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April 2 - After Contra Battle, a New Set of Policy Issues
April 2 - Lopsided Votes Belie Lingering Divisions: Solemn Congress Approves Contra-Aid Package
April 2 - Speaker Wright's Letter
April 2 - Business Lobbyists Prevail Over Labor: Risk-Notification Measure Derailed by GOP Filibuster
April 2 - Senate Easily Approves Bank-Deregulation Bill
April 2 - Bank Failures, Scandals Spurred Passage... ...Of the Depression-Era Glass-Steagall Act
April 2 - Key Provisions of the Senate Bank-Deregulation Bill
April 2 - Senate Panel OKs Fiscal 1989 Budget Measure
April 2 - FY '89 Domestic Discretionary Budget* (chart)
April 2 - Regulators Resist Early Action: Proxmire Offers Plan to Coordinate Markets
April 2 - Dukakis, Jackson Square Off: Lunch-Bucket Voters the Key In Coming Democratic Events
April 2 - The Nine Megastates:
April 2 - Latest Primary, Caucus Results (chart)
April 2 - CONNECTICUT PRIMARY: Sample City/Town Vote (chart)
April 2 - The Mighty of Iowa Fall From Contest
April 2 - Jackson Creates New Dynamic: The Unpledged Loom Larger As Shapers of Democrats' Race
April 2 - Many Views, But Little Rancor: GOP Platform Hearings Begin With Only a Few Sharp Words
April 2 - Gender Gap, If It Recurs, Could Be Crucial
April 2 - Easier Registration Urged Nationwide: Low Voter Turnout Prompts Concern on Hill
April 2 - Mississippi Runoff Results:
April 2 - Political Notes: Plans Set for Filling Vacancy In 3rd District of New Jersey
April 2 - Congressional Departures
April 2 - Panel Backs Pact 17-2: Treaty-Interpretation Issue Complicating INF Approval
April 2 - Old Room Holds Senate's High-Tech Secrets
April 2 - Sen. Nunn Remains Concerned: 'Futuristic' Weapons Prove a Sticky INF Issue
April 2 - Within Boundaries Set by Budget Summit: House Armed Services OKs Fiscal '89 Defense Package
April 2 - Senate Passes Bill; House Interior Says Not Yet: Palau's Bid for Independence Stalled in House
April 2 - Guam Also Seeks More Autonomy and Help
April 2 - Conferees Near Final Accord on Trade Bill
April 2 - Only 'Dial-a-Porn' Issue Unresolved: Conferees Reach Agreement On Major Education-Aid Bill
April 2 - House Amends, Passes Omnibus Veterans' Bill
April 2 - More Money Voted for Presidential Transitions
April 2 - Another Obstacle Cleared: Lobbying and Timing Help VA-Cabinet Bill
April 2 - Senate Votes to Bail Out Uranium Industry
April 2 - Agreement on Fee Schedule: Panel Makes Some Headway on Pesticide Bill
April 2 - Plan to Overhaul NRC Sent to Senate Floor
April 2 - No 'Christmas Tree': Senate Panel Approves Water-Projects Bill
April 2 - Projected Cost of Water-Projects Bill (chart)
April 2 - Defense Bill Plugs Project: Private Space Station Proposal Delayed by House Opposition
April 2 - Orphan-Drug Legislation Cleared
April 2 - Senate OKs Bill to Shut Drug 'Gray Market'
April 2 - Cranston, D'Amato Lead Effort: Plan to Revamp Housing Policy Faces Same Old Problem: Funds
April 2 - HUD Funding, 1978-89 (chart)
April 2 - Push Is On for Seven-Month Amnesty Extension
April 2 - Members Worry About Meese Staying On
April 2 - Appeals Court Voids Law Aimed at Murdoch
April 2 - Reagan Veto Promised: House Approves Plan to Rehire Former Air-Traffic Controllers
April 2 - Transportation Notes: House Refuses to Give States Title to Shipwrecks
April 2 - Minnesota May Pay for Congressional Races
April 2 - Speaker Details Business Ties: Ethics Chairman Says Members Can't Bank on Future Leniency
April 2 - Cave-Protection Bill Passed By House
April 2 - More U.S. Pressure Exerted on Panama
April 2 - U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia to Be Replaced
April 2 - Committee OKs Bill to Implement Genocide Treaty
April 2 - Congress Extends Deadline for Age-Bias Claims
April 2 - House OKs Child-Abduction Remedies
April 2 - Senate OKs Conference Report on Child Abuse
April 2 - Unemployment Drops to Lowest Level Since 1979
April 9 - Wisconsin Delivers a Turning-Point Verdict
April 9 - Latest Primary, Caucus Results (Chart)
April 9 - Wisconsin Primary Results:
April 9 - Democrats to Choose 'Superdelegates' Who May Play Super-Role at Convention
April 9 - The Ongoing Count (through April 6) (Chart)
April 9 - Democratic Primary and Caucus Calendar (chart)
April 9 - Sen. Simon Suspends His Campaign
April 9 - Open 5th at Stake in May 3 Primary: In Ohio, Latta's Son Draws Tough Opponent
April 9 - Ohio House Candidates (chart)
April 9 - Campaign '88: Veteran Rep. Boland to Retire; Arizona Senate Ousts Mecham
April 9 - Upper Echelons of House Committees Are Still Dominated by Old-Timers A New Breed of Chairman Waits in the Wings
April 9 - Seniority Dictates the Line of Succession As Activist Democrats Wait for Their Turn
April 9 - Space Firm Tries to Win Funds, Influence People
April 9 - Lawmakers Resist Costly 'Correction': 'Notch Baby' Dilemma a Legacy Of Quirk in Social Security Law
April 9 - Uphill Battle Seen for New World Bank Funding
April 9 - All Sides Appear to Dig In: Dispute Over Final Trade Bill Narrows to a Few Tough Issues
April 9 - Issue Is Gaining Political Momentum: Lawmakers Taking Hard Look At Problem of Long-Term Care
April 9 - Long Term Care '88: Campaign for an Issue
April 9 - NRA Draws Bead on Plastic-Gun Compromise
April 9 - Hill Members Turn Up Pressure in War on Drugs
April 9 - Tough New Sanctions Put on Panama
April 9 - House Bill Portends Battles Over MX, SDI
April 9 - Secretive NSA Withholds Some Spy Gear
April 9 - What Price Glory?
April 9 - 'Cost-Effectiveness' Rewarded: Certain Low-Income Programs Are Winners in Budget Process
April 9 - Omnibus Education-Aid Bill Ready for Final Action
April 9 - January 1988 Lobby Registrations: Corporations and Businesses
April 9 - Taxes, Trade Issues Lead January Registrations
April 9 - January 1988 Lobby Registrations: Foreign Government
April 9 - January 1988 Lobby Registrations: Interest Groups
April 9 - January 1988 Lobby Registrations: Labor Organization
April 9 - January 1988 Lobby Registrations: State and Local Governments
April 9 - January 1988 Lobby Registrations: Trade Associations
April 9 - January 1988 Lobby Registrations: Miscellaneous
April 9 - Congressional Filing Closes in Maine, Iowa
April 9 - House Banking-Deregulation Bill Under Scrutiny
April 9 - Meese Names New Aides at Justice Department
April 9 - Soviet Pullout From Afghanistan to Begin
April 16 - 'Futuristics' Debate Clouds INF Floor Schedule
April 16 - A Key November Voting Bloc: Democrats Show Some Appeal In Rural and Small-Town Areas
April 16 - Republican Results at Intermission (chart)
April 16 - Democratic Results at Intermission (chart)
April 16 - 1988 Presidential Primaries: A Closer Look (chart)
April 16 - Most Members Survive Scrapes: Ethics Troubles in Washington May Cause Little Stir at Home
April 16 - But Democrat Payne Is Formidable: GOP Sees New Day in Southside Virginia
April 16 - Rep. Brennan Is Targeted: Maine's 1st District Offers Ideological Jostling
April 16 - Campaign '88: Boulter Is Sen. Bentsen's Foe; Arizona Recall Vote Canceled
April 16 - Conservative Coalition Forming: Bill to Boost Minimum Wage Faces Rough Sailing in House
April 16 - CBO's Unwelcome Cost Estimate Vanishes
April 16 - Bank Deregulation: A Debate Over 'Fire Walls'
April 16 - More Funds for Space, Anti-Drug War: Senate Adopts 1989 Budget, Skirts Summit Funding Limits
April 16 - FY '89 Budget Resolution by Function (chart)
April 16 - House, Senate Budget Assumptions Compared (chart)
April 16 - Plant Closing Is Key Issue: Hill Leaders Bar Concessions, Veto Expected on Trade Bill
April 16 - Textile Tariff Rebates Draw Ire: Dangers Mount for U.S.-Canada Trade Pact
April 16 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Liability Limits for Boat Owners OK'd by Merchant Marine Panel
April 16 - Berne-Convention Bill Approved: United States Getting Closer To Signing Copyright Treaty
April 16 - LAW/JUDICIARY NOTES Trademark-Protection Bill Approved
April 16 - LAW/JUDICIARY NOTES: Panel Favors Limits on Exclusion of Foreigners
April 16 - Conferees Agree on Omnibus Veterans' Bill
April 16 - Presidential-Transition Bill Ready for Floor
April 16 - Vote Is Unanimous: Senate Panel Recommends Cabinet Seat for VA
April 16 - Attacked as Unconstitutional: Senate Takes Up Lobbying Bill That Covers Former Members
April 16 - 'Dial-a-Porn' Dispute Delays Education Bill
April 16 - Kennedy Introduces 'Smart Start' Bill
April 16 - Science/Technology Notes: Rocket Launchers' Insurance Limited in Subcommittee Bill
April 16 - Prevention and Treatment of Family Violence: Congress Votes to Reauthorize Anti-Child-Abuse Programs
April 16 - Panel Votes New AIDS Commission
April 16 - Slow Progress Made by Health-Bill Conferees
April 16 - NIH Scientist Corps Also OK'd: Senate Committee Endorses Research Institute on Deafness
April 16 - House Panel OKs Two Bills to Protect Oceans
April 16 - Senate Finance to Mark Up Welfare Overhaul
April 16 - Senate Passes Bill on Child Abductions
April 16 - Bill to Implement Genocide Treaty Passed
April 16 - Filing for House Closes in Alabama, South Dakota
April 16 - Senate Labor Votes New Biotech Advisory Board
April 16 - Tragedy in Montana Scrambles Gubernatorial Race
April 16 - Byrd Will Give Up Senate Majority Leadership
April 16 - The Byrd Years: Surviving in a Media Age Through Details and Diligence
April 16 - The Quiet Insider: Hawaii's Daniel Inouye Wields a Private, Personal Power
April 16 - Louisiana Power: For Pragmatic Johnston, 'Dealmaking' Is Not a Dirty Word
April 16 - Part Judge, Part Pol: Mitchell Blends Judicial Mien, Hard-Nosed Partisanship
April 16 - The Prism of History: Johnson Was King Among 20th-Century Senate Leaders
April 16 - Compromise Plan Offered: Group of Nine' Determined To Break Clean-Air Deadlock
April 16 - Frustration Over Impasse Unites 'Group of Nine'
April 16 - Railroads Could Lease Mines: Coal-Slurry Pipeline Bill OK'd by Senate Panel
April 16 - From Rails to Trails: House Panel Votes to Save Abandoned Rights of Way
April 16 - Senate Passes Alternative-Fuels Bills
April 16 - Afghan Deal Won't End War, Policy Questions
April 16 - Provisions of the Afghanistan Accord From the Pullout Date to Refugees' Fate
April 16 - Election Timing a Factor: Classified Data, Immunity Issue Pose Delay in Iran-Contra Case
April 16 - First Time Aid Used as Stick: Senate Slaps Mexico on Failure Of Drug-Interdiction Efforts
April 16 - FOREIGN POLICY NOTES Elliott Abrams Apologizes to Senate Panel
April 16 - FOREIGN POLICY NOTES: Duarte Moves to Avert Aid Cut
April 23 - New Gulf Incident Rekindles an Old Debate
April 23 - A Year After Escort Policy Was Launched Jury Is Still Out on How Well It Works
April 23 - Persian Gulf and Congress: A Chronology
April 23 - House Vote Raises Democrats' Hopes: Congress May Yet Send Reagan A Veto-Proof Trade Measure
April 23 - Highlights of the Trade-Bill Conference Report
April 23 - Appropriators Could Take the Lead: Budget Conferees in Dispute Over Priorities, 'Scorekeeping'
April 23 - House Set to Act on 1988 Supplemental
April 23 - Specific Prescriptions Avoided: Panel in Discord Over State of the Economy
April 23 - House Panel OKs Wider OPIC Role
April 23 - Senate Finance Endorses Modified Welfare Bill
April 23 - Welfare for Two-Parent Families: An Old Issue
April 23 - House Panels Draft South Africa Sanctions Bill
April 23 - Sandinistas Call Aid 'Illegal': Contra Food Shipments Start As Talks Produce Few Results
April 23 - Opposition to Saudi Deal: Administration Unveils Mideast Arms Sales
April 23 - House Panel Moving to Plug Loopholes That Permitted U.S. Arms Sales to Iran
April 23 - Measure Sent to President Reagan: 'Dial-a-Porn' Ban Approved As Rider to Big Education Bill
April 23 - Longer Amnesty in Doubt Despite House OK
April 23 - INS's Nelson Adamant: No Amnesty Extension
April 23 - Making Amends: World War II Internees to Get Cash, Apology
April 23 - Markup Slow and Contentious: Fair-Housing Bill Begins Uncertain Journey
April 23 - SUPREME COURT NOTES Bond Interest Taxation
April 23 - SUPREME COURT NOTES Hastings Impeachment Case
April 23 - SUPREME COURT NOTES: Veterans and Alcoholism
April 23 - Core Issue for Catastrophic-Costs Insurance: Health Conferees to Decide Who Benefits, at What Price
April 23 - Mitchell Offers Long-Term Care Bill
April 23 - The Door Opens for a Dukakis Run to Daylight
April 23 - Latest Primary, Caucus Results (chart)
April 23 - The Ongoing Count
April 23 - New York Is End of the Line for Gore
April 23 - New York Clarifies Democratic Race: 'Superdelegates' Are Chosen, But Members' Role Less Vital
April 23 - Members Who Will Be 'Superdelegates' At the Democratic National Convention (45 senators / 214 House members)
April 23 - Nebraska GOP Senate Primary: Karnes, Daub Scrap for Chance to Meet Kerrey
April 23 - Nebraska House Candidates (chart)
April 23 - To Replace Democrat Roemer: McCrery Captures Louisiana 4th for the GOP
April 23 - Indiana House Candidates (chart)
April 23 - North Carolina House Candidates (chart)
April 23 - Primary Previews: Indiana and North Carolina Have Quiet Fall Warm-ups
April 23 - Political Notes: Senate Panel Tries to Keep TV Tapes Out of Opponents' Ads
April 23 - Senate Votes to Tighten Curbs on Lobbying
April 23 - Pesticide Bill: One Step Forward, One Step Back?
April 23 - Senate OKs Ban on Tin-Based Boat Paints
April 23 - Ban on Oil Drilling Rejected: House Panel Begins Work on Arctic Refuge Bill
April 23 - Independent FAA Endorsed by Air-Safety Panel
April 23 - House Approves Pipeline-Safety Bill
April 23 - Bills Returned to Subcommittee: Demand for Drug-Free Workers Blocks NSF, NBS Authorizations
April 23 - Panel Trims Supercollider Request
April 23 - Filibuster Stalls Constitutional Amendment: Senate Declines New Approach To Limiting Campaign Finances
April 23 - OSHA: This Time, It Draws Fire From the Ranks
April 23 - February 1988 Lobby Registrations: Corporations and Businesses
April 23 - Pace of Defense Action Speeds Registrations
April 23 - February 1988 Lobby Registrations: Foreign Government
April 23 - February 1988 Lobby Registrations: Interest Groups
April 23 - February 1988 Lobby Registrations: Labor Organizations
April 23 - February 1988 Lobby Registrations: State and Local Governments
April 23 - February 1988 Lobby Registrations: Miscellaneous
April 23 - February 1988 Lobby Registrations: Trade Associations
April 23 - House Passes Rail-Path Bill
April 23 - Israeli-U.S. Agreement Signed
April 23 - Sen. Byrd Won't Rush Vote on INF Treaty
April 23 - Dukakis Signs Health Insurance Law
April 23 - Freshmen Seek Changes for Senate
April 23 - House Panel Backs Plastic-Gun Ban
April 23 - Senate to Look at Subway Bids
April 23 - Election Outlooks for Utah, Idaho, Virginia
April 23 - NASA Markup Reset
April 23 - Rep. Anderson Named to Chair Public Works Panel
April 30 - Trade Bill Passes Senate, Heads for Certain Veto
April 30 - New Problems Surface for Canada Trade Pact
April 30 - Dukakis, Bush Romp in Pennsylvania: It's Time for Some New Math: How to Get Electoral Majority
April 30 - The Democrats:
April 30 - Latest Primary, Caucus Results (chart)
April 30 - Primary Challenge to Gov. Moore:
April 30 - Pennsylvania Primary Results:
April 30 - New Member Profile: Jim McCrery, R-La. 4
April 30 - Special Vote Set To Replace Price
April 30 - House Again Rebuffs Reagan Arms Policies
April 30 - Authorizers, Appropriators Declare a Truce
April 30 - Base-Closing Issue: Back to Drawing Board
April 30 - Showdown With House Likely on Missiles: Senate Defense Bill Endorses Carlucci's Budget Initiatives
April 30 - Four Issues Remain to Be Resolved: INF Treaty Debate Is Put Off Until Mid-May
April 30 - U.S. Escorting Policy at Issue: Clock Set for Senate Vote on Gulf, War Powers
April 30 - Honey Program Much Too Sweet for Conte
April 30 - If 550 Bees Call on 2.5 Million Flowers You'll Have Enough Honey for Your Tea
April 30 - Wright Action Spares Mexico Rebuke on Drugs
April 30 - Partisan Fights Derail Two Africa Measures
April 30 - Need for Quick Exit From Panama Downplayed: U.S. Seeking New Ways to Ease Noriega Out
April 30 - Hill Opposition May Be Eased: Saudi Plan to Sign Nuclear Pact Revives Proposal for Arms Sale
April 30 - Security Concerns vs. a Fair Trial: Access to Secret Papers Snarls Iran-Contra Case
April 30 - FOREIGN POLICY NOTES Panel Approves Independence for Palau
April 30 - FOREIGN POLICY NOTES World Court Rules on PLO Mission
April 30 - Floor Fight Likely Over Amendments: Fair-Housing Bill Approved By House Judiciary Committee
April 30 - Fish Plays Pivotal But Difficult Judiciary Role
April 30 - Justices Hear Oral Arguments: Court Moves Toward Ruling On Special-Prosecutor Law
April 30 - Key Civil Rights Law Questioned: Decision to Review Ruling Raises Concern
April 30 - LAW/JUDICIARY NOTES Berne Convention Bill Advances
April 30 - LAW/JUDICIARY NOTES Compromise Reached on Plastic Guns
April 30 - Legalization Program to End May 4: Senate Blocks House Move To Extend Amnesty for Aliens
April 30 - Budget Conference Breaks Up in Acrimony
April 30 - Chief Differences on Fiscal 1989 Budget (chart)
April 30 - After Fiery Debate, Senate Passes AIDS Bill
April 30 - Conferees Closing Gap on Health-Costs Bill
April 30 - House Panel OKs Job-Training Bill
April 30 - Panel Extends Reprieve on AFDC 'Error Rates'
April 30 - Federal Funds Could Be Withheld: Panel OKs Required Drug Plan For Grant, Contract Recipients
April 30 - Panel Approves Oil Drilling in Arctic Refuge
April 30 - ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT NOTES Mulroney Urges Action on Acid Rain
April 30 - ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT NOTES Senate Passes Water-Projects Bill
April 30 - Senate Boosts Funds for Presidential Transition
April 30 - Three Bills Would Increase Benefits: Veterans Have a Good Week on Capitol Hill
April 30 - VA Home-Loan Supplemental Cleared
April 30 - Printed Disclaimers Required: Panel OKs Bill to Curb Mailings That Imply Federal Connection
April 30 - Money Found for Coast Guard's Drug Patrols
April 30 - Panel Takes Aim at Telephone Scams
April 30 - TRANSPORTATION/COMMERCE NOTES Amtrak Authorization
April 30 - TRANSPORTATION/COMMERCE NOTES Panama Canal Commission
April 30 - Trial Lawyers Opposed: Liability Limits for Plane Makers Approved by Senate Commerce
April 30 - House Committee OKs 'Portable Pensions'
April 30 - House Committee OKs Two SBA Bills
April 30 - Rep. Obey Skeptical on World Bank Funds
April 30 - Telephone/Hearing-Aid Bill Wins Panel's OK
April 30 - CBO Draws More Fire on Minimum-Wage Report
April 30 - Hiring Preferences Set for U.S. Teachers Abroad
April 30 - House Clears Child-Abduction Bill
April 30 - Indian Housing Measures Ready for Floor
April 30 - Court Kills Appeal of California Redistricting
April 30 - House Committee Approves FEC Funds
April 30 - House Panel OKs Juvenile Justice Reauthorization
April 30 - House Passes Bill to Implement Genocide Treaty
April 30 - Jenrette Drops Comeback Bid

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