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November 2 - House OKs Democrats' Budget-Balancing Plan
November 2 - Partisan Divisions, Gambits Complicate Farm Bill
November 2 - President Declines to Endorse Plan: Farm Lenders Seek $6 Billion Federal Bailout
November 2 - Markup Nearly Half Finished: Panel Confident of Reporting Tax-Overhaul Measure This Fall
November 2 - High Foreclosure Rate: Senate Panel OKs Overhaul Of VA Mortgage Guarantees
November 2 - Array of Anti-Abortion Amendments Planned
November 2 - Part of Package Totaling $80.6 Billion: House OKs Deficit-Cutting Bill That Would Save $19.5 Billion
November 2 - Fiscal 1985 Deficit Near $212 Billion
November 2 - Freeze in Defense Budget: After Brief Go-Round on MX, House Votes Appropriations
November 2 - Authorization Measure Finally Clears
November 2 - Panel Votes on 'Star Wars,' Nerve Gas
November 2 - Stevens Panel, in Markup, Looks to Bargaining
November 2 - U.S.-Canada Trade Pact Encounters a Logjam
November 2 - Freshmen Find It Easier to Run as Incumbents
November 2 - Reagan 'Mascot' Targets Turnstile District
November 2 - House Freshman Fund-Raising, 1985 (chart)
November 2 - Majority Leader Opposed: Rules Committee Approves Radio-TV Coverage of Senate
November 2 - Discharge Petition Filed in House: Members Seek to Force Vote On Easing Federal Gun Law
November 2 - In Talking Guns, Debate Gets Emotional
November 2 - Panel Overturns Subcommittee Actions: Regional Compacts Approved For Removal of Nuclear Waste
November 2 - Panel to Revise Nuclear Insurance Law
November 2 - House Panel Proposes Raising Student Grants
November 2 - Protecting Government Secrets: Panel, White House Disagree On Computer Security Agency
November 2 - 'Flexitime' Extension Cleared
November 2 - Compensation for Hostages Approved
November 2 - Home-to-Work Trips Restricted: Bill Limits Officials' Use of Government Cars
November 2 - Text of Reagan's Address to the United Nations -- Oct. 24, 1985
November 2 - Middle East Arms Bazaar: Weighing the Costs
November 2 - When the Client Says No, Compromise Is Elusive
November 2 - Putting on the Brakes: A Traditional Option
November 2 - Procedural Wrinkles: Further Delay of Jordan Sale? House Members Lose a Round
November 2 - Warning of a 'Budget Buster': Proposal to Boost Aid to Israel Enmeshed in Senate Turf Fight
November 2 - Conferees Approve $13 Billion: Treasury/Postal Bill Draws Veto Warnings
November 2 - Legislative Appropriations Cleared (chart)
November 2 - Attempts to Cut IRS, Customs Service Labeled 'Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish'
November 2 - Reagan Makes New Arms Control Offer
November 2 - Senate Approves Commerce-Justice-State Funds
November 2 - Synfuels Meets Trouble in Senate
November 2 - Congress Allows China Arms Sale
November 2 - House Panel Approves Protections for Mentally Ill
November 2 - House Passes Bank Bribery Bill
November 2 - Panel OKs Beer Distributor Antitrust Bill
November 2 - State, Local Employee Overtime
November 9 - Adjournment Date Slips: Congress Hung Up on Deficit As Fiscal Crisis Week Arrives
November 9 - Temporary Extensions Set to Expire
November 9 - Fiscal Crisis, Partisanship Push Budget Conferees
November 9 - Debt Crisis Politics Ensnare Social Security
November 9 - Michigan Rejects Convention Call
November 9 - Programs With Indexed Increases
November 9 - Comparison of House, Senate Budget-Cutting Plans (chart)
November 9 - Reagan Criticizes 'Waterings Down': Tax Code Rewrite Continues; Panel OKs Pension Revisions
November 9 - A Summit Outlook: Arms Control, 'Star Wars'
November 9 - Current U.S.-Soviet Nuclear Arms Lineup (chart)
November 9 - Highlights of Reported Arms Control Proposals (chart)
November 9 - The Other Summit Issues: From Insurgencies to Culture to Human Rights
November 9 - Credibility Questions in Philippines, Congress: Marcos, Under U.S. Pressure, Heads for Test
November 9 - Major U.S. Bases Fuel Concern for Stability
November 9 - U.S.-Philippine Ties: Key Events (chronology)
November 9 - Combating 'Tied-Aid' Plans of Others: Two House Panels Approve Export Subsidy Legislation
November 9 - Congress Wrestles With Air Safety Concerns
November 9 - Fine-Tuning Deregulation Law: Coal Shippers, Others Seek Aid in Curbing Railroad Rates
November 9 - Private vs. Public Utilities: Congressional Debate Begins Over Hydroelectric Licensing
November 9 - Debate Begins on Authorization Measure: House Considers Move to Cut Funding in Water Projects Bill
November 9 - Congress Clears $1.52 Billion for NSF
November 9 - Panel OKs One-Year Health Planning Renewal
November 9 - Members Urge Cap for Credit Card Interest
November 9 - 'Check in the Mail' Galls Consumers
November 9 - Senate Subcommittee Approval: New Tribunal Backed to Ease Supreme Court's Workload
November 9 - Kozinski Wins Senate Confirmation
November 9 - Virginia Voters Open the Door to Diversity
November 9 - Kean's Popularity Lifts GOP Fortunes
November 9 - Gov. Brennan Aims for House, Rep. Mikulski for Senate
November 9 - Women, Blacks and Korean War: House OKs Three Memorials To 'Forgotten' War Veterans
November 9 - Provisions of House Deficit-Reduction Bill
November 9 - Reagan Names Former Governor to Head HHS
November 9 - House Panel Backs Delay of Jordan Arms Sale
November 9 - Embarrassment to the CIA: Defector Incident, Libya Plan Touch Off Reagan, Hill Probes
November 9 - Senate, After Delay, Confirms Envoy
November 9 - $288.1 Billion Appropriations: Rejecting a 'Star Wars' Study, Panel Approves Spending Bill
November 9 - Labor Wins Round on Wage Rules: Senate Approves Military Construction Bill
November 9 - Garn Seeks Assurance of Action: Conferees Set HUD Bill Funds At $56.5 Billion for Fiscal 1986
November 9 - Senate Rejects D.C. Abortion Limit
November 9 - EDA Funds Increased
November 9 - Last-Minute Battle Expected on New 'CR'
November 9 - Treasury Bill Cleared
November 9 - Congress, Staff Also Covered: Senate Passes New Pension Plan for Federal Employees
November 9 - Untying a Procedural Knot: Agreement Paves Way in Senate For Textile, Deficit-Cutting Bills
November 9 - Helms Subpoenas Soviet Sailor
November 9 - House Committee Approves CPSC Authorization
November 9 - Panel Approves Legislative Veto Bill
November 9 - Senate Democrats Unveil Trade Package
November 9 - Senate Votes to Deregulate Freight Forwarding
November 9 - Stevens Role in TV Ad Criticized
November 9 - Congress and the Country: Political Rhetoric vs. the Reality Principle
November 16 - Congress Postpones Tough Budget Decisions
November 16 - Reagan Taking Wide-Ranging Road to Summit
November 16 - Temporary Extension Averts Default: Conference Accord Is Possible On Budget-Balancing Measure
November 16 - Expiring Programs Extended Again
November 16 - Dramatic Alterations of Process and Power Could Be Legacy of Budget-Balancing Plan
November 16 - Administration's Concerns Largely Ignored: Senate Passes $85.7 Billion Bill To Cut Deficit Over Three Years
November 16 - Business Opposition to Tax Overhaul Grows
November 16 - Hill Fight Brewing Over States' Taxing of Multinationals
November 16 - Passage by Thanksgiving Seen as Essential: Senate Impasse May Postpone New Farm Bill Until Next Year
November 16 - Schedule May Influence Defense Funding Fight
November 16 - Amtrak Funding Set at $616 Million
November 16 - Congress OKs Spending Extension Until Dec. 12
November 16 - Fiscal 1986 Appropriations: Senate Clears $57.3 Billion for HUD/Agencies
November 16 - Exceeds Administration Request: $13.15 Billion Treasury/Postal Bill Cleared
November 16 - Markups to Begin on House Immigration Bill
November 16 - Mood of Rural Midwest Keeps GOP on Edge
November 16 - Anatomy of a Crisis: Why Farmers Struggle
November 16 - Contests Take Shape in S. Carolina, Illinois and Nevada
November 16 - Outlook Is Uncertain: Senate Votes New Restrictions On Imports of Textile Goods
November 16 - Cable TV, Church-State, Adult Bookstores: High Court Agrees to Review More First Amendment Cases
November 16 - $11 Billion Authorization: House Panel Revises Formulas For College Student Assistance
November 16 - Congress Moving to Bolster Law: Education for Handicapped Seen as Policy Success Story
November 16 - House OKs Bill on Handicapped Legal Fees
November 16 - Bennett Urges School Voucher Plan
November 16 - Plant Closing Bill Pulled From Floor
November 16 - Public Employers, Unions Join Forces: Fast Congressional Action Solves Worker Overtime Issue
November 16 - No More 'Kamikaze' Cars: Barriers Against Terrorists To Be Built Around Capitol
November 16 - Going Directly to Conference With Senate: Panel OKs Retirement Plan; Plans to Bypass House Floor
November 16 - Vote Reflects Support From All Regions: Water Projects Authorization Wins House Passage With Ease
November 16 - Hospital Purchase Plan Modified: VA Hospital Dispute Settled; Health Bill Sent to President
November 16 - Delay of Jordan Arms Sale Is Cleared
November 16 - Panels Back Conditions on China Nuclear Pact
November 16 - Allegations by Unnamed Sources: Hill Probes Into 'Contra' Funds Stalled Over Lack of Evidence
November 16 - All Major Amendments Rebuffed: Micronesia Compact Wins Senate Approval
November 16 - Casey, Durenberger Lock Horns
November 16 - Resolution Calls for 'Credible' Elections: Hill, Administration Keep Heat on Marcos
November 16 - Hill, Administration Keep Heat on Marcos While One Senator Calls for Patience
November 16 - Senate Panel OKs Nuclear-Waste Disposal Bill
November 16 - House Votes to Override Veto of NIH Measure
November 16 - Text of President's Nov. 8 NIH Veto Message
November 16 - Endangered Species Act Advances
November 16 - President, Key Members Back Ireland Aid
November 16 - Subcommittee Limits Check 'Hold' Time
November 16 - Appeal OK'd for Postal Supervisors, Managers
November 16 - Bill Restricts Lobbying for Foreign Interests
November 16 - Committee Approves Drunken-Driving Law
November 16 - Cooper Confirmed for Justice Post
November 16 - Senate Approves Overseas Investment Corp.
November 23 - Summit Yields Warm Words, Little Agreement
November 23 - Gorbachev and Reagan: Accords, Agendas
November 23 - Conferees Near Agreement on Budget Measure
November 23 - Committee Works Hard to Finish: Tax Overhaul Measure Faces An Uncertain Future in House
November 23 - Senate Whisks Through Major Sections: Something-for-Everyone Plan Breaks Impasse on Farm Bill
November 23 - Food Stamp Cut Axed; Some Benefits Hiked
November 23 - Administration Opposition Tempers Proposal: Bill Would Grant Limited Farm Credit Bailout
November 23 - Offshore Oil, Abortion Debated: House Committee Approves $480 Billion 'Stopgap' Bill
November 23 - No Override Tried on Vetoed Bill
November 23 - New Generation Poised to Tip Voting Scales
November 23 - Non-Student Youth: Quiet Majority
November 23 - Academia: No Republican Monolith
November 23 - Curran Nomination Rejected by Senate Panel
November 23 - Court Also to Hear Search, Jury Cases: Reagan, Congress at Odds Over Voting Rights Changes
November 23 - Justice Marshall: Advocate for the Underdog
November 23 - Libel Cases: Who Bears Burden of Proof?
November 23 - Congress Votes Decisive Override of NIH Veto
November 23 - Metzenbaum Promises Floor Fight: Committee Votes to Lift Ban on Drug Exports
November 23 - HMO Authorization
November 23 - Home Health Care
November 23 - Senate Panel Revamps Health Planning System
November 23 - Parochial Interests at Issue: House Approves Bill to Boost Role of Joint Chiefs Chairman
November 23 - Senators Weigh In With Omnibus Trade Bill
November 23 - Meet Behind Closed Doors: House Panel Leaders Struggle To Reach 'Superfund' Accord
November 23 - House Panel Approves Immigration Measure
November 23 - Industry Hopes to Modify Bill: House Banking Panel Votes Limit on Bank Check 'Holds'
November 23 - Senate Approves Minting U.S. Gold Coin
November 23 - Senate to Vote on Limiting PAC Contributions
November 23 - Reauthorization of Price-Anderson Law: Panel Debates Liability Limits For Civilian Nuclear Accidents
November 23 - Ex-President's Benefits
November 23 - Limiting Smoking
November 23 - Senate Panel Approves Curbs on Minor Fraud
November 23 - Latin Police Aid Proposal Draws Hill Opposition
November 23 - Agencies Face 'Regime of Fiscal Restraint': Some Strings on Nicaragua Aid Eased by Intelligence Measure
November 23 - House Has Four Bills, Senate One: Key Differences to Be Resolved In Deficit-Reduction Measures
November 23 - Text of Reagan's Pre-Summit Speech -- Nov. 14, 1985
November 23 - In Geneva on Nov. 21: Text of the Joint Statement At End of U.S.-Soviet Summit
November 23 - Treasury-Postal Veto Message -- November 15, 1985
November 23 - Before a Joint Session of Congress: President's Nov. 21 Remarks After U.S.-Soviet Summit
November 23 - Green Light for New Ports: Hill Trims Almost 20 Percent In Military Construction Bills
November 23 - Conferees Approve Labor/HHS/Education Bill
November 23 - Congress Clears NASA Authorization
November 23 - Consumer Agency Bill Fails in House
November 23 - Design Museum Bill Fails in House
November 23 - Senate Backs China Pact
November 23 - House Energy Committee OKs Two Trade Bills
November 23 - House to Vote on Textile Import Curbs
November 23 - Plant Closings Bill Fails in House
November 23 - Senate Committee Split Over Mass-Mail Disclosure
November 23 - Senate Committee Urges Health Warnings on Snuff
November 23 - Senate Votes Crackdown on Drunken Driving
November 23 - Congress and the Country: 'Feel Good' Themes vs. 'Micropolitics'
November 30 - Ways and Means Finishes Tax Code Overhaul
November 30 - Ways and Means Tax Bill Compared With Other Plans (chart)
November 30 - Opponents Formulate 'Kill Strategy': Business Groups Still Divided As Tax Bill Heads to the Floor
November 30 - Tax Bill Brightens Solar Outlook, Dims Oil
November 30 - Major Provisions of Ways and Means Tax Bill
November 30 - Six Seeking House Democratic Whip Position
November 30 - Today's Whip: Not Just Keeping Pack in Line
November 30 - Effort to Halt Disclosure Fails: Senators' Spending on Mail Sparks Political Battle on Hill
November 30 - Congress Is Considering Aid to Angolan Rebels
November 30 - Foreign Aid Focus of Jurisdictional Dispute
November 30 - Renegotiation Could Be Costly: Intricate Issues Delay Congress In Action on Micronesia Pact
November 30 - Calendar Casts Doubt on Reconciliation Bill
November 30 - Democrats and GOP Clash Over Judgeships
November 30 - Senate Votes to Reauthorize Child Food Aid
November 30 - Price Set for Shuttle Flights: Congress Clears NASA Budget Of $7.67 Billion for Fiscal 1986
November 30 - Snarl Over Farm Subsidies Awaits Conferees
November 30 - Comparison of House-, Senate-Passed Farm Bills
November 30 - Business Defeats Labor on Plant-Closing Bill
November 30 - Commission Says No Big Electoral Changes Needed
November 30 - Compromise Reached on OPM Pay Regulations
November 30 - Shultz Opposes Special Israel Aid Benefit

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