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September 7 - Congress Poised for Battles With Reagan
September 7 - Members Find Little Support for 'Reform': Tax Panel Postpones Markup, Still Hopes to Report This Fall
September 7 - Beilenson Tries to Seize Political Initiative: House Democrats May Seek Further Budget Cuts
September 7 - Conference Report Under Attack: House Democrats to Get a Vote On Reducing Pentagon Budget
September 7 - Multibillion-Dollar Bailout Needed: Congress Girds for New Crisis As Farm Credit System Falters
September 7 - House Panel Task Force Looks for Farm Cuts
September 7 - $11.1 Billion Approved: Panel Nearly Doubles Request For Transportation Programs
September 7 - Approval of Genocide Treaty Expected Soon
September 7 - Northeast, Midwest Opposition: White House Plan to Sell Conrail Faces Senate Test, Possible Block
September 7 - Squaring Off Over Textile Import Restrictions
September 7 - Opponents of Textile Import Quotas ... ... Warn of Regional and National Fallout
September 7 - Frustration on the Footwear Front
September 7 - Conservatives Pressing to Reshape Judiciary
September 7 - Judicial Appointees
September 7 - Reagan Court of Appeals Appointments
September 7 - Illicit Narcotics Trade: Congress Strengthens Stance Against Drug Sources Abroad
September 7 - House Overwhelmingly Approves EDA, ARC
September 7 - House Passes Rail Safety Bill
September 7 - 'Comparable Worth' Ruling
September 7 - ASAT Test Postponed
September 7 - Rep. Chapman Sworn In
September 7 - Brief Filed in Voting Rights Case
September 7 - Hearing Set on Overtime Pay
September 7 - Kindness to Seek Glenn Senate Seat
September 7 - Support for Abortion Decision
September 14 - Fight Brewing in Senate Over Debt-Limit Hike
September 14 - Rule Helps House Avoid Debt-Limit Fight
September 14 - Would Be Effective Until Nov. 14: House Panel OKs Stopgap Funding Resolution
September 14 - Medicare, Veterans, Federal Pay Affected: House Committees Approve Deficit-Reduction Measures
September 14 - Members Seek the Initiative on 'Trade Fever'
September 14 - Reagan Takes Steps to Blunt Hill Drive
September 14 - Tax Bill Markup Schedule Seen as Ambitious
September 14 - Budget, Procurement Issues: House Accord May Clear Way For Vote on Defense Measure
September 14 - Reagan Averts a Confrontation on South Africa
September 14 - The Sanctions: What Congress Sought And What Reagan Has Decided to Do
September 14 - Reagan: No Ethiopia Trade Embargo
September 14 - Strong Opposition on Capitol Hill: Administration to Press for Mideast Arms Sales
September 14 - PAC Money, Honoraria Flow to Tax Writers
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB Budget Office Evolves Into Key Policy Maker
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB Controlling the Budget Process: Stockman Left as His Legacy Enhanced OMB Involvement
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB Policy and Regulatory Review: Growth in Legislative Role Sparks Concern in Congress
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB Budget Office Has Grown Since 1921
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB 'Toughest Kid' Miller Has Big Shoes to Fill
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB Reagan Gave OMB a Regulatory Veto But Decision is Being Tested in Court
September 14 - Debate Over Loans vs. Grants: Congress Faces Hard Choices Over Aid to College Students
September 14 - Student Aid Programs
September 14 - Who Is 'Typical' College Student?
September 14 - Democrats' Link With Gays Comes Under Fire
September 14 - Gay Rights and the Democrats: A History
September 14 - 1986 Election Calendar
September 14 - Reauthorization Would Cover Five Years: House Panel Votes Farm Bill With 'Protectionist' Provision
September 14 - Panel Deadlocked on Price Supports
September 14 - Provisions of House Farm Bill as Approved
September 14 - Text of Reagan's Sanctions Announcement -- Sept. 9, 1985
September 14 - $10.85 Billion Approved for Transportation
September 14 - Foes of New York's Westway Project Succeed in Blocking Federal Funding
September 14 - Immigration Bill Debated: Senate Rejects Controversial Alien Farm Worker Program
September 14 - Bill Banning Armor-Piercing Bullets Advances
September 14 - Malpractice Suits for Military
September 14 - Senate Panel OKs Bill on Nuclear Plant Security
September 14 - 'Court-Stripping' Charged: Senate Rejects Bill to Permit School Prayer
September 14 - Pressure Builds Up for 'Superfund' Extension
September 14 - California Members Angry Over Hodel Position: Dispute Develops Over Offshore Drilling Pact
September 14 - Members Amend Water Projects Bill
September 14 - Alaska Mining Road Bill Cleared
September 14 - Cultural Support and Pornography
September 14 - Reagan May Seek More Central America Aid
September 14 - Challenges to ASAT Test Rebuffed
September 14 - House Takes Up Bill on Child Nutrition Programs
September 14 - Hunt Will Not Seek Senate Seat in North Carolina
September 14 - Senate Panel Votes Food Stamp Program Changes
September 14 - Congress and the Country: House GOP Jittery About Midterm Elections
September 21 - Congress Presses Ahead on Trade Restraints
September 21 - Democrats See Political Gold in Trade Issue
September 21 - Japan, Other Nations Could Face Sanctions: Telecommunications Measure Gains in Senate
September 21 - Farm Worker Program May Be Problem: Senate Passes Immigration Bill; Action Moves to House
September 21 - Congress Moves to Protect Social Security
September 21 - Debt-Limit, Stopgap Funding Measures Advance
September 21 - Ways and Means Bill Blocked: Trouble Brewing as Congress Moves to Reduce Spending
September 21 - Extends Cigarette Tax, Cuts Medicare: Panel Adds Tobacco Supports To Deficit-Reduction Package
September 21 - Tobacco Lobby Still Has Allies on Hill But Its Influence Is Slowly Burning Out
September 21 - Members Cut Student Loan Spending
September 21 - Cuts Spending in Deficit-Reduction Actions: House Panel Deletes Synfuels Program Funds
September 21 - States Win Share of Drilling Revenues
September 21 - House Democrats Initiate Plan: Housing Bills May Be Added To Reconciliation Measures
September 21 - Doubts Growing Over Prospects for Tax Bill
September 21 - Treasury Says Tax Cut Aided Economy
September 21 - Prospects for Key Issues During Tax Markup
September 21 - Prospects Seen Brightening for Senate TV
September 21 - Lingering Illness Forces Retirement: Scuffle for Senate Under Way As North Carolina's East Exits
September 21 - Administration Raises Objections: House Approves Bill to Police Government Securities Firms
September 21 - FTC Authorization Approved
September 21 - U.S. Workers Say New Policy Threatens Jobs
September 21 - Text of Reagan's Press Conference -- Sept. 17, 1985
September 21 - House Panel Cuts Military Construction by 19%
September 21 - Philippine Unrest Prompts Warning on Bases
September 21 - Strengthening Chairman's Role: House Panel Backs Compromise On Joint Chiefs System Changes
September 21 - Summit, Appropriations Forums Space Weapons Programs: New Fights Ahead
September 21 - GOP Efforts to Cut Rejected: House Approves $121 Million Hike for Child Food Programs
September 21 - Senate Agriculture Panel Approves Food Stamp Savings
September 21 - Senate Amends $7.5 Billion 'Superfund' Bill
September 21 - House Begins Floor Debate: Senate Panel OKs Farm Bill But Floor Fight Anticipated
September 21 - Administration Insisting on Sales: Friends of Israel on Hill Seek Compromise on Jordan Arms
September 21 - Protest Over Machel Visit
September 21 - The Rev. Weir Is Released
September 21 - Agriculture Funding Bill OK'd by Senate Panel
September 21 - Labor-HHS Funding Bill Advances in Senate Panel
September 21 - Omnibus Water Bill Approved by Ways and Means
September 21 - Panel OKs Pacts on Low-Level Nuclear Waste
September 21 - Senate Subcommittee OKs Interior Funding Bill
September 21 - Amtrak Subsidies Approved By House
September 21 - Earthquake Hazard, Fire Control Bills Cleared
September 21 - Ethics Panel to Investigate Daniel
September 21 - House Clears State Highway Funds
September 21 - House Committee OKs Attorneys' Fee Bill
September 21 - New York Scrubs Westway Highway Project
September 28 - New Doubts, Reagan Plan Slow Trade Bill Push
September 28 - International Efforts to Weaken Dollar Receive Mixed Reviews on Capitol Hill
September 28 - Panel Begins Review of Compromise Tax Plan
September 28 - Change in Tax Liability by Income Class (chart)
September 28 - Congress Makes Uneven Progress on Deficit
September 28 - Panel Trims Student Loan Spending
September 28 - Senate Panel Freezes Federal Wages
September 28 - Senate Panel's Deficit-Reduction Plan: Means Test Voted for Veterans' Health Care
September 28 - Budget Suggestion Rejected: Coast Guard User Fees Nixed By House, Senate Committees
September 28 - Senate Highway Cuts Exceed Budget
September 28 - Committee Boosts State Oil Revenue
September 28 - Rejects Effort to Kill Synfuels Program: Energy Panel Divides Offshore Drilling Funds
September 28 - Administration Loses Key Votes: House Rejects Subsidy Cuts For Dairy, Sugar Programs
September 28 - Farm Aid Concert Publicity Extolled: Farm Belt Republicans Courted To Pass Senate Agriculture Bill
September 28 - Farm Bill Provisions as OK'd by Senate Panel
September 28 - DOT to Make Decision: Automakers Facing Penalties Seek Lower Gas Mileage Goal
September 28 - Reagan Nurtures His Adopted Party to Strength
September 28 - Image Builder, Not Coattail Lender
September 28 - Rejects Victim Assistance Program: Senate Approves $7.5 Billion For Hazardous-Waste Cleanup
September 28 - Administration Still Pressing for Change: Politically Sensitive Cases Top Supreme Court Agenda
September 28 - Supreme Court Tackles Line-Drawing Issue: Judgment on Gerrymanders Expected From Indiana Case
September 28 - As Some Justices Seek Equal Districts Others Dispute 'Pursuit of Precision'
September 28 - China to Get U.S. Arms, Nuclear Power Supplies
September 28 - China Is Target of Population Program Cut
September 28 - More Money Needed, Panel Says: Plans Under Way to Celebrate Bicentennial of Constitution
September 28 - Congress Bicentennial Events Set
September 28 - Senate Goes for the Roses; Thornier Path Seen in House
September 28 - Text of President Reagan's Sept. 23 Remarks on Trade
September 28 - Admission of 70,000 Refugees Proposed
September 28 - Civil Rights Bill Remains Stalled
September 28 - Funds for Clean Coal Program: Senate Panel OKs $8.1 Billion For Interior, Related Agencies
September 28 - Senate Clears Stopgap Funding Bill
September 28 - Commodity Credit Corp. Given Indefinite Appropriation: Senate Panel OKs $28.1 Billion Farm Money Bill
September 28 - 2 Percent Cut Voted: Senate Passes $12.9 Billion Treasury/Postal Funding Bill
September 28 - Commerce/Justice/State Funds Voted
September 28 - Rejects Attempt to Block Court Decision: House Panel OKs $105 Billion For Labor-HHS Spending Bill
September 28 - Democrats Eye Pickup in Maryland: Ranks of GOP Moderates Thin As Mathias Leaves Senate Seat
September 28 - Reagan Confers With Soviet Official on Arms
September 28 - Miller Nomination Floor Vote Expected Soon
September 28 - Reagan: Cooling Fires on South Africa
September 28 - Reagan: Warming Up for Fight on Jordan Arms
September 28 - Intelligence Bill Approved
September 28 - Micronesia Bill Stalled
September 28 - Senate Panel Votes $10.5 Billion for Transportation
September 28 - 'Flexitime' Authority Extended One Month
September 28 - GOP Rep. McKernan Seeks Maine Governorship
September 28 - Reagan Requests More Anti-Terrorism Funding
September 28 - Sanford Out, Broyhill In N.C. Senate Race
September 28 - Senate Passes NSF Bill
September 28 - Democrats Learn to Woo Business Support

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