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June 3 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Democrats Schedule Speaker Selection
June 3 - Passion, Defiance, Tears: Jim Wright Bows Out
June 3 - Eight Days in May
June 3 - The Word of a Member
June 3 - Opinions Across the Aisles
June 3 - Coelho's Sudden Departure
June 3 - Leadership Races Intensify; Foley Ascension Nears
June 3 - Gray Fights Back
June 3 - Florida's Unabashed Liberal Left 41-Year Mark on Hill
June 3 - Pepper: Keeper of New Deal Flame
June 3 - 'A Nuts-and-Bolts Democrat'
June 3 - Fight to Relax Capital Rules Expected on House Floor
June 3 - Few Goodies Deposited in S and L Bill
June 3 - Battle Over Anti-Drug Funding Looms After Senate Action
June 3 - Fiscal 1989 Supplemental Spending Bill
June 3 - TAXES: Panel Prepares for Markup Without a Deal in Sight
June 3 - Media-Ownership Overhaul May Divide Legislators
June 3 - Murdoch vs. Murdoch
June 3 - Time and Warner:
June 3 - A Network of Rules
June 3 - House Panel Votes to Restrict Rights Waivers for Elderly
June 3 - TRANSPORTATION: Amtrak, Local Rail Measures Advance
June 3 - COMMERCE: Worm Turns Again For Safety Panel
June 3 - ENERGY: Oil-Stockpile Issue Splits Congress
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: Aerospace Plane Research Approved by Panel
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: Minimum-Wage Ceremony Is Cancelled
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: Oil-Shale Measure Passed by House
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee OKs $8 Million For Aviation-Security R and D
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: Tongass Forest Measure Is Marked Up
June 3 - U.S. Judges Turn to the Hill For Help on Pay, Work
June 3 - The Federal Court System (chart)
June 3 - Justice Department and ABA Settle Their Differences
June 3 - Cavazos Sets New Regulations On Student-Loan Defaults
June 3 - HEALTH: Senate Finance Tilting Toward A Cut in Medicare Surtax
June 3 - Authors Defend Health-Costs Law
June 3 - HEALTH: Pepper Commission Is Still on Track
June 3 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Exhorts Broadcasters To Curb TV Violence, Sex
June 3 - Bush Acts to Meet Challenge Of Gorbachev Diplomacy
June 3 - Sides in East-West Arms Control Minuet Bringing Their Steps Closer Together
June 3 - Objections by Administration Imperil House Measure
June 3 - Another Day, No Quorum
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: . . . And to Poland in an Attempt To Promote Free Voting
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: Capitol Hill Is Moving to Provide Election Aid to Nicaragua . . .
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Scheduled to Debate Japan Fighter-Jet Deal
June 3 - Coelho Could Play Big Role In Race to Pick Successor
June 3 - FLORIDA: Republicans Start as Favorites In Race to Succeed Pepper
June 3 - OHIO: Rep. Lukens Refuses to Resign, Will Appeal His Conviction
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: Mondale Won't Run For Senate Again
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: Review Clears Sen. Biden Of Plagiarism Charge
June 3 - Wright Offers Back His Job: 'Propitiation for Bad Will'
June 3 - Summit Leaders Issue Outline Of NATO's Past, Future
June 3 - Bush Meets With NATO Allies, Seeks to Forge New Unity
June 3 - FEBRUARY REGISTRATIONS: Corporations and Businesses
June 3 - LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: S and Ls Are Top Interest During February
June 3 - FEBRUARY REGISTRATIONS: Foreign Governments
June 3 - FEBRUARY REGISTRATIONS: Interest Groups
June 3 - FEBRUARY REGISTRATIONS: Labor Organizations
June 3 - FEBRUARY REGISTRATIONS: State, Local and Other Governments
June 3 - FEBRUARY REGISTRATIONS: Trade Associations
June 3 - FEBRUARY REGISTRATIONS: Miscellaneous
June 3 - JANUARY REGISTRATIONS: Corporations and Businesses
June 3 - JANUARY REGISTRATIONS: Foreign Governments
June 3 - JANUARY REGISTRATIONS: Interest Groups
June 3 - JANUARY REGISTRATIONS: Miscellaneous
June 3 - JANUARY REGISTRATIONS: State, Local and Other Governments
June 3 - JANUARY REGISTRATIONS: Trade Associations
June 3 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Norm Dicks Recalls Mentor 'Maggie'
June 10 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Democrats To Choose New Leader, Whip
June 10 - Smear Tactics Overshadow Election of New Speaker
June 10 - House's New Leadership Brings Next Generation to Power
June 10 - PROFILE: Thomas S. Foley
June 10 - PROFILE: Richard A. Gephardt
June 10 - PROFILE: Ed Jenkins
June 10 - Profile: William H. Gray III
June 10 - PROFILE: David E. Bonior
June 10 - PROFILE: Beryl Anthony Jr.
June 10 - WASHINGTON: Foley's Rise Promises Stature More Than Pork for State
June 10 - Rostenkowski Opens Bidding On 1989 Revenue Bill
June 10 - Reversing Course on Utility Taxes
June 10 - Senate OKs Supplemental Bill For Fiscal 1989 Spending
June 10 - Appropriators Getting a Slow Start
June 10 - Bailout Bill Finally Heads For House Floor Action
June 10 - THIRD WORLD DEBT: Congress Uneasy at Slow Pace Of Progress on Brady Plan
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Consumers Battle Banks Services
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Deputy Confirmed For OMB Post
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: First Hearing Held On 'Super 301'
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Future Action Unlikely On Line-Item Bills
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: House Warns Japan On Chip Imports
June 10 - Some Section 89 Foes Seem In Mood for Compromise
June 10 - TRANSPORTATION: Drug-Testing Rift Emerges Again
June 10 - New Air-Toxics Proposal Wins Environmentalists' Backing
June 10 - ENERGY: Natural-Gas Decontrol Package Bogs Down on Senate Floor
June 10 - AMTRAK: Panel Approves Railroad Aid
June 10 - ENERGY: New U.S. Uranium Enterprise Seen as More Competitive
June 10 - House Agrees to Restructure Ailing Home-Loan Program
June 10 - VETERANS: Pay Hike Approved To Draw Nurses
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: House Energy Panel Agrees To Reauthorize Oil Reserve
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Water Research Bill Passed by House
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Ways and Means Rejects Aviation-Security Plan
June 10 - Catastrophic-Coverage Law Narrowly Survives Test
June 10 - HEALTH: Family-Planning Bill Stalled Again in Senate Labor
June 10 - Ways and Means Health Panel Targets Medicare Savings
June 10 - Congress May Seek to Reverse Narrow Civil Rights Ruling
June 10 - Senate Panel Votes Overhaul Of Visa-Allotment System
June 10 - IMMIGRATION: Refugee-Fund Shift Draws Protests
June 10 - EDUCATION: 'Smart Start' for Preschoolers Approved by Senate Labor
June 10 - Former Interior Secretary Watt Grilled About HUD Scandal
June 10 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Panel Votes to Renew Numerous Social Programs
June 10 - Brutal Crackdown in Beijing Deals Blow to U.S. Ties
June 10 - Chronology of U.S.-China Relations
June 10 - Bhutto, on Visit, Moves to Ease U.S. Worries Over Policies
June 10 - TECHNOLOGY AND TRADE: Hill Puts Strings on FS-X Deal, But Bush Holds Veto Card
June 10 - Restrictions on El Salvador Snarl Authorization Bill
June 10 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: Logjam Broken on State Bill, Controversial Nomination
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: In Wake of Poland Voting, Hill Moves on Aid Plan
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: OAS Extends Its Deadline For Deal With Noriega
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Palau Independence Measure Is Revived in House
June 10 - Gubernatorial Showdown:
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: 'Motor-Voter' Bill Delayed Again In Senate Rules
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Dates Set for Election To Fill Pepper's Seat
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: In Texas: Bryant to Run For Attorney General
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Kolbe Won't Leave House To Run for Governor
June 10 - China's Violence Leads Bush To Order U.S. Sanctions
June 10 - Bush Addresses Press in First Prime-Time News Briefing
June 10 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: California Primary: A Place in the Sun
June 17 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Drug Funds to Frame Money Bill Debate
June 17 - Gephardt, Gray Join Foley On Leadership Team
June 17 - Rep. Dixon Feels the Heat
June 17 - Democratic House Leaders (chart)
June 17 - Republican House Leaders (chart)
June 17 - Bipartisan Majority Backs Tough House Bailout Bill
June 17 - Leach's End Run
June 17 - Schumer: A Driving Force
June 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Finish Supplemental, Remain Split on Drug Funds
June 17 - Cross-Fire on Capital Gains As Panel OKs Four Bills
June 17 - Commuter Tax: It's War
June 17 - TRADE: Hills Gets Praise On 'Super 301'
June 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: With Fiscal '90 Allocations Set, Spending Bills Start to Move
June 17 - Domestic Discretionary Allocations (chart)
June 17 - TRADE: House Panel Awaits Word On Steel-Import Quotas
June 17 - Bush Sets Clean-Air Debate In Motion With New Plan
June 17 - Air Pollution (charts)
June 17 - House Fails to Override Veto Of Minimum-Wage Plan
June 17 - LABOR: Section 89 Changes Go Before Senate
June 17 - ENERGY: Natural-Gas Decontrol Plan Easily Passed by Senate
June 17 - AGRICULTURE: Rural, Drought-Aid Bills To Go To Senate Floor Together
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Age-Discrimination Bills Move in House, Senate
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Farmers Can Report Yields Under House Bill
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves More Cops For Nation's Capital
June 17 - Medicare's Physician Fees Revised by House Panel
June 17 - Congress Is Moving to Relax Earnings Test for Seniors
June 17 - HUMAN SERVICES: Jobless-Tax Hike OK'd to Aid Poor
June 17 - Partisan Lines Drawn in Senate As Child-Care Debate Opens
June 17 - New Investigations Launched As HUD Scandal Widens
June 17 - Groups Look to Capitol Hill For Help on Civil Rights
June 17 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Panel OKs Antitrust Bills
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Family-Planning Funds, Teen Pregnancy
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Measure To Deter Dropouts
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Rockefeller to Head Pepper Commission
June 17 - Party Battle Lines Are Fuzzy In House Defense Debate
June 17 - 'Saving' Days and Dollars
June 17 - Trouble-Prone Measure Making Progress Despite Disputes
June 17 - Senate Bill: Snail's Pace
June 17 - Compromise Over Power
June 17 - Covert Military-Aid Plan Raises Hill Divisions
June 17 - NOMINATIONS: Senators Grill Bush Ex-Aide On His Iran-Contra Role
June 17 - NOMINATIONS: After Delays, Senate Confirms Envoys Burt, Negroponte
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: In Wake of Chinese Crackdown, House May Halt OPIC Aid
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Lawmakers Push for Waiver Of Jackson-Vanik Rules
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Votes Trade Benefits For Poland, Hungary
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Poindexter Case Takes a Turn Similar to That of North's
June 17 - Unusual New Spending Law Frustrates Candidates
June 17 - Race Between Coleman, Wilder Could be Close, Aggressive
June 17 - ELECTIONS: Senate Rules Backs 'Motor-Voter' Bill
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Nebraska's Smith to Retire; Bereuter to Stay Put
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Seawell to Announce Senate Candidacy
June 17 - Bush Sends Congress Veto Of Minimum-Wage Bill
June 17 - BIPARTISAN REMARKS: Bush, Congressional Leaders Confer on S and L Bailout
June 17 - The Political Mission Facing Pete Wilson
June 24 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Floor Action To Begin On Spending Bills
June 24 - Congress Picks Up Its Pace With New Leaders Set
June 24 - Reps. Hoyer and Fazio Fill Out Leadership for Democrats
June 24 - The House Leadership
June 24 - Wright Urged to Stay
June 24 - Maryland's Hoyer: Ambition Redux
June 24 - ETHICS: House GOP Asks Ethics Panel To Consider Lukens Case
June 24 - House Clears Supplemental After Midweek Revolt
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Two 1990 Bills Move Ahead
June 24 - Ways and Means OKs Bill On Caribbean Imports
June 24 - Committee OKs Riders First, Delays Revenue Choices
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Fed's Robert Heller Will Leave Post
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: International Securities Investigations
June 24 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: 102 Conferees Appointed On S and L Bailout Bill
June 24 - Export Subsidies Attacked
June 24 - Energy and Water Appropriations (chart)
June 24 - House Committee OKs Funds To Build Supercollider
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bill Has New Bans On Ocean Drilling
June 24 - INTERIOR: Bill Would Elevate Park Service Head
June 24 - Panel Eases Stance on Limiting State Control Over Oil Spills
June 24 - ENERGY: Natural-Gas Decontrol Pact Awaits Final House Vote
June 24 - ENVIRONMENT: Industry Officials Seek Change In Air-Toxics Legislation
June 24 - ENVIRONMENT: House Panel Eases Tongass Limits
June 24 - SPACE: Senate Panel OKs NASA's Request
June 24 - TRANSPORTATION: Truck-Stop Drugs Targeted by Bill
June 24 - VETERANS: Measure to Boost Nurses' Pay, Other Bills Head for Floor
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Airport-Noise Abatement Bill Endorsed by Panel
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Coast Guard Authorization OK'd by House Panel
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Federal Compliance Sought For Hazardous-Waste Laws
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Oil Reserve Compromise Approved by Senate
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Approves Maritime Measures
June 24 - Senate's Child-Care Measure Would Broaden U.S. Role
June 24 - Hatch: GOP's Child-Care Maverick
June 24 - Flag-Burning, 'Dial-a-Porn' Acts Struck Down by Justices
June 24 - Social Security Changes OK'd By Full Committee in House
June 24 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Panel Votes Increases For WIC, Other Programs
June 24 - HEALTH: Medicaid Plan Would Reach 2 Million More Children
June 24 - Refugee Status for Soviet Jews Voted by House Judiciary
June 24 - LAW/JUDICIARY:House Judiciary Takes Aim At 'Vertical' Price-Fixing
June 24 - Bush Outlines His Proposal For Volunteer Service
June 24 - National-Service Bills Compared (chart)
June 24 - The Politics of Procurement Creates New Alliances
June 24 - Bolstering the 2-Missile Strategy
June 24 - U.S. START Negotiators Focus On Verification Procedures
June 24 - Current Strategic Arms
June 24 - House Begins Laborious Task Of Debating Assistance Bill
June 24 - A Policy Confrontation on China?
June 24 - U.S. Still Will Back Savimbi Despite Cease-Fire Pact
June 24 - Questions on Human Rights Precede Mobutu Visit
June 24 - CAMBODIA: On Arms Issue, A Tug of War
June 24 - NOMINATIONS: Controversial Gregg Gets Nod From Senate Committee
June 24 - NOMINATIONS:Too Much Politics, Says Sarbanes
June 24 - IRAN-CONTRA: North Sentencing Runs Into Snag
June 24 - POLAND AND HUNGARY: House Votes Trade Benefits To Encourage Reforms
June 24 - Cuban-Americans Poised
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Rep. Martin to Challenge Simon In 1990 Senate Race
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Special Election Announced To Fill Coelho's Seat
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Swindall Convicted of Perjury, Faces Prison Sentence
June 24 - PROVISIONS: House, Senate Thrift Bills Differ on Major Points
June 24 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: A Senatorial Effort To 'Save' a Thrift

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