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December 1 - Pressuring the President: Legislators Offer Conditions For '85 Budget-Cutting Effort
December 1 - More Concern for Deficit Reduction on Hill: Treasury Tax Overhaul Excites Little Interest
December 1 - Treasury Plan Cuts Real Estate Tax Benefits
December 1 - Senate Republicans Choose Officers: Dole Elected Majority Leader; Simpson Wins GOP Whip Job
December 1 - GOP Overhauls Its Senate Leadership Names a New Team to Work With Dole
December 1 - Changing Times Make Senate Hard to Lead
December 1 - Finance, Foreign Relations, Commerce: Majority Leader Vote Fallout Affects Three Senate Panels
December 1 - Profile, Key Votes, Voting Studies: Dole Combines Legislative Skill With Quick Wit
December 1 - Robert Dole's Support From His Colleagues
December 1 - Sen. Robert Dole: Profile, CQ Voting Studies and Interest Group Ratings
December 1 - The Obey Overhaul: House Democrats to Consider Restructured Budget Process
December 1 - Drops Proposal for Filibuster Rule Change: Panel Proposes Senate Committee Changes
December 1 - Departure Could Affect Legislative Outlook: Ruckelshaus Leaving EPA; Concern Voiced in Congress
December 1 - African Drought Poses Major Aid Challenge
December 1 - U.S. Emergency Aid for Africa
December 1 - Hunger in Africa: Food Shortages in the Sub-Sahara
December 1 - In Ethiopia, Logistics Complicate Relief
December 1 - Added $2 Billion May Be Needed: Aid Boosts Seen as Not Enough to Help Africa
December 1 - Chink in Congressional Immunity: Bias Suit Against Rep. Jones Reinstated by Supreme Court
December 1 - House Hearings Planned on 55 mph Speed Limit
December 1 - Members Demonstrate Against South Africa
December 1 - Reagan Again Makes Recess LSC Appointments
December 1 - Stenholm Reconsiders Challenge to O'Neill
December 1 - Two Contests Settled, Recount Asked in Third
December 8 - House Rules Changes Proposed: Democratic and GOP Leaders Named for the 99th Congress
December 8 - House Budget Panel Chair Up for Grabs
December 8 - Junior Democrats Gain a Louder Voice Leadership Panels Will Serve as Forum
December 8 - Gephardt Helps Democrats Reshape Image
December 8 - Appropriations, Ways and Means: Key Money Committee Slots Filled By House Republicans
December 8 - First Challenge in Eight Years: Chiles Battles Byrd for Senate Minority Leader
December 8 - Simpson to Give Up Veterans' Post
December 8 - House Democratic, Republican Freshmen Elect Leaders
December 8 - Violations Termed Technical: Committee Charges Ferraro Broke Ethics Law
December 8 - In Line for Armed Services Panel: Goldwater Adds Voice to Call For Defense Budget Austerity
December 8 - Nitze named Adviser on Arms Talks
December 8 - Reagan's Budget Plan Subject to Hill Revision
December 8 - Success in the States: National Lottery Is Long Shot For Reducing Federal Deficit
December 8 - Federal Detention Challenged: Court to Decide Rights Case Filed by Haitian 'Boat People'
December 8 - Congress to Face Product Liability Bill in 1985
December 8 - Product Liability Bill Involves Arcane Legal Terms
December 8 - South Africa Warned of Sanctions: Conservatives in Congress Join In Campaign Against Apartheid
December 8 - Africa to Get Another Boost in Aid
December 8 - Unintentional Violation Seen: House Panel Echoes CIA on Probe of Manual
December 8 - Vacancies, New Judgeships Help: Reagan Seen Gaining Control Of Entire Federal Judiciary
December 8 - Most Still Come From Vietnam: Refugee Entries Up in 1984; Same Level Expected in 1985
December 15 - Senate Democrats Re-Elect Byrd as Leader
December 15 - Byrd: Collecting Chits and Calling Them In
December 15 - Deficit-Cutters Weigh Military Reductions
December 15 - Hill Opposition Fades: FCC Is Expected to Approve Revised Phone Access Charge
December 15 - FCC, Members Agree on TV Rule
December 15 - Issues of Environment and Regulation: Congress to Consider Impact, Problems of Gene Engineering
December 15 - Slow Move From Laboratory to Market
December 15 - Major Recipients of Aid: Capitol Hill Provides a Forum For Turkish-Greek Differences
December 15 - Greece, Turkey Share a Mutual Rivalry And a Military Significance for U.S.
December 15 - From Press Releases to Personal Pressure: Countries Turn to Professionals for Lobbying
December 15 - African Food Aid
December 15 - Planned Parenthood Cutoff
December 15 - Public Protests Spread: Reagan Makes Rare Denunciation of Apartheid
December 15 - Sale of Public Housing to Tenants Proposed
December 15 - Reagan Considers Trade, Science Departments
December 15 - Reagan Holds Q and A Session With the Press: Dec. 7, 1984
December 15 - EPA, Ruckelshaus Held in Contempt of Court
December 15 - One House Contest Settled; Three Still Disputed
December 15 - Social Security Disability Benefits
December 15 - Vaccine Shortage May Prompt Legislation
December 15 - Veterans and Attorneys' Fees
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda Deficit-Cutting May Dominate 99th Congress
December 22 - Tentative 1985 Congressional Recess Schedule
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda AGRICULTURE
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda BUDGET/ECONOMIC AFFAIRS
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda BANKING/COMMERCE
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda DEFENSE
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda EDUCATION
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda ENERGY
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda ENVIRONMENT
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda FOREIGN POLICY
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda GENERAL GOVERNMENT
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda HEALTH/WELFARE
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda HOUSING/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda INSIDE CONGRESS
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda LABOR
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda LAW/JUDICIARY
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda TRADE
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda TRANSPORTATION
December 22 - Today's House Freshmen: Getting Started Quickly
December 22 - New Members' Spouses Also Get Washington Orientation
December 22 - 'More Forceful' Chairman Needed, Members Say: Price Faces Challenge for Armed Services Job
December 22 - Lawmakers Skeptical of Reagan Defense Cuts
December 22 - Concern in Congress: Looming Vaccine Shortage Blamed on Threat of Lawsuits
December 22 - Bhopal Tragedy Prompts Scrutiny by Congress
December 22 - Reagan's Choice for Attorney General: Debate on Meese Nomination Will Center on Ethics Issues
December 22 - More Prevalent and Specialized: From Television to Potholders, Consultants Leave Their Mark On 1984 Congressional Races
December 22 - FCC Revises Rule on Station Ownership
December 22 - Frost Will Not Seek Budget Chairmanship
December 22 - Sites Weighed for Nuclear Waste Repository
December 22 - Telephone Access Charge Set
December 22 - United States Withdrawing From UNESCO
December 29 - Reagan, Hill Weigh Huge Boost in Aid to Israel
December 29 - U.S., Israel Move Toward Free Trade Pact
December 29 - Beyond the Aid, an Array of Special Breaks
December 29 - House May Decide Who Represents Indiana 8th
December 29 - Organized Labor Braces for 'Four More Years'
December 29 - Budget, Tax Plans Arouse Lobby Community
December 29 - Three Other First Amendment Cases Ready: High Court to Hear Arguments In Case Involving Gay Rights
December 29 - Congress and the Country: Restless Democrats Chafe at Party's Image

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