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February 4 - Congress Wavering on 51 Percent Salary Hike
February 4 - Speaker's Survey (chart)
February 4 - Supporting Two Homes on $89,500: Members Are Looking Hard at Family Finances
February 4 - Members Face Special Costs and Perquisites
February 4 - Voters Seldom Retaliate: Raising Members' Pay: A 200-Year Dilemma
February 4 - Webster Left on His Own
February 4 - Pay Raise History (chart)
February 4 - New Interest in Old Idea of Pay-Raise Delay
February 4 - Complex Tax Breaks Drive Up Cost of Thrift Deals
February 4 - The Week's Events
February 4 - BrainDead to Lazarus: Buying a Sick Thrift
February 4 - Lazarus S and L (chart)
February 4 - Members Look at Dividends, Capital Gains: Bias Toward Debt in Tax Code
February 4 - Health Care Funding Tops Veterans' Agenda
February 4 - Who Gets Treated? Answer Is Categorical
February 4 - Broad Plans to Revise Health Insurance Offered
February 4 - Members Propose Medicaid Changes
February 4 - Questions of Conduct Delay Vote on Tower
February 4 - Wright Shelves Covert-Action Notice Bill
February 4 - Publicized Hill Hearings Make Selection Tough: North Trial Opens, With Constraints on Jurors
February 4 - Rep. Mazzoli Loses Immigration Chairmanship
February 4 - Judge Wants Charges Dismissed: Special Senate Committee Likely to Try Hastings Case
February 4 - Ruling on Immigrants Due Feb. 20
February 4 - Rostenkowski's Pledge Is Limited: Some Lobby Groups Still Fret Over Mortgage-Interest Break
February 4 - FCC's Patrick Moves to Appease Lawmakers
February 4 - For Bush's Cabinet, Unanimity and Discord
February 4 - Committee Assignments for the 101st Congress
February 4 - House Committees
February 4 - CBO Sees $120 Billion Deficit With Reagan Budget
February 4 - Congress in Brief: The Week's Highlights
February 4 - Congress in Brief: What's Ahead
February 4 - Hollings Eases Opposition on Product Liability
February 4 - Judge Starr Named Solicitor General
February 4 - Members Ask Bush to Boost Refugee Quotas
February 4 - Brown Assured of DNC Chairmanship
February 4 - Independent-FAA Plan Gains Key Support
February 4 - New Parental-Leave Bills Introduced
February 4 - Prosecutor Investigates Charges Against Lukens
February 11 - Bush Sets Course With $1.16 Trillion Budget
February 11 - Outlays by Budget Function (chart)
February 11 - Bush's Priority Spending Initiatives (chart)
February 11 - Budget and Deficit Targets (chart)
February 11 - Capital Gains Rate Change, Defense Freeze: Highlights of President Bush's Budget Proposal
February 11 - Bush's Thrift Plan Greeted With Caution on Hill
February 11 - President's Plan to Overhaul the FSLIC Differs From Those of Bank Regulators, Industry Groups
February 11 - Projected 11-Year Cost of Savings and Loan Bailout (chart)
February 11 - Financial Dealings Examined: Vote on Nomination of Tower Delayed by New Allegations
February 11 - DNC Taps Brown; He Pledges Independence
February 11 - Pay Raise Is Killed, but the Headaches Persist
February 11 - Opponents Surprised at How Quickly They Won: How the Pay-Raise Strategy Came Unraveled
February 11 - Debate on Congressional Pay Raise
February 11 - Angola Pact Poses Policy Challenges for Bush
February 11 - The Angola-Namibia Accord: A Timetable
February 11 - Panel Suggests an Overhaul: Foreign Aid System Criticized As Cumbersome, Ineffective
February 11 - Secret Documents at Issue: Justice Department Tries to Delay North Trial
February 11 - Groundwork for Consultation: President, Hill Leaders Meet With an Eye to Bipartisanship
February 11 - Soviets Completing Afghan Pullout
February 11 - House Panel Hears Costs of Nuclear Cleanup
February 11 - Bush's Address to Congress: President's Budget Proposals: Few Specifics, No New Taxes
February 11 - Wright, Bentsen Respond: Democrats Skeptical of Bush, But Offer Cooperative Spirit
February 11 - Text of Presidential News Conference: Bush News Conference Focus Is on S and L Crisis, Bailout Plan
February 11 - Aid Sought to Cope With Central American Influx
February 11 - Bill Introduced to Revise Visa Quotas
February 11 - Congress in Brief: The Week's Highlights
February 11 - Congress in Brief: What's Ahead
February 11 - Rostenkowski Says He Won't Repeal Benefit Rules
February 11 - Yeutter Confirmed as Agriculture Secretary
February 18 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Thrift Industry Crisis Tops Hill Agenda
February 18 - AIPAC Working to Shore Up Its Clout With Congress
February 18 - Rising Costs and New Facilities Put Spotlight on Free Mail
February 18 - Bush Faces Powerful Foes As Bailout Battle Nears
February 18 - Key Thrift Industry Fears
February 18 - A History of the Thrift Industry: The 1800s to the Current Crisis
February 18 - Bush's Unorthodox Blueprint Puts Congress in a Box
February 18 - Bush's 1990 Proposed Receipts (chart)
February 18 - SECTION NOTES
February 18 - Witnesses Tell Senate Panel About Indian Abuses
February 18 - A 'Front' Company Gives $250,000 in 'Gifts'
February 18 - Paying $33 Million for a $26 Million Ranch
February 18 - Lawmakers to Weigh Farm Bill Amid Budget, Trade Fears
February 18 - Groundwater: Conservationist vs. Farmer
February 18 - Advocates of RICO Revision Gird for Third Try
February 18 - Civil RICO Cases in the Federal Courts (chart)
February 18 - Criminal RICO Unlikely to Change
February 18 - Congress Shifts Its Attention To the Working Poor
February 18 - Earned-Income and Dependent-Care
February 18 - EDUCATION: Hill, Administration May Clash Over Student-Loan Defaults
February 18 - California Loan-Servicing Mess Shakes Banks, Legislators
February 18 - Will Bush-Hill Honeymoon Bring Bipartisanship?
February 18 - The Man Who Showed Politicians the Water's Edge
February 18 - Bush Era Brings Uncertainty To the Liberal Coalition
February 18 - IRAN-CONTRA: Jurors Will Take Center Stage When North Trial Proceeds
February 18 - AFGHANISTAN: Soviets Go Home, Conflict Goes On
February 18 - NICARAGUA: Plan to Disarm the Contras Revives Policy Debate
February 18 - Democrats Search for Clues To Regain White House
February 18 - The Democratic Breakthroughs: First Time Since '64
February 18 - 1988 Presidential Vote: (Democratic and Republican Building Blocks)
February 18 - ALABAMA:
February 18 - THE SENATE: Armstrong Decision to Retire Starts Colorado Scramble
February 18 - VIRGINIA: Rep. Parris Joins Governor's Race
February 18 - CQ Roundtable: Pay Flap May Signal A Wave of Reform
February 25 - WHAT'S AHEAD Ethics Panel to Study Findings on Wright
February 25 - Report on Speaker Wright Sets Scene for Ruckus
February 25 - ETHICS LAWS: Panel to Back Honoraria Ban
February 25 - ETHICS: Wright Inquiry Turns Spotlight On Bastion of Anonymity
February 25 - Scandals Begat Panel
February 25 - Bush's Capital Gains Plan Revives Old Debate
February 25 - Capital Gains Tax Rates (chart)
February 25 - Revenue Effects of Bush's Proposal (chart)
February 25 - 1989 Economic Projections (chart)
February 25 - THE ECONOMY: Fed Warning On Inflation
February 25 - Darman Shakes Off Requests For Details on Bush Plan
February 25 - Deficit Panel to Close Up Shop
February 25 - Congress Gets First Look At Bush Bailout Bill
February 25 - Accounting for the FSLIC Bailout (chart)
February 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bush to Request $2.4 Billion In New FY '89 Spending
February 25 - TAXES: House Subcommittee Seeking Simpler, Fewer Penalties
February 25 - Baby Bells Lobby for Chance To Offer New Services
February 25 - Statistical Portrait of the Baby Bells
February 25 - ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Watkins: New Management, Tighter Controls at DOE
February 25 - NUCLEAR WASTE: Spratt Discloses DOE Budget Plan
February 25 - AGRICULTURE: Cotton Program's Flaws Studied
February 25 - FUTURES MARKETS: Panel Appraises Role of CFTC
February 25 - Doctor Bills Are Next Target For Cost-Control Efforts
February 25 - A Medicare Glossary
February 25 - Physician Cost-Containment
February 25 - HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES: Sullivan Nomination OK'd 19-0 By Key Senate Committee
February 25 - Hill Committees to Survey Situation at the Border
February 25 - Hastings' Motion To Dismiss Charges
February 25 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Judiciary Approves 'Whistleblower' Reward
February 25 - Senate Panel Deals Bush His First Big Defeat
February 25 - Tower Fight Slows the Bush Team
February 25 - Jewish Exodus From Soviet Union (chart)
February 25 - Revisiting Ban on High-Tech Trade
February 25 - CENTRAL AMERICA: Hill Members See Policy Void In Bush Administration
February 25 - 'Fair Pricing' for Arms
February 25 - FOREIGN AID: Head of Agency Joins in Call For Changes in Programs
February 25 - Jackson-Vanik: A History
February 25 - IRAN-CONTRA: North Depicted as Liar, Patriot As Trial Gets Under Way
February 25 - Summary of Indictment: United States v. Oliver North
February 25 - THE HOUSE: Florida Democrats Rattled By Grant Jump to GOP
February 25 - CALIFORNIA: Wilson Forsees Candidacy In 1990 Governor's Race
February 25 - SECTION NOTES: 'Buz' Lukens Indicted In Case Involving Minor
February 25 - SECTION NOTES: Brown to Run For Armstrong Seat
February 25 - Bush News Conference Held To Unveil GOP Convert
February 25 - Members of the 101st Congress, First Session Governors, Supreme Court, Cabinet-Rank Officers
February 25 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Brown and Atwater: Eyes on the Trophy

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