Process Under Review in House
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Appoints Conferees For Clean Air Bill
June 9 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Sets Vote On Amtrak Veto
June 9 - Opponents of Gun Control Stall Crime Bill Action
June 9 - Scrap Over Construction Plan Provokes Delay in Markup
June 9 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Instructs Conferees On Disability-Rights Bill
June 9 - HEALTH: House OKs Radiation Payments For Miners and 'Downwinders'
June 9 - Arts Agency Likely To Face Curbs on Funding Power
June 9 - Justices Give Their Blessing To 1984 Equal Access Act
June 9 - EDUCATION: Right-To-Know Bill Passed by House
June 9 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Approves Array of Bills On Antitrust, Other Issues
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: Child-Care Conference Gets Under Way
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: Commerce, Justice Funds OK'd by House Panel
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: FHA in Financial Trouble, Kemp Tells Senate Panel
June 9 - Arms Control No Longer Ranks As the Be-All and End-All
June 9 - Approval Seen On Chemical Weapons
June 9 - THE PENTAGON: Foley, Cheney End Logjam Over Pay
June 9 - MIDDLE EAST: Congress Pressuring Bush To Suspend PLO Talks
June 9 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Moscow Embassy Wins Reprieve
June 9 - FOREIGN POLICY: U.S.-Greek Accord May Herald New Era in Bilateral Ties
June 9 - CALIFORNIA: Wilson, Feinstein for Governor;
June 9 - ALABAMA: Democrats Face Runoff Races
June 9 - IOWA: Avenson Set To Face Branstad
June 9 - NORTH CAROLINA: Gantt Wins Democratic Runoff, To Face Helms for Senate
June 9 - NEW JERSEY: Upset for GOP's Zimmer in 12th;
June 9 - MONTANA: GOP's Senate Nod
June 9 - NEW MEXICO: Democratic Photo Finish in 1st;
June 9 - MASSACHUSETTS: Democrats Feuding for Governor; Pairings for House Contests Set
June 9 - SOUTH CAROLINA: Two State Senators Take on Campbell
June 9 - PROVISIONS: 1990 Supplemental
June 9 - Public Laws
June 9 - TRADE PACT: Agreement Includes Provisions To Expand Market Access
June 9 - NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush, Gorbachev Able To Reach No Agreement on Baltics
June 9 - EMBASSY BREAKFAST: Gorbachev Holds Q and A Session With Congressional Leaders
June 9 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Campaign Relevance And the Media Role
June 16 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Flag-Burning Furor Seizes Congress
June 16 - Durenberger Seeks Clemency In Painful Public Hearing
June 16 - Terms of Opprobrium
June 16 - Changing Procedures
June 16 - Down the Road: The Keating Five
June 16 - CONGRESSIONAL MAIL: Senate Panel Approves Shift Of Privileges to Big States
June 16 - OHIO: Lukens Conviction Upheld on Appeal
June 16 - A Riddle (chart)
June 16 - Just What Do They Mean When They Talk Taxes?
June 16 - Progressive Federal Income Tax Born in War and Kept in Peace
June 16 - Tax rates for the working poor are rising (chart)
June 16 - Budget Negotiators Expected To Get Down to Cases
June 16 - Spending Allocations (chart)
June 16 - Looking South for Agreement Suddenly Gains Currency
June 16 - TRADE: Foreign Investment Bills Aided By Administration Shift
June 16 - SECTION NOTES: Court Voids SEC Rule On Voting Rights
June 16 - SECTION NOTES: Members Want Additional Thrift Prosecutions
June 16 - SECTION NOTES: Nebraska Banker Tapped For FDIC Vacancy
June 16 - SECTION NOTES: No Trade Sanctions Against India
June 16 - House Panel Stays Course With 1990 Farm Bill
June 16 - House Farm Bill Highlights
June 16 - ENVIRONMENT: Panel Postpones RCRA Measure
June 16 - FORESTRY: Senate Votes To Cut Tether On Logging in Tongass
June 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy-Water Bill Goes to Floor
June 16 - Energy and Water Appropriations (chart)
June 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Panel Moves Treasury Bill
June 16 - LABOR: Parental Leave Sent to Bush, Who Has Promised a Veto
June 16 - FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Bush Makes Good On Veto Threat
June 16 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Sustains Amtrak Veto
June 16 - COMMERCE: Insurers' Antitrust Exemption Once Again a House Target
June 16 - AGRICULTURE: House Bill Attacks Water Subsidies
June 16 - SECTION NOTES: Alternative Energy Sources Pushed in House Bill
June 16 - SECTION NOTES: FAA Bill Includes Funds For Air Traffic System
June 16 - SECTION NOTES: House Science Approves Quake, Aviation Bills
June 16 - Congress Snaps to Attention Over New Flag Proposal
June 16 - Democrats Struggle Against GOP Gibes Over Who Hails the Flag More Proudly
June 16 - Proposed Amendments
June 16 - Abortion Issue Could Threaten Natcher's Control of His Bill
June 16 - Rep. William H. Natcher (chart)
June 16 - Natcher's Perfect Record
June 16 - EDUCATION: Teacher Training Bill Approved
June 16 - Renewal of Housing Programs Is Ready for Floor Action
June 16 - Tenacious Texan at Work
June 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: HUD-VA Funding OK'd by Panel
June 16 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Ban on U.S.-Made Weapons OK'd by House Committee
June 16 - AIDS Emergency Relief Bill Headed for Conference
June 16 - HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES: Child-Care Conferees Quarrel Over ABC Grant Proposal
June 16 - Medicaid Ruling Could Bring New Costs to States, Hill
June 16 - OBSCENITY DEBATE: Off-Stage Negotiations Begin Over Curbs on Arts Grants
June 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Committee OKs Spending Bill
June 16 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding (chart)
June 16 - House Panel Acts To Shift Foreign Aid Priorities
June 16 - CHEMICAL WEAPONS: Both Chambers To Get Pact
June 16 - Trio of House Contests Bear Close Watching
June 16 - Georgia House Candidates (chart)
June 16 - A Chance at History
June 16 - Emery's Comeback Bid Advances;
June 16 - COLORADO: Senate Primary Pits Lucero and Heath
June 16 - MINNESOTA: Primary Challengers Persist Despite Endorsements
June 16 - SOUTH CAROLINA: Democrat Mitchell To Face Campbell
June 16 - KANSAS: Roy Returns in Try For Senate Seat
June 16 - THE CENSUS: N.Y. Court Rules On Adjustment
June 16 - VIRGINIA: Democrats Offer a Challenge For House Candidates
June 16 - SUPREME COURT: Majority, Minority Opinions In Flag-Burning Case
June 16 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Nation's Governors On the Firing Line
June 23 - WHAT'S AHEAD: House Spending Bills: They Keep on Coming
June 23 - Exiles Talk of PACs and Power, Not Another Bay of Pigs
June 23 - TV Marti Wins Its First Test in House But Broadcasters Fear Castro's Fury
June 23 - Voices of the Cuba Lobby
June 23 - BALANCE OF POWER: Popularity, Savvy Use of Veto Leave Bush With 12-0 Record
June 23 - Past Performance (chart)
June 23 - President Bush's Vetoes
June 23 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Rancorous Floor Action Looms In House as Well as Senate
June 23 - Partisan Knives Are Drawn As Thrift Crisis Builds
June 23 - Projected Savings Bailout Outlays (chart)
June 23 - Neil Bush's Troubles
June 23 - How To Account for RTC Spending
June 23 - 'Do You Want To Pick a Figure?'
June 23 - Budget Summit Stuck in Neutral As Partisan Wariness Remains
June 23 - Deficit Projections (chart)
June 23 - TRADE: Accord Elusive on Renewal Of MFN Status for China
June 23 - TRADE: Committee Reports Textile Bill But Avoids Endorsement
June 23 - TRADE: Customs Bill Conferees Stalled; Sugar Deal Not Sweet Enough
June 23 - DEVELOPMENT: European Bank Bill Approved
June 23 - SECURITIES: House Subcommittee Approves Two Antifraud Measures
June 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves First 1991 Bill
June 23 - SECURITIES: High Court Upholds Ruling on Futures
June 23 - Super Collider Paves the Way For Members' Pork Projects
June 23 - Not-So-True Believers (chart)
June 23 - Water Projects (chart)
June 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Panel Drafts $13.1 Billion Spending Bill
June 23 - Senate 'Prairie Populists' Lose As Panel Approves Farm Bill
June 23 - Bush's 12th Veto Is Sustained, Leaving Hatch Act Intact
June 23 - Senate GOP Votes on Hatch Override (chart)
June 23 - Parties Trot Out Old Favorites To Show High-Tech Stances
June 23 - SPACE: Bush Goes on the Counterattack Against Mars Mission Critics
June 23 - COMMERCE: Consumer Agency Bill OK'd, Headed for House Floor
June 23 - COMMUNICATIONS: Spectrum Measure Wins Panel OK
June 23 - COMMERCE: Insurance Bill Sent to Floor
June 23 - COMMERCE: Pension Ruling Handed Down
June 23 - POSTAL SERVICE: Porn Mail Measure: 'Return to Sender'
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: Barrier-Island Legislation Gains in House Panel
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Apply Labor Laws To Foreign-Flag Ships
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Overhaul Of Davis-Bacon Act
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Energy Approves Hydrogen Fuel Bill
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Indian Panel Approves Alcohol and Drug Program
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: Veterans' Housing Bill Wins Subcommittee OK
June 23 - For Critics of Flag Measure, Advance Work Pays Off
June 23 - Housing-Reform Discussions Have Up-and-Down Week
June 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bill Includes Funds For S and L Probe
June 23 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding (chart)
June 23 - House Committee's Arts Bill Takes the Easy Way Out
June 23 - CHILD CARE: Policy Disputes, Turf Quirks Complicate Conference
June 23 - Compromise Could End Deadlock On Racketeering Legislation
June 23 - Various Health-Related Bills Move Forward in House
June 23 - HEALTH: Orphan Drug Bill Rides Out Storm in House Panel
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Double Penalties For Crimes Against Women
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: Handicapped Education Bill Wins House Passage
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: HUD Developer Takes Fifth As House Probe Continues
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: Vote on Cloture Scheduled For Civil Rights Bill
June 23 - SUPREME COURT: Patronage System Dealt Setback
June 23 - Cheney's Latest Plan Shows Only Part of Ax Blade
June 23 - Measuring the Size of the Pie
June 23 - In the Hypothetical Hit List Army is Biggest Loser
June 23 - THE MIDDLE EAST: Bush's Breakoff of PLO Talks Is Hailed on Capitol Hill
June 23 - House in Line for a New Fight Over Family Planning Fund
June 23 - Foreign Aid Appropriations Bill
June 23 - NEW HAMPSHIRE: Humphrey's Senate Switch Triggers Chain Reaction
June 23 - UTAH: Republican Voting Means Primaries
June 23 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Explains Decision To Suspend PLO Talks
June 23 - PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT: Bush Vetoes Bill To Reduce Restrictions of Hatch Act
June 23 - APRIL 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Corporations and Businesses
June 23 - APRIL 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Interest Groups
June 23 - APRIL 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Labor Organizations
June 23 - APRIL 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: State, Local Governments; Utilities
June 23 - APRIL 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Foreign Governments
June 23 - APRIL 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Trade/Professional Associations
June 23 - APRIL 1990 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Miscellaneous
June 23 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Quayle: The Right Man For the Right Job
June 30 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Congress Takes Break Before Hectic July
June 30 - A Political Money Tree Waits For Incumbents in Need
June 30 - Donations to Rep. Yates (chart)
June 30 - Mazzoli Redux: Who Needs PACs?
June 30 - Those Who Refuse PAC Money (chart)
June 30 - COMMITTEES: Intelligence Panel's Limits Criticized
June 30 - ETHICS: Robert Garcia Wins Conviction Appeal
June 30 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Study Identifies Beneficiaries
June 30 - Bush's Sudden Shift on Taxes Gets Budget Talks Moving
June 30 - Debt Limit Revisited
June 30 - Perfectly Clear
June 30 - The Markets' Reaction
June 30 - TAXES: GOP Candidates Scrambling After Bush Tax Reversal
June 30 - Tax Options
June 30 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Regional Battle Erupts Over Bailout Costs
June 30 - DEVELOPMENT: Bush Urges Trade, Debt Relief In Plan for Latin America
June 30 - DEVELOPMENT: Panel Approves Debt Relief, Development Bank Funds
June 30 - Gonzalez Backs Off
June 30 - TRADE: Labor Groups Pan Mexico Pact
June 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: 4 Spending Bills Done in House
June 30 - SECURITIES: Committee OKs Fraud Bills
June 30 - TRADE: U.S., Japan Reach SII Agreement
June 30 - ENERGY: Bush's Offshore Oil Decision Doesn't Satisfy Congress
June 30 - Oil-Spill Conferees Break Logjam
June 30 - Bush Hedges on Spotted Owl, Forces Congress To Choose
June 30 - ENVIRONMENT: Clean Air Conferees Finally Named
June 30 - ENERGY: Bill Would Extend Oil Reserve To Include Refined Products
June 30 - Threat of 'Superfund' Liability Makes Banks Wary of Loans
June 30 - House Bill Would Double Size Of Barrier Islands System
June 30 - Coastal Barriers
June 30 - ENVIRONMENT: House Science OKs Indoor Air Bill
June 30 - FOOD SAFETY: California's 'Big Green' Vote Puts Focus on Congress
June 30 - FOOD SAFETY: Turf Battle Stalls Fish Inspection
June 30 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: Panel Leaves Out Homeless Plan
June 30 - TRANSPORTATION: Bush's Airport User Fee Plan Wins Public Works' Approval
June 30 - COMMUNICATIONS: Cable Reregulation Measure Moves Forward in House
June 30 - SPACE: Hubble, Shuttle and Moon-Mars Add Up to Bad Week for NASA
June 30 - LABOR: Bush Quickly Vetoes Family Leave Bill
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Clean Amtrak Bill Sent to Bush
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Bill Would Let Vets Collect Double Benefits
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Approves School Radon Bill
June 30 - 'Right To Die,' Abortion Rulings Spur Calls for Hill Action
June 30 - HUD's Kemp Comes Out on Top In Negotiations With Senate
June 30 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Comes Down to Wire On Anticrime Measure
June 30 - FLAG AMENDMENT: Critics of Measure Win Fight, But Battle Scars Run Deep
June 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves Spending Bill For Commerce, Justice, State
June 30 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding (chart)
June 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: HUD-VA Bill Survives Attempts To Reduce Large Increase
June 30 - VA-HUD Appropriations (chart)
June 30 - Roasting the Archenemy of Pork
June 30 - HUMAN SERVICES: Emergency WIC Funding Bill Is Cleared by Congress
June 30 - SUPREME COURT: Court Backs Affirmative Action In Big Victory for Congress
June 30 - Senate Ready To Begin Debate On Omnibus Civil Rights Bill
June 30 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Last-Minute Snag Means Delay For Disabled Rights Measure
June 30 - HUMAN SERVICES: Full Funding for Head Start Approved by Senate Panel
June 30 - HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: Subcommittee Approves Aid For Children in Crisis
June 30 - EDUCATION: Bush Initiative, Teacher Bills Advance in Both Chambers
June 30 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Bill To Revise Racketeering Law Advances in Judiciary Panel
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Administrative Judge Corps Wins Panel's Backing
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Artists' Rights Protected Under Senate Measure
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Authorize Funds For Disease Prevention
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Labor Panel OKs Grants To Detect Cancer
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Homeless And Rural Health-Care Bill
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Moves To Stop Copyright Pirates
June 30 - House Passes Spending Bill After Shifting Priorities
June 30 - Cambodia: Democrats Split
June 30 - IRAQ: Another Attempt At Sanctions
June 30 - Capitol Hill Reaffirms Support For Mandela and Sanctions
June 30 - South African Time Line
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Cheney Seeks $327 Million In Military Rescissions
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: House Committee Approves East Europe Business Aid
June 30 - Divisive Primaries Spotlight Rift in Republican Party
June 30 - Michigan House Candidates (chart)
June 30 - Republicans Set Their Sights On Levin and Blanchard
June 30 - Hubbert Wins Democratic Nod To Meet Hunt for Governor
June 30 - BUDGET SUMMIT: President's Budget Proposal Stirs Reaction on the Hill
June 30 - NEWS CONFERENCE: Budget Issues Dominate Meeting With Media
June 30 - PRESIDENTIAL SPEECH: Bush Urges Economic Change For Western Hemisphere
June 30 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Our Uninformed Young: A Disturbing Portrait

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