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March 4 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Senate Vote on Tower To Dominate Floor
March 4 - Both the Right and the Left See Minimal Vote Shifts
March 4 - Committee Studies Report on Wright
March 4 - SECTION NOTES: Joint Session of Congress Celebrates Bicentennial
March 4 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Biennial Funding for Committees
March 4 - Bill Likely to Move Forward Despite Early Missteps
March 4 - Foreign Direct Investment
March 4 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Taxpayer, Consumer Concerns Trouble Bush Bailout Plan
March 4 - Savings and Loan Rescue Plan Is the Biggest Bailout Yet
March 4 - SECTION NOTES: Deficit Commission Issues Split Report
March 4 - SECTION NOTES: Imports a Big Cause Of Slowdown in Growth
March 4 - THE BUDGET: Robert Reischauer Selected As New CBO Director
March 4 - Congress Not Only One Hurt By Defeat of Pay Raise
March 4 - Rank and File Angry, Too
March 4 - Mandatory Parental-Leave Bill Easily Clears House Panel
March 4 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: BIA: Was Unaware Of Abuse, Fraud
March 4 - VETERANS' AFFAIRS: Derwinski Confirmed for VA After Tough Questioning
March 4 - COMMUNICATIONS: Democrats Unlikely to Block FCC's Price-Cap Plan
March 4 - House Panel to Hold Inquiry Into High-Definition TV
March 4 - AGRICULTURE: Darman, Yeutter Seem at Odds Over Farm-Bill Approach
March 4 - SCIENCE: Lawmakers Blast NASA Budget
March 4 - SECTION NOTES: Dual Minimum-Wage Plan Unveiled by Dole
March 4 - SECTION NOTES: Section 89 Guidelines Released by IRS
March 4 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Watkins As Energy Secretary
March 4 - New Drive Begun to Revise Visa-Allotment System
March 4 - Visa Application Backlog Brothers, Sisters (chart)
March 4 - GUN CONTROL: Curbs Proposed On Assault Weapons
March 4 - REFUGEES: Bill to Ease Entry of Soviet Jews
March 4 - CONFIRMATION HEARINGS: Bennett Headed for Approval As National 'Drug Czar'
March 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Impeachment Cases Weighed In House Unit, Full Senate
March 4 - Congress to Take a Hard Look At Vocational-Training Law
March 4 - Sullivan Confirmed As HHS Secretary
March 4 - Members May Target Referrals To Doctor-Owned Facilities
March 4 - Physician Ownership Of
March 4 - Senate Wages Partisan Duel On Fitness, Prerogatives
March 4 - The Teflon Senator Slugs It Out
March 4 - Alcohol and the Armed Services
March 4 - Rejected Nominees
March 4 - For Dodd, a Personal Dilemma?
March 4 - Peace Prospects, New Elections Cloud U.S. Policy Options
March 4 - U.S. Aid to El Salvador
March 4 - The Talks: A Key Rebel Initiative
March 4 - North Trial Temporarily Stops Over Use of Secret Memos
March 4 - NICARAGUA: Administration Is Considering New Non-Lethal Contra Aid
March 4 - SECTION NOTES: Congress Making New Try On Arms-Sale Curbs
March 4 - SECTION NOTES: Mexico Urged to Boost Efforts in Drug War
March 4 - GOP Planning to Woo Blacks To Widen Its Local Base
March 4 - The Black Vote in 1988: Smaller Turnout (chart)
March 4 - 1987-88 Congressional Election
March 4 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Races for Congress Cost $458 Million
March 4 - Ratings by Interest Groups Indicate Minor Shifts
March 4 - How Interest Groups
March 4 - How Interest Groups Rate Senators (chart)
March 4 - Committee Report on Tower Shows Clear Party Split
March 4 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Prism of Politics In Sonoma County
March 11 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Impeachment Motion On Senate Floor
March 11 - Solarz Looks Abroad to Find
March 11 - ETHICS: Speakers Have Faced Trouble, But None Has Been Toppled
March 11 - Wright Inquiry Nears End
March 11 - Congress Begins Second Decade Under TV's Watchful Glare
March 11 - Television in Congress
March 11 - THE HOUSE: Gingrich to Run For GOP Whip
March 11 - Brady Signals Shift in Policy Toward Debt Reduction
March 11 - The Baker Fifteen (chart)
March 11 - THE BUDGET: Next Step Begins In Budget Talks
March 11 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Lobbyists Outline Complaints Over Bailout Proposal
March 11 - Democrats Challenge Bush In Eastern Air Dispute
March 11 - Law on Secondary Strikes
March 11 - Congress' Minimum-Wage Hike May Involve Subminimum
March 11 - Labor: Let's Make a Deal
March 11 - FEDERAL WORKERS: 'Whistleblower' Compromise
March 11 - LABOR: Parental-Leave Bill Passed by Panel
March 11 - AGRICULTURE: Senate Committee Seeks Ways To Prevent Trading Fraud
March 11 - Regulation of Futures Markets Has Contentious History
March 11 - Alaska Oil-Drilling Measure May Turn Up Dry Again
March 11 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Special Ethics Panel Releases Proposals
March 11 - New 'Pepper Commission' Has Rocky Beginning
March 11 - Backers of New JOBS Program Fear Shortage of Funding
March 11 - EDUCATION: Administration Denies Request To Ease Student-Loan Rules
March 11 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Hastings Submits More Arguments
March 11 - MEDICARE/MEDICAID: States Failed to Cover Costs For Poor, Study Shows
March 11 - CONFIRMATION: Bennett Approved As 'Drug Czar'
March 11 - LAW ENFORCEMENT: 'Hate Crimes' Bill Backed by Panel
March 11 - Senate Spurns Bush's Choice In a Partisan Tug of War
March 11 - The New Nominee: Dick Cheney
March 11 - A Conflict as Old as the Republic
March 11 - U.S. Japanese Warplane Deal Raises a Welter of Issues
March 11 - Japan's Technology
March 11 - Baker Seeking to Sell Congress On a New Policy Approach
March 11 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Key Nominee Is Facing Query On His Past Business Ties
March 11 - BASE CLOSINGS: House Panel Backs Realignment List
March 11 - IRAN-CONTRA: President Never Ordered Lies, McFarlane Tells North Trial
March 11 - 3rd District Race Resembles '88 Presidential Contest
March 11 - THE SENATE: New Hampshire Conservative Humphrey to Quit in 1990
March 11 - President Addresses Critics: Denies 'Malaise' Exists
March 11 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Dual Challenge Of Butler Derrick
March 18 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget Talks Pursued As Deadline Nears
March 18 - The Speaker's Lieutenants Keep Engines Running
March 18 - The Quiet Climb to Leadership
March 18 - The Hard-Charging Scorekeeper
March 18 - Speaker Braces for Trouble While Allies Grow Uneasy
March 18 - Battle for Whip Pits Partisans Against Party Pragmatists
March 18 - COMMITTEES: Staffer Reassigned Over Tape Flap
March 18 - THE HOUSE: Probe of Fauntroy Extended 60 Days
March 18 - Darman Aims to Deal Bush Into the Game This Year
March 18 - TAXES: Cool Response On Capital Gains
March 18 - TAXES: Urgency of LBO Issue Fades, But Action Still Possible
March 18 - THIRD WORLD DEBT: Members Press for Details On Brady Proposal
March 18 - Lawmakers Pursue Efforts To Halt Eastern Strike
March 18 - Fighting Lorenzo on Another Front
March 18 - House Panel Clears Wage Bill, Overriding Bush Demands
March 18 - FEDERAL WORKERS: 'Whistleblower' Compromise Passed Handily by Senate
March 18 - Watkins Asks Panel for Time To 'Get Our Act Together'
March 18 - ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Arctic-Drilling Plan Clears Committee
March 18 - SECTION NOTES: Dairy-Program Savings Pass Both Chambers
March 18 - SECTION NOTES: Democrats Plan to Monitor Price-Cap Impact
March 18 - Bush Action on Gun Imports Cheers Backers of Curbs
March 18 - Gun-Control Legislation: A History
March 18 - THE BENCH: Chief Justice Urges Judicial Pay Hike
March 18 - Trial of Judge Alcee Hastings To Go Forward in Senate
March 18 - Child-Care Debate Intensifies As ABC Bill Is Approved
March 18 - Bush Outlines His Child-Care Plan
March 18 - HEALTH: Physician-Fee Schedule Urged For the Medicare Program
March 18 - EDUCATION: Loan-Default Bill Passed by Senate
March 18 - HOUSING POLICY: Cranston, Gonzalez Head Off In Different Directions
March 18 - Senate Speeds Confirmation Of New Pentagon Chief
March 18 - The Cheney File: Relatively Simple
March 18 - Baker, Capitol Hill Near a Deal On New Dose of Contra Aid
March 18 - North's Trial Tests Defense Of Obeying Higher-Ups
March 18 - Obey Gives Baker Bad News: Expect Major Budget Cut
March 18 - Obey's Roadmap for Cuts
March 18 - Refugee Funds Sought
March 18 - Proposed 'Mini Marshall Plan' Encounters Budget Strains
March 18 - Aid to the Philippines (chart)
March 18 - BASE CLOSINGS: Pain in Members' Home States Fails to Move Minds on Hill
March 18 - CONFIRMATION: Senate Approves Eagleburger For State Department Job
March 18 - GOP Candidate No Shoo-In In 4th District Contest
March 18 - Seat Vacated by GOP's Cheney Could Go to Either Party
March 18 - PROVISIONS: 'Whistleblower' Compromise Breezes Through Senate
March 18 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush, Cheney Meet the Press: Discuss Views, Concerns
March 18 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Senatorial Dilemma: Wallop, Armstrong
March 25 - WHAT'S AHEAD Thrift Industry Bill To Take Shape
March 25 - Gingrich's Selection as Whip Reflects GOP Discontent
March 25 - From Bomb Thrower to GOP Whip
March 25 - ETHICS: House Democrats Grow Edgier As Wright Probe Drags On
March 25 - SECTION NOTES: Dingell His Drops Inquiry Into Misrepresentation
March 25 - SECTION NOTES: Rep. Oakar Defends Payroll Practices
March 25 - Producers Press for Renewal Of Steel Import Quotas
March 25 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Markup of FSLIC Bailout Bill Due Following Recess
March 25 - THE BUDGET: Hill, White House Negotiators Break for Easter Recess
March 25 - SECURITIES INDUSTRY: SEC Focuses on Global Fraud
March 25 - THIRD WORLD DEBT: IADB Accord on New Capital
March 25 - Space Station Seeks Allies And Funding in Congress
March 25 - Space Station Spending
March 25 - Tight Budgets, Unlikely Alliances
March 25 - Sen. Mikulski Wants It All
March 25 - House Defies Threatened Veto, Passes Minimum-Wage Bill
March 25 - Minimum Wage, 1938-Present (chart)
March 25 - Tom Ridge's 'Awkward Position'
March 25 - 'Whistleblower' Protection Bill Cleared Easily by House
March 25 - Reprisals Related By EEOC Worker
March 25 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Marked Up to Assist Small-Town Rail Service
March 25 - SECTION NOTES: LaFalce Reveals Cosponsors For Section 89 Repeal
March 25 - Nunn-McCurdy Plan Ignites National Service Debate
March 25 - Proposals for National or
March 25 - IMPEACHMENT: Charges Against Judge Nixon Are Voted by House Panel
March 25 - Court Ruling May Give Impetus To Drug-Testing Measures
March 25 - INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Antitrust Shield Approved
March 25 - Partisan Bidding War Erupts Over Aid to Poor Children
March 25 - HEALTH: AMA, Other Groups Target Physician-Fee Proposal
March 25 - Bush, Hill Agree to Provide Contras With New Aid
March 25 - Election of Rightist Cristiani Puts Washington on Hold
March 25 - TECHNOLOGY AND TRADE: Bush Seeking to Modify Deal For Japanese Warplanes
March 25 - Dogged if Futile Trench War Planned by Some on Hill
March 25 - Election of Rightist Cristiani Puts Washington on Hold
March 25 - IRAN-CONTRA: North's Secretary Hall Tells Of Altering Documents
March 25 - STATE DEPARTMENT: House Unit Backs Funding Boost
March 25 - Low Voter Turnout Prompts Flurry of Reform Bills
March 25 - SECTION NOTES: House to Consider Poll-Closing Bill
March 25 - SECTION NOTES: Wyoming GOP Chooses House Candidate
March 25 - LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Activity Drops Off In November
March 25 - NOVEMBER 1988 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Corporations and Businesses
March 25 - NOVEMBER 1988 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Interest Groups
March 25 - NOVEMBER 1988 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Labor Organizations
March 25 - NOVEMBER 1988 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: State, Local and Other Governments
March 25 - NOVEMBER 1988 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Miscellaneous
March 25 - NOVEMBER 1988 LOBBY REGISTRATIONS: Trade Associations
March 25 - FOREIGN POLICY AGREEMENT: Bipartisan Agreement Reached On Central America Policy
March 25 - PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT: President Lauds Policy Accord Reached With the Congress
March 25 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Abortion Debate Is Far From Over

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