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May 2 - House Passes Comprehensive Trade Measure
May 2 - Making the Trade Bill
May 2 - Highlights of HR3, the House-Passed Trade Bill
May 2 - Debate Over the Gephardt Amendment... ...Masks Extent of Consensus on Trade Bill
May 2 - Finance Committee Trade Markup Advances
May 2 - The Contra Money Flow: Answers Anticipated
May 2 - Contra Fund-Raiser Pleads Guilty, Names North
May 2 - Senate Panel Backs Webster Nomination... ...After Questions on Contacts With North
May 2 - One Option: Tear Down New Moscow Building Capitol Hill Moving to Counter Soviet Espionage at Embassies
May 2 - Administration and Hill Weigh Request... ...By Pakistan for Advanced Radar Planes
May 2 - Effort to Improve Floor Prospects: Republicans on House Panel Try to Revise Foreign Aid Bill
May 2 - Senate Progress on 1988 Spending Plan Slows
May 2 - Panel OKs $9.4 Billion Add-On Spending Bill
May 2 - House Supplemental Totals (chart)
May 2 - GOP Filibuster Possible on Floor: Senate Rules Committee OKs Major Campaign Finance Bill
May 2 - Downey Takes Key Subcommittee: Leaders Say Ford Indictment Won't Slow Welfare Reform
May 2 - Dingell, Markey Propose Takeover Measure
May 2 - Another Step Forward for Labor's Job Risk Bill
May 2 - House Panel Votes to Restrict Use of Polygraphs
May 2 - Immigration Law Brings Anxiety, Ambiguity
May 2 - El Salvador: Anatomy of a Change of Heart
May 2 - Measure Would Raise $15 Billion: Wright Reverses His Position, Backs Bigger S and L Rescue Plan
May 2 - House Panel OKs $17.7 Billion Housing Plan
May 2 - Senate Panel OKs Grants to Clean Up Radon
May 2 - Victory for Reagan Administration: Justice Department Upheld On Labeling of Canadian Films
May 2 - Defense Bill Poses Funding, Policy Challenges
May 2 - Fiscal 1988 Defense Authorizations: a Comparison (chart)
May 2 - 'Catch-Up' on the Medical Front
May 2 - Major Provisions of House Panel's Education Bill
May 2 - Senators OK Bilingual Education Changes
May 2 - April 28 Session With Reporters: Reagan Faces Questions On Arms Control, Iran-Contra
May 2 - House Energy OKs Health Service Corps Bill
May 2 - Senate Agriculture Panel Stalls on Farm Credit
May 2 - Wall Named to Federal Home Loan Bank Board
May 2 - Dukakis Enters Presidential Race, Laxalt on His Way
May 2 - Panel OKs Antitrust Review of Partnership Mergers
May 2 - Protections for Retirees in Bankruptcies Cleared
May 2 - Senate Rules OKs FEC Authorization
May 9 - Will 'Super Tuesday' Mean Southern Trouble?
May 9 - 'Super Tuesday' Rules, State-by-State (chart)
May 9 - Tentative 1988 Primary/Caucus Schedule (chart)
May 9 - Hearings Begin With Look at Secord Network
May 9 - The Money: How Much, and Where Did It Go?
May 9 - Despite Atmosphere of Bipartisanship... ...Members Divide on Political Agendas
May 9 - Another Guilty Plea in Walsh's Iran-Contra Probe
May 9 - Behind the Bright Lights, Light Moments
May 9 - Senate Adopts Democrats' Fiscal 1988 Budget
May 9 - Senate Budget Summary (chart)
May 9 - Showdown Looms Over Increasing Federal Debt Ceiling
May 9 - Major Assumptions of Senate-Passed Budget
May 9 - Fiscal 1988 Budgets by Function Compared (chart)
May 9 - Byrd Scrambling to Save Funding Bill: Deficit-Conscious Senators Bar Action on Supplemental
May 9 - AIDS Victim Rep. McKinney Dies
May 9 - House Leaders Protest 'Gag Order' on Ford
May 9 - Arms Control, Funding at Issue: House Rebuffs Reagan Views On Defense Spending, Policy
May 9 - Having No Truck With Pentagon Mitsubishis
May 9 - ABM Treaty the Key: Senate Panel Lays Groundwork For Showdown on 'Star Wars'
May 9 - Finance Committee Approves Trade Measure
May 9 - Major Provisions of House-Passed Trade Bill
May 9 - House Panel Approves Catastrophic Care Plan
May 9 - Comparison of Catastrophic Care Proposals (chart)
May 9 - Senate Taking Catastrophic Cue From House
May 9 - Health Notes: House Moves to Close 'Gray Market' for Drugs
May 9 - Are Men-Only Clubs Inappropriate for Judges?
May 9 - Inquiry Begins on Meese's Role in Wedtech
May 9 - Obscenity Standard Clarified in Second Case: High Court Says Rotary Clubs Not Entitled to Exclude Women
May 9 - Hart, the Outsider, Quits White House Race
May 9 - Wright, White House Plan Rejected: House Sides With S and L Lobby On Rescue of Insurance Fund
May 9 - House Agrees to Limit Check Holds
May 9 - Farm Credit Bailout to Cost at Least $6 Billion
May 9 - Marketing Loan Battlefield Shifts to Trade
May 9 - House Panel Approves Nuclear Insurance Bill
May 9 - Bill Would Limit Grand Canyon Flights
May 9 - Help for Oil and Gas Industry: House and Senate Vote to Repeal Fuel Use Act
May 9 - Excerpts of Testimony From First Three Days: Iran-Contra Hearings Open, Secord Testifies Before Panel
May 9 - Conferees Agree on Disaster Relief Bill
May 9 - House Committee Approves Oil Spill Bill
May 9 - House Panel Votes to Make Fairness Doctrine Law
May 9 - Senate Panel OKs Bilingual Education Bill
May 9 - Airport Programs Reauthorization Introduced
May 9 - Hollings Lifts 'Hold' on Webster Nomination
May 9 - Sen. Karnes Given Committee Assignments
May 9 - Gary Hart: Downfall of a Rootless Candidate
May 16 - 'Pork' Rejected by House Subcommittee: Airport Reauthorization Plans OK'd by House, Senate Panels
May 16 - Difficult Conference Ahead: Senate Rejects the House Plan To Rescue S and L Insurance Fund
May 16 - Permanent 'GI Bill' Sent to the White House
May 16 - Excerpts From Congressional Hearings: Secord, McFarlane Testify Before Iran-Contra Panel
May 16 - Disaster Relief Bill Goes to President
May 16 - Farm Credit Markup Begins Slowly
May 16 - House Committee OKs 'Fairness Doctrine' Bill
May 16 - Panel Approves SBA Changes
May 16 - Senate Committee Lineups Set
May 16 - Senate Committee OKs Veterans' Training Bill
May 16 - Senate Panel OKs State Department Bill
May 16 - U.S. Won't Let Illegal Salvadorans Stay
May 16 - House GOP Prepares for Leadership Shuffle
May 16 - Bitterness Lingers From GOP Assignments
May 16 - Helping Contras 'Body and Soul': Unfolding Story of Arms Deals Points to Active Reagan Role
May 16 - Confusing Policy Is Laid to Boland Law
May 16 - Another Day, Another $10 Million
May 16 - Documents Show Congress Was Misled: Memos Detail North's Role in Contra Network
May 16 - More Than 'Milk and Cookies'
May 16 - Sen. Nunn at the Center: Critical Showdown Over SDI Under Way on Capitol Hill
May 16 - House Slashes President's SDI Request... ...In Move to Slow Push for Deployment
May 16 - Fiscal 1988 Defense Authorizations (chart)
May 16 - Parliamentary War Erupts Over Defense Bill
May 16 - Weinberger Letter Kicks Up Fuss: One Panel Defers, Another OKs Fiscal 1988 NASA Authorization
May 16 - Partisan Feuding Stalls FY 1987 Supplemental
May 16 - Fiscal 1987 Supplemental Totals (chart)
May 16 - Budget Talks Set as Congress Raises Debt Limit
May 16 - Signal of Fiscal Restraint From Democrats... ...May Presage New Strength for the Budget
May 16 - Conferees Debate Defense and Taxes, Decide Nothing
May 16 - Five More Panels Join the Act: Senate Committees Continue To Work on Trade Measures
May 16 - Hill Campaign Spending Hits All-Time High
May 16 - The Leading Campaign Spenders, 1985-86 (chart)
May 16 - Connecticut 4th Special Election: Moderates Expected to Lead In Race to Succeed McKinney
May 16 - Denies Any Wrongdoing: Meese Asks Special Prosecutor To Examine Ties to Wedtech
May 16 - Congress Faces Major Fight Over AIDS Testing
May 16 - Reauthorization Ready for House Floor: Panel OKs Higher Spending Under Older Americans Act
May 16 - 'Family Leave' Bill Moves Forward in House
May 23 - Safety Sought in Moving Hazardous Materials
May 23 - The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Up
May 23 - Estimated Transportation of Hazardous Materials
May 23 - Links in Contra Arms Network Tell Their Stories
May 23 - Contra Cash Flow: Tracing the $34 Million
May 23 - The Other Iran-Contra Agenda: Reagan Allies Using Hearings As Platform to Boost His Policy
May 23 - Boland Amendments: A Review
May 23 - Senate Confirms Webster for CIA
May 23 - Tax Questions Tie Up Conference on Budget
May 23 - Anticipated Revenue Gains From Selected Tax Increases (chart)
May 23 - Senate Schedule Begins to Slip: Export Controls, Foreign Debt Addressed in Banking Panel Bill
May 23 - Kelley Approved for Federal Reserve
May 23 - Regulators Warn of Strains on Insurance Fund
May 23 - Heated Fights Over AIDS Testing, Immigration: Senate Finally Begins Debate On Fiscal 1987 Supplemental
May 23 - The CCC Plows a Furrow for Other Spending
May 23 - Whitten Seldom Wastes an Opportunity... ...Especially When It Comes to Agriculture
May 23 - Old-Fashioned Democrat Simon Joins '88 Field
May 23 - Fading 'Sunshine' Reforms: Few Complaints Are Voiced As Doors Close on Capitol Hill
May 23 - The Power to Delay, Obstruct: Senate GOP Flexes Muscles of the Minority
May 23 - 1985-86 PAC Contributions Detailed
May 23 - Senate Panel Moves Bill Restricting Lobbying
May 23 - A Question of Prerogatives: Dispute Over the ABM Treaty Stalls Defense Bill in Senate
May 23 - Victory for Growing Democratic Solidarity: House Approves a $289 Billion Defense Bill
May 23 - Panel's Toughened Stand on Contracting... ...Pre-empts the 'Procurement Reformers'
May 23 - But Court Rebuffs Suits by Military Personnel: Ruling on Old Civil Rights Law A Victory for Ethnic Groups
May 23 - Overturning Supreme Court: Bill to Revive Anti-Bias Laws OK'd by Senate Labor Panel
May 23 - Reagan Administration Objects: Civil Rights Groups Push Hard For Stronger Fair-Housing Law
May 23 - Reynolds' Promotion Angers Senate Democrats
May 23 - Criminal Penalties for Airline Violations
May 23 - Malpractice Suits by Military Personnel
May 23 - More Time to Study Mergers: Senate Panel Approves Antitrust Measures
May 23 - Members Split Along Party Lines: Panel Agrees to $17.3 Billion Housing, Development Plan
May 23 - Bill Would Make Employers Provide Insurance
May 23 - New Medicare Plan May Include Drug Coverage
May 23 - Partisan Wrangling Marks Work on Welfare
May 23 - Floor Fight Certain: Job Risk, Double-Breasting Bills Approved by House Labor Panel
May 23 - House Avoids Fights in Passing Education Bill
May 23 - Energy Panel Retreats After Contractors Object
May 23 - Consumer Protection Commission Under Fire: All-Terrain-Vehicle Accidents Spur Congressional Concern
May 23 - Air Traffic Control Research OK'd
May 23 - Cities Are Not Pleased: U.S. Barges Would Be Required for Sewage
May 23 - Week Three of Iran-Contra Hearings: The Courier and the Contra Testify Before Special Panel
May 23 - 'Thank You, Ollie North'
May 23 - Hastings Counsel Appointed
May 23 - Saudi Arms Sale Delayed After Gulf Incident
May 23 - Two Senate Committees Shift Subcommittee Jobs
May 23 - Committee Approves Computer Security Bill
May 23 - House Committee OKs Uniform Poll-Closing Bill
May 23 - House Science Panel Approves NSF Authorization
May 23 - Kentuckians Choosing Gubernatorial Nominees
May 23 - Panel Would Speed Federal Payments
May 23 - Senate Passes Computer Matching Bill
May 23 - Perspective: Speaker Style: Jim Wright and the FSLIC Bill
May 23 - The Beltway Mentality: Illness or Illusion?
May 30 - Oil Slump: Bad for Exxon or Bad for Everyone?
May 30 - Oil-State Members Run Into Opposition... ...As They Push for Tax on Imported Crude
May 30 - Final Senate Passage Stalled: Fiscal 1987 Supplemental Bill Snags on Budget Objections
May 30 - Senate Votes to Delay Immigration Sanctions
May 30 - Spending Panels Will Start Work Without Budget
May 30 - Major Provisions, 1987 Supplemental Funding Bill
May 30 - 'Reflagging' of Kuwaiti Ships to Follow: Reagan to Report to Congress On Plan to Guard Oil Tankers
May 30 - The Hearings: A Political Truth or Consequences
May 30 - State Department, CIA Roles: Web of Contra Supply Effort Seems to Touch More Officials
May 30 - S1127: Bill's Highlights
May 30 - Senate Panel Approves Medicare Expansion
May 30 - Four-Year Reauthorization Passed: House Votes Higher Spending Under Older Americans Act
May 30 - Pelosi Favored in Special Election
May 30 - Wilkinson Nominated for Kentucky Governor
May 30 - Cameras an Accepted Feature Now: After One Year of Television, Senate Is Basically Unchanged
May 30 - Major Impact Expected in States: Preventive-Detention Statute Is Upheld as Constitutional
May 30 - Panel Looks at Contra Aid, Record-Keeping
May 30 - Bill to Bar Unscrupulous Doctors OK'd
May 30 - FSLIC Bill Stalled in House
May 30 - House Votes to Increase VA Care Payments
May 30 - Reagan Signs Disaster Relief Bill
May 30 - Deaver Trial Postponed
May 30 - House Approves Changes for SBA
May 30 - House Passes West Virginia Rivers Bill
May 30 - Panel Recommends Increase for Coast Guard
May 30 - Plans for New Senate Subway Advance

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