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November 4 - WHAT'S AHEAD: With Logjam Broken, Quick Action Likely
November 4 - WHITE HOUSE: Mixed Signals, 'Agenda Gap' Plague Bush's First Year
November 4 - Keeping Congress, White House Close Bush's Lobbyists Walk Two-Way Street
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Franking Proposal Killed by Senate
November 4 - ETHICS: Committee Opens Garcia Inquiry
November 4 - THE BUDGET: Bush Drops Gains Tax Drive, Shifts Focus to Deficit
November 4 - Capital Gains: A Shift in Fortunes
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Action Still Needed On Eight Bills
November 4 - Gonzalez Steps on Many Toes In Lincoln Savings Inquiry
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Defense Production Act Extended 10 Months
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Committee Scrutinizes Thrift Agency Borrowing
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Market Official Supports Program-Trading Limits
November 4 - ENVIRONMENT: Bush's Tough Acid Rain Bill Puts Midwest on the Spot
November 4 - The Politics of Acid Rain
November 4 - ENVIRONMENT: Oil-Spill Liability Compromise Finally Reaches House Floor
November 4 - Anti-Lorenzo, Trump Fervor
November 4 - AGRICULTURE: Senate Panel OKs CFTC Bill With New Exchange Fees
November 4 - Ending Minimum Wage Standoff Took Give From Both Sides
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Bill Nears Completion
November 4 - Transportation Appropriations (chart)
November 4 - AGRICULTURE: Opposition Mounts Against Cason
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Helms Wins Senate OK For North's Pension
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Panel to Weigh Strategy For Vetoed D.C. Bill
November 4 - HOUSING: Inquiry Into HUD Scandal Entering New Stage
November 4 - D'Amato: Proud, Not Repentant
November 4 - House Committee Opens Debate On HUD Program Renewals
November 4 - 'Mr. Housing' Bows Out
November 4 - Bush's Nomination of Thomas Sets Stage for New Battle
November 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: D.C. Flag Burning Tests New Law
November 4 - Abortion Continues to Shape Hill Plans, Bush Policies
November 4 - HEALTH: Catastrophic-Costs Accord Near
November 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Convicts Judge Nixon, Removes Him From Bench
November 4 - EDUCATION: Vocational Aid, Literacy Bills Approved by Senate Labor
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Turf Fight Develops Over Funding Bill
November 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Panel Approves Renewal Of School Aid for Disabled
November 4 - HEALTH: FDA, Minority Health Measures Approved by Senate Labor
November 4 - IMMIGRATION: Haven for Central Americans Approved by Senate Panel
November 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: RICO Overhaul Is Revised
November 4 - Anti-Drug Funding (chart)
November 4 - DRUGS: House Approves Anti-Narcotics
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Damage-Limit Increase Nears Final Approval
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Payments for AIDS Drug Again OK'd by Panel
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Right-to-Know Bill For Athletes
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: VA-HUD Spending Bill Cleared for Bush
November 4 - THE PENTAGON BUDGET: Bush Team Takes a Hit on SDI, But Prevails on Other Items
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Hill, Administration at Odds Over Foreign Aid Measure
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Popular Item: Poland Aid
November 4 - U.S.-SOVIET RELATIONS: East Bloc Is the Likely Focus Of Non-Summit Summit
November 4 - NICARAGUA: Washington Tries to Keep Cool As Ortega Nixes Cease-Fire
November 4 - INTELLIGENCE: Bush Puts Pledge Into Writing
November 4 - INTELLIGENCE: Rep. Hyde Takes Aim at Panel Over 'Leaks' of Its Secrets
November 4 - CHEMICAL WEAPONS: Making Concessions to Bush, Panel Backs Sanctions Bill
November 4 - PALAU: Independence Bill Gains in Senate
November 4 - House of the Future at Stake In 1990 Legislative Contests
November 4 - Overview of States (chart)
November 4 - Effects of Population
November 4 - REDISTRICTING: States Likely to Lose Districts
November 4 - Cutting Edge
November 4 - Guru in Ohio
November 4 - Summary of States' Procedures For Redrawing Congressional Maps
November 4 - REDISTRICTING: States Likely To Gain Districts
November 4 - Changing Money's Role Is No Easy Task
November 4 - States That May Gain or Lose a District
November 4 - States Likely To Stay the Same
November 4 - Voting Rights Act Plays Key Role
November 4 - States to Keep Single District
November 4 - Bush and Gorbachev to Meet On the Sea in December
November 4 - PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT: Bush Vetoes D.C. Funding Bill Over Abortion Language
November 4 - PROVISIONS: Major Child Nutrition Programs Reauthorized by Congress
November 4 - Washington Memoir: Get Rich, Get Even
November 11 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Stopgap Funding Bill Needed - Again
November 11 - Leaders Trying to Conclude Session by Thanksgiving
November 11 - House Pay and Ethics Plan
November 11 - THE HOUSE: Leaders Hope Ethics Package Will Shield a Pay Increase
November 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senators Settle for Moderate Curbs on Franked Mailings
November 11 - Legislative Appropriations (chart)
November 11 - Damage Control Gets Harder In Lincoln Savings Probe
November 11 - The Five Senators and Keating
November 11 - Lincoln Savings: A History
November 11 - Congress Raises Debt Ceiling, Resists All but One Add-On
November 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Third Stopgap Bill Is Expected
November 11 - Deficit Bill Expected to Count Some Gramm-Rudman Cuts
November 11 - TAXES: Senate Capital Gains Vote Set; Expiring Breaks Kept Alive
November 11 - Baucus Warns of Hill Action If Talks With Japan Fail
November 11 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Bill Would Restrict Thrift Agency
November 11 - Tough Oil-Spill Measure Rides Atop Environmental Wave
November 11 - Clean-Air Bill Loses Steam In Rush to Adjournment
November 11 - When Madison Avenue Talks, Farm-Belt Members Listen
November 11 - Where the Lines are Blurred
November 11 - A Real Person Says 'No Thanks'
November 11 - ENERGY: Cuomo to Congress: Stay Out Of Deal to Close Shoreham
November 11 - TRANSPORTATION: Drug-Testing Bill OK'd by Senate
November 11 - LABOR: Minimum-Wage Bill Cleared, Ending 10-Year Stalemate
November 11 - NUTRITION: Food-Monitoring Bill Passed by Senate
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Extends Farm Aid To Quake Victims
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Coast Guard Bill OK'd by House
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Measure On Eastern Strike
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Action Stalled On Transportation Bill
November 11 - Rights Bill Is Almost Ready After Long Delay, Debate
November 11 - The Key Court Rulings
November 11 - Barring Age Bias in Job Benefits
November 11 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Old Rights Commission Fight Seems Ready to Erupt Anew
November 11 - Conferees Struggle to Finish Catastrophic-Costs Rewrite
November 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Stalemate Drags on in House Over Abortion Funding
November 11 - In Debate on Abortion Funding, Only the Dynamics Are New
November 11 - Key Dates in Abortion Fight
November 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce, State Bill Clears
November 11 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Debt Collection Facilitated
November 11 - In Turnabout, House Banking Advances HUD Reform Bill
November 11 - Kemp May Ignore Some Earmarks
November 11 - HUMAN SERVICES: House-Senate Conferees Agree On New Child-Care Program
November 11 - DRUGS: House Committees Clear Way For Narcotics-Fighting Bills
November 11 - States Jockey for Anti-Drug Funds
November 11 - Cheney Gets Praise on Hill, But Easy Part Is Over
November 11 - The Early Reviews
November 11 - Officials Paint Stark Picture Of Gramm-Rudman Cuts
November 11 - Foreign Aid Deals Reached, But Veto Threat Remains
November 11 - Pitching in for Poland, Hungary
November 11 - Authorization Bill Contains Sanctions Against China
November 11 - State Department Authorizations (chart)
November 11 - Solidarity, American Style, Is in Store for Walesa
November 11 - Walesa in Washington
November 11 - Triggering a Process of Triage, Conferees Pare Weapons
November 11 - Defense Authorizations (chart)
November 11 - Companion Money Bill
November 11 - Senate Seeks Better Oversight Of the CIA's Operations
November 11 - The Speaker's Right to Know
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Saudi Tank Deal Decried on Hill, But It's Likely to Proceed
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Secord Pleads Guilty, Agrees To Cooperate in Inquiry
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Ways and Means Panel Backs Chemical Arms Sanctions
November 11 - Approval of Bush Is High, But Ratings Are Slippery
November 11 - Presidential Approval
November 11 - The President's Party:
November 11 - The Wilder-Dinkins 'Formula' Familiar to Blacks in House
November 11 - Wilder Win Marks Differences Of Old Dominion and New
November 11 - NEW JERSEY: Finally, Florio Is Governor; Democrats Take Assembly
November 11 - SPECIAL ELECTIONS: Florio, Molinari Victories Open Two House Seats
November 11 - TEXAS: Washington and Hall to Meet For Vacant Houston 18th
November 11 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE On Anniversary of Election, Bush Reviews Presidency
November 11 - PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT Bush Challenges Congress On Deficit Reduction
November 11 - Public Laws
November 11 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Court's Gentler Side: Unanimous Cases
November 18 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Rush to Adjournment In Time for Holiday
November 18 - House, Senate Differ Markedly On Pay-and-Ethics Package
November 18 - Adjournment Fever Defrosts Parties
November 18 - Calls for Investigations Put Senate Panel on the Spot
November 18 - Senate Ethics Actions
November 18 - Role of Auditors in Spotlight As Lincoln Probe Unfolds
November 18 - Lincoln Savings: The Human Cost
November 18 - Leaders Press for Final Deal On Deficit-Reduction Bill
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Pressure On to Finish Bills; Five-Day CR Is Signed
November 18 - Popular Expiring Rules Await Chance for Extension
November 18 - Revenue Effects
November 18 - Capital Gains Cut Dead for the Year
November 18 - SECURITIES: Program Trading, Data Disputes Stall Market Reform Bills
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Banking Panel Approves Schapiro for SEC
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Limits on Thrift Bailout OK'd, Put on Hold
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: SEC Authorization Passes Senate
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel OKs Steel-Quota Bill
November 18 - Senate Stage Is Finally Set For Clean-Air Showdown
November 18 - TRANSPORTATION: House Panels Rush to Pass New Waste-Hauling Rules
November 18 - Rural Development Initiative Bogs Down in House Panel
November 18 - AGRICULTURE: Environmentalists Score Win As Cason Nomination Falls
November 18 - Agriculture Appropriations (chart)
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Bill Finally Clears
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress OKs New D.C. Bill Permitting Local Abortions
November 18 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Indian Museum Bill Clears Last Hurdle
November 18 - PUERTO RICO: Potential Cost of Statehood Far Exceeds Other Options
November 18 - The Price of
November 18 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Senators Propose Agency Overhaul
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Coordinate Global-Change Research
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Federal Overtime Pay Passed by House
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Farm Aid To Quake Victims
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: NASA Authorization OK'd by Senate
November 18 - HUD-Reform Bill Is Nearing Final Approval by Hill
November 18 - Rep. Frank: Front and Center Again
November 18 - HOUSING/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Bush Plan Echoes Reaganism, Disappoints Some on Hill
November 18 - Anxious to Adjourn, Congress Gives Up on Abortion Funds
November 18 - All Sides Targeting O'Connor In Court Tests of Abortion
November 18 - HUMAN SERVICES: Delay on Child-Care Measure Prompts Angry Criticism
November 18 - Conferees Work Toward Accord On Catastrophic-Costs Law
November 18 - IMMIGRATION: Hill Seeks to Aid Chinese Students
November 18 - DRUGS: Anti-Narcotics Funding Clears; Other Bills Near Completion
November 18 - EDUCATION: Panel Backs Funds For Taft Institute
November 18 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Panel Delays Markup Of Major RICO Revision
November 18 - ADA Bill Approved by First Of Four House Committees
November 18 - EDUCATION: Aid for Disabled OK'd by Senate
November 18 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Both Chambers Agree to Extend U.S. Civil Rights Commission
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Copyright Tribunal Nears Revamping
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Philippine War Veterans Near Naturalization
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Research-Mouse Laboratory Cleared by Congress
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Trauma Care Grants Passed by House
November 18 - Dramatic Moves for Reform Challenge U.S. Strategy
November 18 - Every Member of Congress a Pole
November 18 - Aid Plans Make Progress
November 18 - Upheavals in East Bloc Fuel Momentum for Arms Cuts
November 18 - Foreign Aid Measure Puts Hill Sharply at Odds With Bush
November 18 - Remembering the Home Folks
November 18 - Foreign Aid Appropriations
November 18 - For Salvador, Uneasy Aid
November 18 - A Clash Over Philosophy, Turf
November 18 - A Boost for Some Refugees
November 18 - INTELLIGENCE: Access to Secrets Goes to Speaker
November 18 - INTELLIGENCE: Covert-Action Issue Finessed On Authorization Measure
November 18 - Defense Conferees Drag Feet On Sacrificing Weapons
November 18 - Funds for Major Defense Programs (chart)
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Defense Authorization Bill Cleared for President
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Bill to Punish Countries on Nerve Gas
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Nominee for Nuclear Arms Post Faces Tough Opposition
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: State Department Bill Clears, But Faces Bush's Veto
November 18 - Campaign Cash, Legal Fees* (chart)
November 18 - Campaign Funds for Legal Fees: It's Legal, but Is It Proper?
November 18 - Congressional Departures (chart)
November 18 - HIGHLIGHTS: House OKs HUD 'Reform' Plan; Senate Proposal in Works
November 18 - Public Laws
November 18 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Interpreting Elections: Keeping Perspective
November 25 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Spotlight Now Shifts To Summit, Court
November 25 - Congress Lowers the Curtain On a Frustrating Session
November 25 - FRANKING: Senate Changes Its Mail Rules To Ban Use of Political Cash
November 25 - House and Senate Salaries (chart)
November 25 - Two-Tiered Compensation Plan Likely to Stir Future Battles
November 25 - Bush, Congress Reach Deal On Deficit-Reduction Bill
November 25 - Reconciliation
November 25 - Reconciliation
November 25 - Lawmakers Came Full Circle To Goal Set in April
November 25 - Revenue Package in HR3299 (chart)
November 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bush Signs Last Eight Bills In Final Hours of Session
November 25 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: The Big Question on Lincoln: Why Did It Take So Long?
November 25 - Wall Testifies; Keating Silent
November 25 - Hill May Face Decision Shortly On Jackson-Vanik Limits
November 25 - The Sponsors: Jackson and Vanik
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Expired Steel-Quota Law Restored by Congress
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Votes to Confirm Schapiro for SEC
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Tied-Aid, Development Bank Authorization Cleared
November 25 - GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS: 'Revolving Door' Slows Down For All Federal Employees
November 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Clears 3rd D.C. Bill, Giving In to Bush Demands
November 25 - D.C. Appropriations (chart)
November 25 - COMMUNICATIONS: New 'Dial-a-Porn' Language OK'd
November 25 - Text of President's Veto
November 25 - VETERANS' AFFAIRS: Loan Fees Added To Vets' Bill
November 25 - ENVIRONMENT: Bill Would Create Nevada Wilderness
November 25 - ENVIRONMENT: Wetlands Bill Sent to Bush
November 25 - Catastrophic-Coverage Law Is Dismantled by Congress
November 25 - What's Gone, What's Left
November 25 - Congress Agrees to Overhaul Medicare's Doctor Payments
November 25 - ABORTION: Pro-Choice Members Vow 1990 Fight
November 25 - HUD-Reform Package Clears On Edge of Adjournment
November 25 - HUMAN SERVICE: Renewal of Volunteer Programs Cleared for White House
November 25 - O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum: Goodies Stuffed in Pepper Bill
November 25 - IMMIGRATION: Chinese Students Win Waiver
November 25 - DRUGS: Bush Wins Andean Initiative; Two Narcotics Bills Falter
November 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS Appropriations Bill Is Signed by President Bush
November 25 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Intervenes In Flag Case
November 25 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Crime Fight Delayed in Senate; Biden Offers His Own Plan
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Damage-Claims Measure Cleared by Congress
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Illinois Abortion Case Settled Out of Court
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Minority Health Bill Passed by Senate
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Nurse-Immigration Bill Cleared for Bush
November 25 - European Ferment Ups Ante For Bush and Gorbachev
November 25 - Conventional Forces in Europe (chart)
November 25 - Key Topics: Events in Eastern Europe And Some Recurring Old Questions
November 25 - Legislation Enacted to Begin Business, Economic Aid
November 25 - Hill Sidesteps a Confrontation Over Continuing Arms Aid
November 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: After Bush Veto, Hill Retreats To Save Foreign Aid Bill
November 25 - State Department Bill Dies
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Signs $286 Billion Bill For Pentagon Spending
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Intelligence Bill Sent to Bush
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Iran-Contra: Plea in One Case And Dismissal in Another
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Sen. Dole Drops Resolution On Armenia - For Now
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Action on Stello Put Off to Next Year
November 25 - Republican Fountain of Youth May Be Springing a Leak
November 25 - Students at the Polls (chart)
November 25 - PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT: Bush Vetoes Foreign Aid Bill Over U.N. Agency Funding
November 25 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Wright Episode: Politics and Ethics

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