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October 3 - Senate Rebuffs Reagan on Key Defense Issues
October 3 - Problems of Exiting Procurement 'Czar'... ...Leave Capitol Hill With No Quick Fixes
October 3 - White House in Desperate Struggle to Save Bork
October 3 - Bork Hearings Limp to an Inconclusive End
October 3 - Leaders Cite Public Support, 1988 Politics: Senate Panel Expands Measure To Extend Education Programs
October 3 - GOP Faces Tough Odds in Bid to Regain Senate
October 3 - Democrats Seek to Bolster Senate Margin...
October 3 - Senate Control: The Rule of Two or Twelve
October 3 - 1988 Congressional Election Calendar (chart)
October 3 - Committees Eschew Agenda-Setting: Once a Key Force in Elections, House Is Now Just a Sideshow
October 3 - House Departures (as of 10/2/87)
October 3 - Hopefuls Courting PACs Find Them Wary
October 3 - Preachers in Politics: Bids of Jackson and Robertson Are Uphill, But Bear Watching
October 3 - The '88 Calendar May Give Jackson a Boost (chart)
October 3 - Dukakis' Bid Slips; Schroeder's Ends
October 3 - Over Threat to Cover Members of Congress: Independent Prosecutor Bill Pulled From House Schedule
October 3 - Rep. Synar Enters Caucus Contest
October 3 - House Judiciary Votes to Compensate Aleuts
October 3 - Panel OKs Release of Hastings Report
October 3 - A Federal Offense: Church Vandalism
October 3 - Implementation Postponed Until August 1988: House Committee OKs Delay In U.S. Sentencing Guidelines
October 3 - Senators Aim to Avert Future Iran-Contra Deals
October 3 - Iran-Contra Testimony: Reagan Team Missed Chance For Iran Diplomatic Opening
October 3 - Democrats: Snared in a Gramm-Rudman Trap?
October 3 - Senate Panel Moves to Rescue Uranium Industry
October 3 - Off-Budget Plan Loses by Five Votes: Worried About Safety, Delays, House Passes Airport Bill 396-0
October 3 - State Controls Backed: Senate Banking Approves Anti-Takeover Bill
October 3 - Administration Threatens Veto: Clock Starts to Work Against Farm Credit Bailout Measure
October 3 - Fiscal 1988 Interior Appropriations (chart)
October 3 - Senate Approves Interior, D.C. Funding Bills
October 3 - Fiscal 1988 Legislative Appropriations (chart)
October 3 - Fiscal 1988 Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations (chart)
October 3 - Abortion Fight Could Flare on Floor: Labor-HHS Funding Measure Approved by Senate Panel
October 3 - Budget Bookkeeping Produces $504 million: Committee 'Finds' Funds for HUD, NASA, NSF
October 3 - Prohibition on Transportation Spending Bill: Smoking Ban for Short Flights Likely to Ignite Senate Scrap
October 3 - Major Fights on Clean-Air Measure Still Loom
October 3 - Iran-Contra Panels Release Testimony: Former NSC Adviser Ledeen Recounts Arms Deal Details
October 3 - Sanford, Specter Statements: Senators Announce Their Opposition to Bork
October 3 - PUBLIC LAWS (Previous Public Laws, Weekly Report p. 2144)
October 3 - House OKs Sale of Bicentennial Coins
October 3 - Reagan Wants No New South Africa Sanctions
October 3 - Senate Panel Votes to Ease SBA Prepayments
October 3 - Developmental Disabilities Bill Passed
October 3 - House Committee OKs Procurement Overhaul
October 3 - House GOP Urges Separate Welfare Debate
October 3 - Reagan Urged to Reconsider Saudi Arms Sale
October 3 - Senate Opens Debate on State Department Bill
October 3 - Congress Extends FHA Loan Authority
October 3 - Former Rep. Hansen Released From Prison
October 3 - House Committee OKs Flight Safety Bill
October 3 - U.S.-Canada Trade Accord Back on Track
October 3 - Ways and Means OKs Ban on Imports From Iran
October 10 - Angry, Defiant Bork Insists on Senate Debate
October 10 - Announced and Unannounced
October 10 - Court Won't Hear Deaver Appeal Now
October 10 - Democrats Take Tentative Steps Toward Taxes
October 10 - Congress to Adjourn Nov. 21 - Or Later
October 10 - Even Liberals Might Find Defense Cuts Too Deep: Members Get a Look at Impact Of Gramm-Rudman Buzz Saw
October 10 - Impact of Fiscal 1988 Automatic Budget Cuts (chart)
October 10 - Reagan, Critics Face Off Over Nicaragua Plan
October 10 - Support Mozambique's Government, or Insurgents? Reagan, Conservatives in Unusual Policy Split
October 10 - F-15 Fighters, But No Mavericks: Congress Again Forces Reagan To Modify Saudi Weapons Sale
October 10 - Senate Votes State Department Bill
October 10 - GOP Chafes Under Restrictive House Rules
October 10 - Open and Restrictive Rules, 1977-87 (chart)
October 10 - Former House Counsel Knows the Rules: Democrats Seek Brand's Help When They Get Into Hot Water
October 10 - No. 2 Job: Launch Pad or Graveyard? As Bush Wades In on His Own,His Strength, Image a Puzzle
October 10 - Ballot Box Rarely a Route to the Top (chart)
October 10 - New Year to Bring New Member in Tennessee 5th
October 10 - Peace Is at Hand in Democratic Rules Spat
October 10 - Increased Staffing, Training Proposed: Congress, HHS Seek Upgrade In Nursing Home Standards
October 10 - Senate Ready to Begin Debate: Protagonists Still Jockeying Over Catastrophic-Costs Bill
October 10 - Aim Is to Ensure Competition: Panel Seeks to Tighten 'Orphan Drug' Law
October 10 - Panel OKs Community Health Bill
October 10 - War-Powers-Type Action in the Offing: Senate Shows New Frustration With Policy in the Persian Gulf
October 10 - Many Details Unresolved: U.S.-Canada Trade Accord Draws Tentative Hill Support
October 10 - Key Elements of U.S.-Canada Free-Trade Accord
October 10 - Pressure Builds on Senate to Act: Bill to Improve Airline Service Wins Easy Approval of House
October 10 - Panel Approves Bill to Rehire Controllers
October 10 - Vote Scheduled on Verity Nomination
October 10 - House Approves FTC Reauthorization: Howard Wins in Turf Fight Over Airline Ads
October 10 - Deputy Secretary Tapped to Head DOT: Burnley Faces Rough But Likely Confirmation
October 10 - Dingell Support Weakens White House Stance: Bailout of Farm Credit System Passed by Strong House Vote
October 10 - Fiscal 1988 Agriculture Funding (chart)
October 10 - Panel Approves $52.9 Billion for Agriculture
October 10 - Hatch Act Reform Faces White House Hurdle
October 10 - Encourages Methanol, Ethanol: Popular Alternative-Fuels Bill OK'd by House Subcommittee
October 10 - Udall Urges New Study of Nuclear-Waste Issue
October 10 - Waxman, Dingell Spar Over Clean Air Bill
October 10 - To Repay Debt to Retirement Account: Railroad Unemployment Tax Is Adjusted by House Panel
October 10 - Bill Would Outlaw Religious Violence
October 10 - House Rejects Delay in Sentencing Guidelines
October 10 - Impeachment Inquiry Going Forward: Report Calling for Hastings' Ouster Released
October 10 - Organization of American States Address: President Praises Peace Plan, Vows Support for the Contras
October 10 - FCC Bill Caught in Partisan Cross-Fire
October 10 - Indian Health Bill OK'd by House Panel
October 10 - Prompt-Payment Bill Passed by Senate
October 10 - Child Abuse Prevention Bill OK'd
October 10 - House, Senate Vote to Ban Iranian Imports
October 10 - NASA Authorization Passed by House
October 10 - Senate Labor OKs Pension-Law Overhaul
October 17 - The Reagan Presidency Fades Into Its Twilight
October 17 - Deficit Bill Rests on Risky $12 Billion Tax Hike
October 17 - Southern Democrats Dislike Tax-Welfare Mix
October 17 - New Savings Needed to Void Automatic Cuts
October 17 - Anything Not to Tax Recreational Boaters: Panel Would Charge 'User Fee' for Gulf Escort
October 17 - Highlights of House Reconciliation Bill
October 17 - Senate Warms Up for 'Divisive' Bork Debate
October 17 - Risk-Notification Legislation Passed by House
October 17 - Departure Could Affect Trade Bill Talks: Brock Resigning Labor Post To Join Dole's 1988 Campaign
October 17 - Cost-Paring Move May Not Avert Veto: Vaccine Compensation Plan Cut Back by Two House Panels
October 17 - A Shell Is Built for Pepper's Proposal: Long-Term Care Plan May Find a House Vehicle
October 17 - Accord Set on Catastrophic-Costs Bill
October 17 - Bill to Help the Handicapped Clears
October 17 - Community Health Bill Also OK'd: 'Orphan Drug' Legislation Approved by House Energy
October 17 - After AIDS Debate, Senate OKs Labor-HHS Bill
October 17 - Labor/HHS/Education Funding (chart)
October 17 - Repels Attack on Space Station: Senate Approves $57.3 Billion For HUD, VA, Other Agencies
October 17 - $14.3 Billion Appropriated: Commerce, Justice, State Funding Approved
October 17 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding (chart)
October 17 - Negotiations Shift to Trade Bill: $7.4 Billion Education Package Gets OK of Senate Labor Panel
October 17 - Provisions of Senate Panel's Education Bill
October 17 - Odds Against Reagan in Trade Conference
October 17 - Gubernatorial Primary: Three of Louisiana's Members Seeking to Oust Gov. Edwards
October 17 - '88 Selection Process Stirs Debate in Three States
October 17 - Sen. Evans to Disclose Campaign Plans
October 17 - Timing of Payments Would Shift: Using Some Fancy Footwork Farm Committees Find Funds
October 17 - NASA Authorization Cleared for President
October 17 - House Approves FCC, NTIA Bills
October 17 - New Commerce Secretary Sworn In Oct. 19: Senate OKs Verity NominationDespite Fear Over Trade Views
October 17 - Senators Load Up State Department Measure
October 17 - Adm. Crowe: Limit Military at NSC
October 17 - Waiting for Central America Peace Deadline: Pressure Builds on All Sides in Contra Conflict
October 17 - Cloture Vote Set: Senate Warms Up for New Test On Re-flagging in Persian Gulf
October 17 - Bill to Combat Price Fixing Advances
October 17 - House Passes Bill to Protect Retirees' Benefits
October 17 - House Votes to Ban Dumping of Plastics at Sea
October 17 - Budget Warnings Ignored: Panel Shows Super-Enthusiasm for Supercollider
October 17 - Reagan Asks for Public Help To Get Senate to Confirm Bork
October 17 - Bork Calls For Senate Vote on Nomination
October 17 - Senators Conscientious, Not Vindictive: Sanford Responds to President's Address
October 17 - July 1987 Lobby Registrations: Corporations and Businesses
October 17 - July 1987 Lobby Registrations: Interest Groups
October 17 - July 1987 Lobby Registrations: Labor Organizations
October 17 - July 1987 Lobby Registrations: State and Local Governments
October 17 - July 1987 Lobby Registrations: Trade Associations
October 17 - July 1987 Lobby Registrations: Miscellaneous
October 17 - Agriculture Appropriation Approved
October 17 - Clean-Air Bill Markup Continues
October 17 - Defense Authorization Conference
October 17 - Military Construction Appropriations
October 17 - Blind Trust for Wright Frees Special-Prosecutor Bill
October 17 - House Committee OKs Uniform Poll Closing Bill
October 17 - House Votes Health Research Reauthorization
October 17 - Senate Approves Veterans' Bill
October 24 - Crippled Market Spurs Budget Breakthrough
October 24 - Budget Standoffs Characterize Reagan Years
October 24 - Memories of the 1929 Crash Evoke Myths... ...But the Fallout for Republicans Was Real
October 24 - Cuts Take Effect; Reconciliation Bill OK'd
October 24 - Highlights of Senate Reconciliation Bill
October 24 - Trade Conferees Seek to Reassure Markets
October 24 - Pork: A Time-Honored Tradition Lives On
October 24 - Pork-Barreling to Win Votes Back Home... ...May Not Always Be as Easy as It Seems
October 24 - Rushing the Congressional Pork Barrel... ...Is a Practice Almost as Old as the Nation
October 24 - Fighting the System: Dick Armey Tries to Go Against a Powerful Tide
October 24 - Making It Work: Robert Roe: Ardent Defender of Helping Folks at Home
October 24 - Senate Shows Its Ambivalence in Votes on Gulf
October 24 - Persian Gulf and Congress: A Chronology
October 24 - Military Construction Funding Cut: Senate Bill Sends a Message To Allies on Burden-Sharing
October 24 - Senate Debates, Then Dispatches Bork, 42-58
October 24 - Vote on Bork (chart)
October 24 - Court Limits Reagan's Power to Bar Foreigners
October 24 - House Votes to Renew Special-Prosecutor Law
October 24 - Postponement Urged: Congress Tries to Shy Away From Nuclear-Waste Decision
October 24 - Controversy Averted: Panel Puts Pedal to Metal on Alternative-Fuels Bill
October 24 - Stennis, Evans Retire: Several in House Cast an Eye As a Pair of Senate Seats Open
October 24 - Stennis' Move May Stir Leadership Changes
October 24 - Field Is Set in Tennessee's 5th District
October 24 - Ethics Panel Faults Stallings, Pursues Murphy
October 24 - Rep. Thomas Gets Appropriations Seat
October 24 - Funding Level Cut Slightly: Conferees Take Step to Avoid Veto of Housing Authorization
October 24 - Panel Attempts to Restore 'Fairness Doctrine'
October 24 - $1.8 Billion Cut From Medicare: Health Reconciliation Proposal Includes Both More and Less
October 24 - Panel OKs Indian Health-Care Bill
October 24 - Bars Use of Funds to 'Promote' Homosexuality: House Joins Senate on AIDS Education Rider
October 24 - Senate Turns to Catastrophic-Costs Bill
October 24 - Republicans, Senate Finance Oppose Inclusion: Welfare Plan May Be Stripped From Reconciliation Package
October 24 - Panel Inches Ahead on Farm Credit
October 24 - Senate Agriculture Resorts to 'Paper' Savings
October 24 - Fiscal 1988 Agriculture Funding (chart)
October 24 - Veto Threatened: House Panel OKs $55 Billion For Agriculture and Nutrition
October 24 - Democrats Press FEC on Contra-Ads Inquiry
October 24 - Reagan Team Faulted on South Africa
October 24 - Floor Outlook Uncertain: Senate Panel Completes Work On Overhaul of Clean Air Act
October 24 - House Passes Water Projects Bill
October 24 - Boosting Payments by Employers: Legislation Seeks to Shore Up Debt-Ridden Pension System
October 24 - Bill Seeks Statistics on 'Hate Crimes'
October 24 - House Panel Votes to Stiffen Price-Fixing Law
October 24 - Oct. 22 News Conference: President Faces Questions On Budget, Persian Gulf Policies
October 24 - August 1987 Lobby Registrations: Businesses and Corporations
October 24 - August 1987 Lobby Registrations: Foreign Governments
October 24 - August 1987 Lobby Registrations: Interest Groups
October 24 - August 1987 Lobby Registrations: Labor Organizations
October 24 - August 1987 Lobby Registrations: State and Local Governments
October 24 - August 1987 Lobby Registrations: Trade Associations
October 24 - August 1987 Lobby Registrations: Miscellaneous
October 24 - Controversy Over Soviet Embassy
October 24 - Iran-Contra Report Delayed
October 24 - Reimbursement for Seized Fishing Boats
October 24 - House Passes Veterans' Health-Care Bill
October 24 - Judge Refuses to Overturn Biaggi Conviction
October 24 - Keeping Tabs on Lobbying Over Future Justices
October 24 - Senate Shields Charity Aid to Welfare Recipients
October 31 - Cordial Talks on Deficit Belie Hardball Politics
October 31 - Republicans Cry 'Foul' Over Floor Tactics: Wright Finds a Vote to Pass Reconciliation Bill
October 31 - Reconciliation Deficit Reduction (chart)
October 31 - House Will Try Again on Welfare Overhaul
October 31 - House Panel Backs $597 Billion Spending Bill
October 31 - Added to $11 Billion Spending Bill: Senate Agrees to Ban Smoking on Most Flights
October 31 - Fiscal 1988 Transportation Funds (chart)
October 31 - Disputes Over Budget, Arms Control: Panel Whittles $24.8 Billion From Spending on Defense
October 31 - New Contra Politics: Wright the Dominant Force
October 31 - Vagaries of Guatemala Peace Agreement... ...Leave Room for Disputes Over Key Points
October 31 - Contra Aid: Small Doses, for Now
October 31 - Wright: Peace Gamble Poses Political Risks
October 31 - Curb Nuclear Weapons or Curb Soviet Influence? Pakistan Leads U.S. Into Conflict of Policies
October 31 - A Seesawing Policy on Pakistan Aid
October 31 - Ginsburg Nomination May Be Test for Senate
October 31 - Immigration 'Gamble' Seems to Be Paying Off
October 31 - Interest-Rate Cap Defeated: Near-Unanimous House OKs Credit-Card Disclosure Bill
October 31 - Warner: Seeking Compromise, Finding Criticism
October 31 - Bill Ready for House-Senate Conference: Catastrophic-Costs Measure Back on Track Despite Delays
October 31 - House Passes Organ-Transplant Bill
October 31 - Major Provisions, Catastrophic Health-Costs Bill
October 31 - Authority Expires Nov. 1: Delay in Housing Agreement Imperils New FHA Mortgages
October 31 - Super-Swap Possible Under Nuclear-Waste Bill
October 31 - Ethics Panel Also Upgrades Rose Inquiry: Del. Sunia Faces Investigation Into Alleged Payroll Violations
October 31 - Budget Crisis Complicates Farm-Credit Rescue
October 31 - Veteran Raconteur Bows Out: The Edwards 'Hayride' Ends; Roemer to Be Louisiana Governor
October 31 - History Is on the Side of the Democrats... ...In Kentucky's and Mississippi's Elections
October 31 - Senate Passes Bill to Boost Aviation Programs
October 31 - Airline Flight Records Would Be Public: Senate Attaches Drug Testing To Consumer-Protection Bill
October 31 - Fiscal 1987 Deficit: $148 Billion
October 31 - Panama Canal Commission Reauthorized by House
October 31 - Senate Passes Military Construction Bill
October 31 - Cabinet Status Urged for VA
October 31 - Health-Programs Reauthorization Advances
October 31 - Members Seeking Third Pay Raise in a Year
October 31 - Reagan Bans Imports From Iran
October 31 - GOP Plight: A Matter of Supply and Demand

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