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February 2 - Deficit Reductions: The Search Continues
February 2 - Schedule Uncertain for Tax Reform
February 2 - Record-Keeping Requirement Sparks Action: Congress Reacts Quickly to Taxpayer Outcry
February 2 - Panel Cuts Spending, Approves Highway Bills
February 2 - Conrail Sale Developments
February 2 - 1st Freshman Test: The Right Committee Seat
February 2 - Texas' GOP Freshmen Win Choice Seats
February 2 - House Democratic Caucus Meeting: Democrats Plan Video Attack; Vote to Elect Their Party Whip
February 2 - Senators Still Not Assigned: House Completes Most Committee Assignments
February 2 - Bills Awaiting Action by Committees
February 2 - Exclusive, Major and Non-major Committee Designations
February 2 - The Test for the Coalition-Builder: New House Budget Chief Gray Weighs Local, National Claims
February 2 - Chairmen's Views Remain Divided: Banking Deregulation Issues Await Action; Hurdles Remain
February 2 - Battles Loom Over Old, New Retirement Plans: Administration Budget-Cutters See Big Savings In Reducing Civil Service Pension Benefits
February 2 - Funding Cutoff Proposed: Hill Supporters Seek Ways To Shield Rural Housing Aid
February 2 - 'Consensus' on Foreign Policy Proves Elusive
February 2 - Arms Sales to Arabs Weighed: Administration Begins Drive For Boosts in Middle East Aid
February 2 - Baker Confirmed as Treasury Secretary
February 2 - Party-Line Decision Likely: Panel Set to Vote on Meese After Querying Ethical Fitness
February 2 - Meese Claim Spotlights Attorneys' Fees
February 2 - Bennett Confirmation Hearing: Reagan Agrees to Drop Effort to Dismantle Department of Education
February 2 - Senate Confirmation Hearings: Hodel, Herrington Play Down Energy-Interior Merger Idea
February 2 - Democrats Elect Kirk as National Chairman
February 2 - Arms Control Negotiator Nominations
February 2 - Federal Land Swap
February 2 - Kirkpatrick Exits U.N.
February 2 - Social Security Legislation
February 2 - Coungress and the Country House Politics: Reliving the Good Old Days
February 9 - How Much for Defense? The Fiscal 1986 Reagan Budget: The Realities of Deficit-Cutting
February 9 - Slow Deficit Reduction Forecast: FY '86 Budget Projects Small Rise in Spending
February 9 - The Reagan Budget-Cutting Program
February 9 - The Budget: Mastering the Language
February 9 - Administration Forecast: Economic Optimism Tied to Steady Growth
February 9 - Reagan Administration Economic Assumptions
February 9 - Higher Fees for VA Mortgages Sought: VA Budget Asks 'Means Test' For Access to Medical Care
February 9 - Stockman Flays 'Scandal' of Military Pensions
February 9 - Fights Likely on MX, Space Weaponry: Pentagon Asks $313.7 Billion for Defense Buildup
February 9 - To Develop Exotic Space Arms, $3.7 Billion
February 9 - Consensus on the 3 Percent Solution?
February 9 - Boost in Arms Assistance: Foreign Aid Programs Escape Deep Cuts by Administration
February 9 - Proposals on Hill Offer Differing Views Of How Much Food Aid Africans Need
February 9 - Elimination of Ex-Im Loans Proposed
February 9 - FY '86 Funding Assured: Future Payments to Development Banks Put Off
February 9 - $15.5 Billion for Education Proposed: Reagan Calls for Major Cuts In Student Loans and Grants
February 9 - But Welfare Programs Largely Spared: Reagan Again Seeks to Curb Medicare, Medicaid Growth
February 9 - New Strings Attached to Food Aid
February 9 - Farmers Would Pay for Some Services: Budget Seeks Big Reductions In Fiscal 1986 Farm Spending
February 9 - User Fees Proposed: Reagan Budget Avoids Taxes As Solution to Spending Gap
February 9 - Departure From Tradition, Law: Reagan Wants 10% Cut in Legislative Budget
February 9 - Budget Drops SBA Loans, Mail Subsidy
February 9 - Congressional Opposition Is Swift: Pay, Pension Cuts Proposed for Federal Workers
February 9 - Other Justice-Related Spending Up Slightly: Law Enforcement Spending Remains Level
February 9 - HUD Fiscal 1986 Funding Cut Sharply: Reagan Proposes Two-Year Housing Freeze
February 9 - Local Aid Programs Dropped or Cut
February 9 - Defense Up; Other Agencies Down: Increase Sought in Federal Research Spending
February 9 - Nuclear Weapons Dominate Spending: Non-Defense Energy Programs Face Deep Budget Reductions
February 9 - Emphasis on Hazardous-Waste Control: Reagan Boosts EPA Funding, Slashes Interior Spending
February 9 - Space Station's Launch Pushed Back: NASA Budget Up, But Some Programs Cut
February 9 - Job Corps on the Block: Labor Budget Seeks Trimmed Employment Aid
February 9 - $24.7 Billion Proposed: DOT Budget Drops Amtrak, Slashes Mass Transit Funding
February 9 - Fiscal 1986 Budget by Function: $973.7 Billion in Expenditures, $1.06 Trillion in Spending Authority
February 9 - Budget Authority and Outlays by Agency
February 9 - President's Budget Message to Congress -- Feb. 4, 1985
February 9 - Sent to Congress Feb. 5: Reagan's Economic Report To the Congress of the United States:
February 9 - A Call for a 'Second American Revolution': President Reagan's State of the Union Address -- Feb. 6, 1985
February 9 - Bennett OK'd as Education Secretary
February 9 - Panel Sends Meese Nomination to Full Senate
February 9 - But Some Fret About OMB Influence: Thomas Confirmed by Senate as EPA Chief
February 9 - Senate Confirms Hodel, Herrington
February 9 - Familiar Themes, Programs: President Scores for Oratory, But Skepticism Remains on Hill
February 9 - Democratic Response Aimed at Party Defectors
February 9 - Highlights of President Reagan's Feb. 6 State of the Union address
February 9 - Friedersdorf Returns as White House Lobbyist
February 9 - States Fueling Budget Amendment Drive
February 9 - Emergency Farm Credit Plans Pushed on Hill
February 9 - House Democrats Expand Leadership: Wright Claims Speaker's Job; Race On for Majority Leader
February 9 - House Again Refuses to Seat McIntyre
February 9 - House Committees Organize; Senate Panels Do Not
February 16 - Tax Hikes, Service Reductions Likely: Cities, States Say Cuts in Aid Will Create an Unfair Burden
February 16 - Major Reductions in Grants to States, Cities
February 16 - Administration Would Drop Federal Funds: Amtrak Survival Without Subsidies Debated
February 16 - Armed Services Panel: Goldwater in the Cockpit
February 16 - Members Await Details of Tax Code Revision
February 16 - Members of Tax-Writing Committees Reap PAC Money
February 16 - Following the State Example: Taxpayer Amnesty Promoted To Collect Lost Federal Funds
February 16 - State Tax Amnesty Programs (chart)
February 16 - Action Called Political Retaliation: Union Chiefs May Be Punished For Supporting Mondale in '84
February 16 - Long's Widow Favored
February 16 - McIntyre Sues Democrats Over Contested Seat
February 16 - Two Seek Governorships
February 16 - Arguments Set for Feb. 19: Local Zoning Powers at Stake In Case Before High Court
February 16 - Court Ready to Hear Second Creche Case
February 16 - Members of the 99th Congress, First Session Governors, Supreme Court, Cabinet-rank Officers
February 16 - Congress Faces Renewed Debate on Middle East
February 16 - New Report Card on Human Rights
February 16 - State Reviews Helms' Objections: Nicaragua Issue Could Cloud Outlook for Genocide Treaty
February 16 - 'Military Solution to the Civil War': Reagan Misled Hill on El Salvador, Report Says
February 16 - Korean Fracas: Political Repercussions
February 16 - A Subsidy for Businesses: Reagan Cut in Ex-Im Program Stirs Hill, Industry Opposition
February 16 - Subsidized Competitors Keep Pressure On
February 16 - Conference Accords My be Revived: Pressure Builds to Renew Export Controls Law
February 16 - A Vehicle for South Africa Sanctions?
February 16 - Norfolk Southern Chosen for Experience: Members Vow Critical Review Of DOT's Pick to Buy Conrail
February 16 - Money Sought for New Detention Center: Administration Presses Policy Of Incarcerating Illegal Aliens
February 16 - Special Entry Status Urged for Salvadorans
February 16 - Cultural Agencies Slated for Budget Cuts
February 16 - Public Broadcast Reductions Sought
February 16 - Africa Food Aid/Farm Credit
February 16 - American Conservation Corps
February 16 - U.S.-Israel Trade
February 16 - Walters Named to U.N. Post
February 23 - Farm Credit Filibuster Deadlocks Senate
February 23 - Faced With His First Stalemate in Senate Dole Has Little More Success Than Baker
February 23 - Congress Moves to Send More Aid to Africa
February 23 - Push for 'Contra' Funding: Reagan Seeks Hill's Help in Ousting Sandinistas
February 23 - Thatcher on Hill: Support for Reagan
February 23 - Shultz Hears Complaints: Members Cool to Foreign Aid In Time of Domestic Cutbacks
February 23 - Senate GOP Laboring to Salvage Budget Pace
February 23 - Can They Improve Their Fiscal Reputation? Wary, Split House Democrats Seek an FY '86 Budget Strategy
February 23 - 'Minor' Panels Not Completed: Senate Cuts Committee Slots; Members Assigned to Panels
February 23 - Hill Might Cut Student Aid Through Lenders
February 23 - Is Too Much Sold Below Cost? Congress Starting to Review Federal Policy on Timber Sales
February 23 - Hill May Agree to Cut Oil Reserve Spending
February 23 - Hill Set to Pressure Japanese on Auto Imports
February 23 - 1976 Decision Overturned: Court Adds to Congress' Clout; Limits States' Access to Courts
February 23 - Court to Hear Equal Access, Environmental Cases
February 23 - Impact of Competition on INTELSAT Studied
February 23 - Administration Proposes Water Projects
February 23 - Monetary Affairs Report
February 23 - Sprinkel Named CEA Chairman
February 23 - Contested Election
February 23 - Hazardous Chemicals
February 23 - Lifting the 55 mph Speed Limit
February 23 - New Cabinet-Level Departments?
February 23 - Whitehurst Retirement

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