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March 2 - Tied to Africa Famine Relief: House, Senate OK Credit Bills, But President Threatens Veto
March 2 - South Dakotans Learn About Lobbying And Teach a Few Things on Capitol Hill
March 2 - Threat of Vetoes: Emergency Africa Assistance Faces a New Round of Delays
March 2 - Key Players: Chiles, Aspin Upcoming Arms Control Talks Used as Backdrop in MX Fight
March 2 - Uncertain Senate GOP Sets Budget Sessions
March 2 - House Members Reject Conference: Senate, House Pass Different Interstate Highway Measures
March 2 - Boston Project Remains a Sticking Point
March 2 - Reception of Committee Chairmen Cool: Study Renews Efforts to Hike 55 mph Limit
March 2 - Waited 13 Months: Meese Is Confirmed by Senate In an Unusual Saturday Session
March 2 - Essential Freshman Task: Staffing New Offices
March 2 - Setting Up a Congressional Shop Back Home
March 2 - The Long Goodbye Sets Off Louisiana Scramble
March 2 - Not Everyone Approves of Senator's Flight: After Four-Year Wait, Garn Will Fly in Shuttle
March 2 - Program Targeted for Budget Cuts: 39,000 Local Officials Await Decision on Revenue Sharing
March 2 - Seeks a 'Market-Oriented' Policy: Administration's Farm Bill Aims To Reverse Course Set in 1930s
March 2 - Rostenkowski Makes Pitch for Tax Overhaul
March 2 - Round Three for 'Imputed Interest': Complicated Real Estate Taxes Likely to Confound Hill Again
March 2 - A Victim of Economic Recovery? Expiration of Extra Jobless Aid Sparks Debate on Alternatives
March 2 - House OKs Whistleblower Awards
March 2 - Members, Union Chiefs Blast Pay-Cut Plan
March 2 - Text of Presidential Press Conference -- Feb. 21, 1985
March 2 - Senate Committee Approves 'Superfund' Bill
March 2 - Pentagon Program Could Face New Controls
March 2 - Ruling a Victory for Reagan, Chemical Industry: EPA Allowed to Grant Waivers From Clean Water Act Rules
March 2 - Arms Negotiators
March 2 - Committee Ratios
March 2 - McIntyre Suit
March 2 - More Heat on Nicaragua
March 2 - American Conservation Corps
March 2 - Auto Quotas
March 2 - Edwards Indictment
March 2 - Export Controls
March 2 - The Special Prosecutor as Special Protector
March 9 - The 'Promised Land' Slipping From View? Senate Budget Cuts Defense, Balks At Domestic Reductions
March 9 - Road to Defense Cuts: Familiar, But Rockier
March 9 - Senate Debate Bogs Down: Stalled Africa Aid Bills Prompt Executive Steps to Free Funds
March 9 - Administration Shifts Stance: Approval of Genocide Treaty Urged, But With Reservation
March 9 - El Salvador Sanctions
March 9 - Helsinki Commission
March 9 - Russians in Washington
March 9 - Ties Aid to Economic Reforms: Shultz Resists Members' Push To Speed Up Extra Israeli Aid
March 9 - U.S.-Israel Trade Pact Progresses
March 9 - President Vetoes Farm Credit, Africa Aid Bill
March 9 - Senate Clears Bill Freeing States' Road Funds
March 9 - Votes Later in March: Reagan Appears to be Gaining In Congressional MX Support
March 9 - U.S. Negotiators Head for Geneva
March 9 - Capitol Hill Taking a New Look at Apartheid
March 9 - Blow to South Africa? Sanctions: From the Symbolic to the Economic
March 9 - Despite South African Apartheid Policy Americans Continue to Go for the Gold
March 9 - Tax Overhaul: The Crucial Lobby Fight of 1985
March 9 - Decision Trims Miranda Rule on Statements
March 9 - Communication Is the Key: Democrats Gain Camaraderie But No Consensus on Message
March 9 - Officials Seek Moderation in Party's Image
March 9 - 45 Democratic Districts Targeted
March 9 - Republicans Announce Election Drive
March 9 - Benefits From Husband's Legacy: Cathy Long Seen as Favorite To Win Louisiana 8th Seat
March 9 - Energy and Commerce Republicans Stay on 'Strike'
March 9 - House Floor Scuffle
March 9 - House GOP Again Fails to Seat Indiana Republican
March 9 - Select Committees Kept
March 9 - GAO's Authority Over Agencies Questioned: Administration, Hill Snarled In Constitutional Confrontation
March 9 - President Vetoes Farm Credit/Africa Aid Bill
March 9 - Reagan's Statement on Veto
March 9 - Conrail Sale
March 9 - Garn Space Flight
March 9 - GI Bill
March 9 - Senate Committee Members Named
March 9 - Statue of Liberty Coins
March 9 - U.S.-Canada Salmon Treaty
March 9 - Unemployment Rate Dips
March 9 - House Democrats Help Breed GOP Rebels
March 16 - Budget Plan Highlights
March 16 - Senate Panel's Party-Line Vote OKs Budget
March 16 - Report From Financial Forecasters: No Vote of Confidence
March 16 - The Defense Budget: Past Blueprints for Cuts
March 16 - Rudman: Cutting Payroll to Save the Buildup
March 16 - Congress Again Faces Nuclear Waste Crisis
March 16 - High-Level Waste Seeks a Permanent Home
March 16 - Low-Level Waste Buried in Trenches
March 16 - Would Reverse Court School Ruling: Bills Launched to Let Parents Of Disabled Win Legal Fees
March 16 - More Funding Urged for Vaccine Research
March 16 - Reagan Seeking Phase-out: Clean Water Debate to Focus On Sewage Grant Program
March 16 - Other Cases Focus on Handicapped: Supreme Court to Scrutinize A Citizen's Right of Petition
March 16 - 'Excludable' Aliens: Have They Any Rights?
March 16 - Hill Awaits Reagan Details on Egypt, Israel Aid
March 16 - 'Increasingly Skeptical' About Value: Obey: Reagan's Aid Priorities Spur Doubts About Program
March 16 - Echoes of Iran, Nicaragua: Congress to Renew Fight on Aid to Philippines
March 16 - Conservatives Press South Africa
March 16 - Reagan Seeks Summit
March 16 - Congress Seeks to Step Up Pressure on Japan
March 16 - Price Is a Two-Thirds Cut: Major Ex-Im Lending Program Revived by Senate Committee
March 16 - Budget Panel Votes to Stop Filling Oil Reserve
March 16 - Comptroller's Office Criticized
March 16 - House Committee OKs Fisheries Bills
March 16 - Senate to Vote on MX; Some Seek Farm-Credit Link
March 16 - Court Ruling Inconclusive on Contracting Law
March 16 - Donovan Resigns; Must Stand Trial in New York
March 16 - GAO Team to Do Recount in Indiana's 8th District
March 16 - Proposals for Housing Cuts Denounced
March 16 - Reagan Names Babson, Johansen to NLRB
March 23 - Senate Hands Reagan Victory on MX Missile
March 23 - Reagan Gets the Credit for MX Success As He Out-Communicated Opponents
March 23 - The 'Undecideds': The Path to an 'Aye' Vote
March 23 - The Committees: How They Voted on MX
March 23 - The '86 Budget: A New Round of Dealing
March 23 - Senate GOP Budget Plan Spreads Uneasiness
March 23 - Senate Budget Committee - FY 1986 Plan
March 23 - Major Provisions of the Senate Budget Committee Plan for Fiscal Year 1986
March 23 - Social Security, Defense at Issue: Shape of '86 Budget Proposal Still To Emerge in the House
March 23 - Reaction to Reagan Plan: House Panels Offer Budget, Deficit-Cut Ideas
March 23 - Democrats, Elderly Will Oppose: Bid to Rein In Social Security Faces Senate Floor Challenge
March 23 - Rules on Draft Protest, Public Employee Rights: Court Strikes Down Limits On Independent PAC Outlays
March 23 - Splits in Style, Substance: Deep Divisions Loom Behind House GOP's Apparent Unity
March 23 - GOP Publicity Ploy May Put Legislative Program at Risk
March 23 - States Appeal to Congress for AFDC Changes
March 23 - Fight Looms Over Colorado River Threat: Congress Takes Up Renewal Of Endangered Species Act
March 23 - Subcommittees Mark Up Programs: House Panel Opens the Door To Aiding Cambodian Rebels
March 23 - Reagan Waives Curb on Salvador Aid
March 23 - Administration Attitude Unclear: One Africa Aid Bill Clears; Funding Measure Lags Behind
March 23 - Argentine's Warning
March 23 - Congress Clears Bill Revising Helsinki Panel
March 23 - New Rebukes to Chile
March 23 - Brock Selected to Replace Donovan at Labor
March 23 - House Panel Agrees on Export Act Renewal Bill
March 23 - Israel Trade Pact Progresses on Hill
March 23 - Bills Would Close Bureaucrats' Revolving Door
March 23 - Committee Faults Paradyne Contract
March 23 - Energy Department Authorization Starts Moving
March 23 - House Energy Subcommittee Ratios Set
March 23 - One Fish Research Bill Passed, Another Rejected
March 23 - Reagan Opposes Extending Extra Jobless Benefits
March 23 - Defense Authorization Markups Beginning
March 23 - FEC Sues Two PACs Linked to Sen. Helms
March 23 - Maritime Authorization Approved
March 23 - Reagan Scrubs Plans for Department of Trade
March 23 - Supplemental Funding for ICC Approved
March 23 - Ways and Means Hearings on Tax Simplification
March 30 - House Gives President the Go-Ahead on MX
March 30 - To Les Aspin, MX Victory Brings Some Pain
March 30 - Switches and New Faces: Advantage, Reagan
March 30 - House Freshmen Play a Minor Role But Have Their Say on a Major Issue
March 30 - Democrats Unveil Long-Term MX Plan
March 30 - Sidestepping Most Controversies: Senate Panel, Moving Quickly, Marks Up $12.8 Billion Aid Bill
March 30 - Conferees Agree on Food Aid for Africa
March 30 - Panel Votes South Africa Sanctions
March 30 - On Contras, the Panel Agreed ...?
March 30 - Unemployment Aid Extension Pressed on Hill
March 30 - Democrats Oppose Raising Costs to Patients: Medicare Eyed for More Cuts As Congress Seeks Savings
March 30 - Medicare: The Promise and the Reality
March 30 - Unity of Lobby Groups Likely to Shatter As Congress Looks for Medicare Cuts
March 30 - Members Seek Permanent Aid for Homeless
March 30 - Bipartisan Bills on Homeless Offered in Both Chambers
March 30 - Despite 1984 Cuts, Reforms: Embattled Synfuels Program On the Budget-Cutting Block
March 30 - Synfuels: More Energy Than in the Mideast But Costs Soar, and Management Stumbles
March 30 - Small Business Panel Acts to Protect Agency
March 30 - GAO Bid Protest
March 30 - GI Bill
March 30 - Presidential Libraries
March 30 - Court to Rule on Legality of Gerrymandering
March 30 - Powell's Return Eases Court Problems
March 30 - Text of March 21 Presidential News Conference
March 30 - House Votes Increase in Committee Funding
March 30 - Dispute Likely Over Groundwater Protection: Congress Seeks to Tighten 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act
March 30 - Some in Chemical Industry Endorse Regulation: Bills on Toxic Pollutants Picking Up Support
March 30 - While Awaiting Reagan Plan: Tax Overhaulers' Next Chore Is Generating Public Support
March 30 - Prognosis Good for Medicare Fund
March 30 - Meetings, 'Hard Choices' Continue: Much Talk, Little Action on Fiscal 1986 Budget
March 30 - Fiscal 1986 'Views and Estimates': Reports Filed With House Budget Committee
March 30 - Potential Delay for Sale: Antitrust Chief Removes Self From Conrail Negotiations
March 30 - Senate Panel Backs Israel Trade Pact
March 30 - Senate Urges U.S. Retaliation Against Japan
March 30 - Defense Authorization Markups to Continue
March 30 - Increase Proposed for Science Foundation Budget
March 30 - Index of Economic Indicators Up in February
March 30 - Sen. D'Amato to Chair Helsinki Commission
March 30 - Hearings Set on Textile Import Restraints
March 30 - House Committee Reports FEC Authorization
March 30 - Reagan Extends Controls on High-Tech Exports
March 30 - Sanctuary Workers Sentenced
March 30 - Senate Extends Biomass Program Eligibility

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