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May 7 - Expanded Powers: The View From Three Banks
May 7 - What Glass-Steagall Does
May 7 - House Strikes Alaska Oil Rules From Trade Bill
May 7 - Reluctant to Vote: Split Between Panel Democrats Threatens Product-Liability Bill
May 7 - Suicide Puts Spotlight on Employment Practices
May 7 - GOP Unprepared to Exploit Dyson Difficulty
May 7 - Challengers Resort to Loans: PACs Step Up Contributions, Particularly to Incumbents
May 7 - Would Open Refuge to Oil Drilling: ANWR Bill Leaps First Hurdle, But That Was the Short One
May 7 - House Deals Reagan Defeat on SDI, MX Missile
May 7 - Old-Time Vote on a High-Tech Issue
May 7 - Labor's Allies Prevail in House Face-Off Over Changing Davis-Bacon Wage Law
May 7 - House Quiet on Wider Role in Persian Gulf But Not on Diverting Coast Guard Boats
May 7 - Conferees Nearing Accord on Health-Costs Bill
May 7 - Opening Act of Fall Campaign: Dukakis Enters a Risky Phase: Guarding Image, Momentum
May 7 - The Ongoing Count (as of May 4) (chart)
May 7 - May 3 Primary Results (chart)
May 7 - Profile: Missouri's 7th District Could the Ozarks Pick a Democrat? Just Maybe
May 7 - June 7 Primary Outlook:
May 7 - May 24 Primary Outlook:
May 7 - May 3 Primary Results:
May 7 - May 3 Primary Results:
May 7 - Indiana's Incumbents Coast; Bayh,
May 7 - Two Democrats Running: In Oregon's May 17 Primary, 5th District Battle Is the Focus
May 7 - Backers Seek GOP Support for South Africa Bill
May 7 - Panel Seeks Sanctions on Ethiopia
May 7 - Avoiding Debate Over 'Nickels': Absence of Partisan Bickering Marks Foreign-Aid Funding Bill
May 7 - Patience With Panama Policy Fading on Hill
May 7 - Both Sides Warned Against Renewed Fighting: Wright Rejects Sandinista Calls For Delays in Contra Food Aid
May 7 - House Appropriations Panels Start 'FY 89 Markup
May 7 - $700 Million Price Tag Too High: Congress Puts Brakes on Plan To Build Mini-Space Station
May 7 - Anti-Drug Plan Toned Down and Voted Up
May 7 - Funding Set at $100 Million: Supporters Struggle to Keep Supercollider Alive
May 7 - Panel Takes Aim at Defense-Contractor Fraud
May 7 - Ruling Goes Against Discounters: Congress Moving to Overturn Court Decision on Price Fixing
May 7 - Application Period Ends: Congress, INS Turn to Next Phase in Amnesty
May 7 - House Panel Approves 'Safe Haven' Plan
May 7 - Congress Clears Bill Adding Veterans' Benefits
May 7 - Panel Says Meese Broke White House Rule
May 7 - Major Provisions of Veterans' Health-Care Bill
May 7 - Major Provisions of Veterans' Job-Training Bill
May 7 - Drug Sanctions Voted by House Banking Panel
May 7 - House Panel OKs New Federal Pay Test
May 7 - Panel Approves Grain-Inspection Bill
May 7 - Blaze Damages Rep. Wright's Office
May 7 - GOP Picks Challenger to Rep. Murphy
May 7 - HHS Unveils AIDS Information Mailer
May 7 - Sen. Durenberger Criticized for Disclosures
May 7 - House Panel Approves Two Aviation Bills
May 7 - House Panel Starts Work on U.S.-Canada Pact
May 7 - Minnesota's Campaign-Spending Bill Dies
May 14 - March 1988 Lobby Registrations: Miscellaneous
May 14 - Robertson's Cause Endures Despite His Defeat
May 14 - Pat Robertson: The Anatomy of a Candidacy
May 14 - America's Religious, Political Upheavals Have Quite Often Gone Hand in Hand
May 14 - Christian Right's Aspirants for Congress Find Their Language, Beliefs Scrutinized
May 14 - Democrats Hope to Profit From Trade Bill Veto
May 14 - Unofficial Markup Process Begins: Smooth Start in Both Chambers For U.S.-Canada Trade Accord
May 14 - House Judiciary Feels Burden of Impeachments
May 14 - Measure on Gambling Advertising Fails: House Passes Bills on Firearms, Copyrights and Contract Fraud
May 14 - Both Parties Eager to Act: Election-Year Drug Bill Shaping Up in House
May 14 - Business Abuse Prompts Action: Senate Committee Moves to Limit RICO Suits
May 14 - Does Reagan Already Have a Line-Item Veto?
May 14 - Divisions Hinted in First Session: Deficit Commission Gets Lesson on the Budget
May 14 - Consumer Amendments Blocked: House Energy and Commerce Enters Thicket of Liability Law
May 14 - Trial Lawyers Use Tough Tactics in Fight Against U.S. Product-Liability Standards
May 14 - Conference Nearing a Conclusion: Dispute Over Drug Benefit Slows Catastrophic-Costs Bill
May 14 - Consensus Breathes Life Into Aid Spending Bill
May 14 - Panel Limits New Aid for Development Banks
May 14 - Administration Threatens a Veto: House Panel Backs Covert-Action Notice Bill
May 14 - Chinese Missile Deal Raised Alarm: Complaints Fail to Thwart New Saudi Arms Sale
May 14 - FOREIGN POLICY NOTES: Parliamentary Tactic Revives Foreign Aid Bill
May 14 - FOREIGN POLICY NOTES: South Africa Sanctions Bill Introduced in Senate
May 14 - Diplomats Pave Way for Action on INF Treaty
May 14 - Nunn Committee Holds Sway: Senate Debates Defense Authorization Measure
May 14 - Wanted: More Doctors and Nurses
May 14 - Reagan Says Talks Will Suffer: House Approves Defense Bill, Arms Provisions
May 14 - Cuts in Service Anger Constituents: Bill to Remove Postal Service From U.S. Budget Is Approved
May 14 - House, Senate Budget Panels Agree to Disagree
May 14 - No Construction Start for Supercollider: Fiscal '89 Energy, Water Bill Holds Off on New Projects
May 14 - $8.8 Billion OK'd for Military Projects
May 14 - Panel Recommends $10.7 Billion: NASA Request Cut to Fund Other Programs
May 14 - Committee Approves 1.6 Percent Increase: Members Will Air Complaints As House Debates Its Funding
May 14 - House Asks Court to Take Libel Case
May 14 - Science Panel Approves $11.5 Billion for NASA
May 14 - Anti-Drug Provision: What Does It Mean?
May 14 - Can He End Democrats' Drought? Long a Republican Province, West Takes a Look at Dukakis
May 14 - Democrats and the West:
May 14 - From Roosevelt to Reagan:
May 14 - May 10 Primary Results:
May 14 - Some Fear Desertion of Principles: Democratic Platform Debate: Is Brevity the Soul of Wins?
May 14 - June 7 Primary Outlook: Republicans Feud in Three California Districts
May 14 - California House Candidates (chart)
May 14 - Idaho Primary Drawing Near
May 14 - Nebraska Primary Results:
May 14 - West Virginia Primary Results:
May 14 - Turmoil in Senate Race: Askew's Dropout Jolts Florida; MacKay Is In, Gunter Looking
May 14 - Indoor-Air-Pollution Bill Approved
May 14 - Punished for Talking With Dingell Panel: DOE Official Admits Failure To Shield 'Whistleblowers'
May 14 - Bennett Leaving as He Came: Guns Ablaze
May 14 - Banking, Product-Liability Lobbying Increase
May 14 - March 1988 Lobby Registrations: Corporations and Businesses
May 14 - March 1988 Lobby Registrations: Foreign Governments
May 14 - March 1988 Lobby Registrations: Interest Groups
May 14 - March 1988 Lobby Registrations: Labor Organization
May 14 - March 1988 Lobby Registrations: State and Local Governments
May 14 - March 1988 Lobby Registrations: Trade Associations
May 14 - House Passes Nuclear-Emergency Bill
May 14 - House Rejects Teacher-Hiring Bill
May 14 - House Approves Indian Housing Bill
May 14 - House OKs WIC Coupons for Farmers' Markets
May 14 - Inquiry Against Rep. St Germain Is Dropped
May 14 - Senate Panel Approves Land-Exchange Bill
May 14 - House Panel Tries Again on Coast Guard Bill
May 14 - House Post Office Panel OKs Voter-Registration Bill
May 14 - House Subcommittee OKs Record-Rentals Bill
May 14 - Senate Judiciary Tightens Trademark Protections
May 14 - Seven Charged in 1983 Bombing of Capitol
May 21 - Hill Reluctant to Take Lead on Market Regulation
May 21 - The Securities Markets: Terms and Definitions
May 21 - The White House Group's Recommendations
May 21 - Spending Bills Advance Without a Blueprint: Budget Conferees Again Fail to Reach Accord
May 21 - Senate Allocations: Budget Vs. Appropriations (chart)
May 21 - With Summit Near, Senate Debates INF Treaty
May 21 - Military Construction Appropriations (chart)
May 21 - Slight Increase in Funding: House Votes $8.8 Billion for Building Projects
May 21 - Raft of Other Amendments Considered: Death-Penalty Fight Stalls Senate Defense Bill
May 21 - Senate, House Panels Draft Canada Trade Bill
May 21 - Hastings Tells Impeachment Panel He's Innocent
May 21 - Bill Would Outlaw Religious Violence
May 21 - But House Action Uncertain: Senate Votes to Overhaul Trademark Laws
May 21 - Student-Loan Defaults: A $1.6 Billion Drain
May 21 - In Default: Low-Income Dropouts
May 21 - Choosing a No. 2 Has Possibilities and Pitfalls
May 21 - 'Mother' of Vice Presidents: New York (chart)
May 21 - Bush, Choosing Last, Hopes to Choose Best
May 21 - If the 'Short List' Grows, Watch for These
May 21 - Jackson Fares Well, but Dukakis Wins Again
May 21 - Oregon Primary Results (May 17) (chart)
May 21 - The Ongoing Count (chart)
May 21 - In Massachusetts' 2nd District: Springfield Mayor Is Likely Boland Successor
May 21 - June 7 Primary Outlook: Crowd Gathers to Seek Open New Mexico 1st
May 21 - Gubernatorial Primary June 7: Tragedy Scrambles the Odds in Montana Race
May 21 - Democrat Kopetski Succeeds
May 21 - New Hampshire Upheaval: Gov. Sununu's Retirement Turns Eyes to GOP's Gregg
May 21 - Colorado House Update
May 21 - Democrats Slate Biaggi
May 21 - Iowa Primary Preview
May 21 - Minimum-Wage Measure in Trouble in House
May 21 - First (and Only) Labor Bill to Prevail: Conferees Vote Polygraph Ban For Private-Sector Employers
May 21 - Prognosis Is Poor for Arctic Oil-Drilling Bill
May 21 - Some Say Government Being Cheated: Panel Approves Controversial Land Exchange
May 21 - 'Quick Fix' Seen as Unlikely: Senate Panel Gets Bad News On S and L Insurance Fund
May 21 - Must Fully Disclose Terms: House Banking Panel Approves Limits on Home-Equity Lenders
May 21 - Energy and Water Appropriations (chart)
May 21 - House Passes First Spending Bill for Fiscal 1989
May 21 - Alternative Sought to Walker Drug Measure
May 21 - Fiscal 1989 Legislative Appropriations (chart)
May 21 - Most Cuts Rejected: House Approves $1.4 Billion To Pay for Running Congress
May 21 - Group Calls for Outside Counsel: Common Cause Seeks Inquiry Into Speaker Wright's Finances
May 21 - Reagan, Democrats Renew Contra-Aid Disputes
May 21 - Surprise: A Quick Foreign-Aid Bill
May 21 - May Seek to Use Hill Testimony Against Them: Walsh Turns Tables on Iran-Contra Defendants
May 21 - Funding for New Spy Satellites: Intelligence Bill Clears Arms Control Hurdle
May 21 - Big Role for China: Arms Merchant
May 21 - Slow Progress in House: South Africa Sanctions Bill Faces Gantlet of Committees
May 21 - New Report Ignites Anti-Smoking Campaign
May 21 - Pepper's Push Propels Health-Costs Bill
May 21 - Bills on Trauma Care, Homeless Also OK'd: Panel Seeks Stiffer Review of Medical Devices
May 21 - Overhaul of SBA Minority Program Approved
May 21 - Panel OKs Compromise Plan: Fewer Ads, More Quality Shows Demanded for Kids' Television
May 21 - COMMERCE NOTES: Product-Liability Dispute
May 21 - COMMERCE NOTES: Telemarketing Fraud
May 21 - Agriculture Panels Approve Grain Bill
May 21 - House Committee Votes to Aid Cotton Farmers
May 21 - Overhaul of Hatch Act Toned Down by Senate
May 21 - Government Operations Notes: More Independence Approved For Government Ethics Office
May 21 - Text of May 17 News Conference: Reagan Faces Tough Queries: Noriega, Meese, Astrology
May 21 - House Panel Approves Bill to Tighten PCB Limits
May 21 - House Panel OKs Telephone/Hearing Aid Bill
May 21 - Senate Passes Fluorescent-Light Bill
May 21 - Alabama Primary Looks Uneventful
May 21 - Florida Senate Field Widens
May 21 - House Makes Committee Assignments
May 21 - House Panel Approves New Inspectors General
May 21 - Panel OKs Community Health Centers Bill
May 21 - Younger Latta Still Trails in Ohio 5th
May 21 - Conferees Agree on Rail-Safety Bill
May 21 - Quick Review Sought for Sentencing Guidelines
May 21 - Senate Democrats Name Anti-Drug Group
May 21 - Senate Passes Sewage-Barge Bill
May 28 - Just in Time for Moscow Summit: Senate Votes 93-5 to Approve Ratification of the INF Treaty
May 28 - Senate Approves Defense Authorization Bill
May 28 - Speaker Says an Ethics Inquiry Is OK With Him
May 28 - GOP Snipes at How Democrats Run House
May 28 - Real Spending Battles Are to Come: Conferees Agree on Budget, House Gives Its Approval
May 28 - FY '89 Budget Resolution by Function (chart)
May 28 - ECONOMIC NOTES: Fed, SEC Appointments
May 28 - ECONOMIC NOTES: Panel Approves Coin Redesign
May 28 - ECONOMIC NOTES: Balanced Budget Amendment
May 28 - ECONOMIC NOTES: FSLIC: More Troubles
May 28 - ECONOMIC NOTES: Market Bill Promised
May 28 - Senate Delays Vote on Trade-Bill Veto Override
May 28 - Uranium Fight May Pose Problem in the Senate: Conferees OK U.S.-Canada Trade Proposals
May 28 - U.S.-Canada Trade Recommendations: Highlights
May 28 - Catastrophic-Costs Bill Ready for Final Action
May 28 - Sets Testing, Counseling Policy: Long-Stalled AIDS Measure Moving in House
May 28 - Tide Turns on Drug Testing of Rail, Other Workers
May 28 - House OKs Rail-Safety Agreement
May 28 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Hearing-Aid Compatibility
May 28 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: House Panel Votes to Limit Children's TV Ads
May 28 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Merchant Marine Bills
May 28 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Pipeline Safety
May 28 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Sewage Sludge
May 28 - RICO Revision Advances, but Trouble Looms
May 28 - Bill to Protect Retirees' Benefits Sent to Reagan
May 28 - Wiretap Leak Alleged: More Charges Against Hastings Aired at Impeachment Hearings
May 28 - LAW/JUDICIARY NOTES: Reagan Names Justice Nominees
May 28 - LAW/JUDICIARY NOTES: Stage Set for Conference on Plastic-Gun Ban
May 28 - Parties' Proposals Begin to Emerge: Drug Issue Ignites Partisan Bickering in House
May 28 - Obey Takes 'Garbage' Drug Plan to Extreme
May 28 - Foreign Aid Spending (chart)
May 28 - House Passes Foreign Aid Spending Measure
May 28 - House Votes to Tighten Arms-Sale Law
May 28 - Panamanian Rejects 'Golden Parachute': U.S. Thwarted in Effort to Remove Noriega
May 28 - A Protest Over Palestinian Dispute
May 28 - Intelligence Authorization Bill Passed: House Defeats GOP Attempt To Resume Contra Arms Aid
May 28 - Partisan Battle Brewing Over Park Service Bill
May 28 - Civil and Criminal Penalties Provided: Congress Clears Ban on Tin-Based Boat Paints
May 28 - Fish and Wildlife Bills Sent to House Floor
May 28 - Space Station Is Big Loser: Senate Panel Proposes Cuts In President's NASA Budget
May 28 - $60 Billion HUD Bill Approved: Spending Tug of War Intensifies Between NASA, Other Programs
May 28 - Panel OKs Increase in Transportation Budget
May 28 - Cap on Honey Loans Added: Agriculture Spending Bill Draws Veto Threat
May 28 - Smith Protests Funding: 'Just Isn't Enough'
May 28 - Dilemma Looms for Democrats: Disillusioned Jackson Faithful Could Wreak Havoc in Atlanta
May 28 - In Idaho, Dukakis and Bush Roll On
May 28 - Duncan Retires in Tennessee; Son to Seek 2nd District Seat
May 28 - Two State Legislators Chosen
May 28 - Kentucky Results:
May 28 - Homeless-Aid Package Faces Funding Shortfall
May 28 - White House Message: Reagan Rejects Trade Bill, Calls for Better Alternative
May 28 - Agriculture Cotton Bill Clears; House OKs Two Other Farm Bills
May 28 - Education House Panel Acts Against Student-Loan Abuses
May 28 - Environment More Urban Areas Face Clean-Air Sanctions
May 28 - Health House Panel OKs Community-Health-Center Bill
May 28 - Law/Judiciary House OKs Limited Gambling Advertising
May 28 - Politics Rep. Gregg to Seek New Hampshire Governorship
May 28 - Foreign Policy/Defense Judge Gesell Blasts Iran-Contra Committees
May 28 - Science/Technology House Votes to Share Space-Launch Liability

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