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August 4 - Senate Democrats Block Appropriations Bills
August 4 - House Passes FY '84 Bill: Supplemental Showdown Set Over Central America Money
August 4 - Transportation Bill Stalled
August 4 - House Approves $96.1 Billion Labor-HHS Bill
August 4 - Senate Committee Acts Also: House Votes Synfuels Cut, Passes Interior Funding Bill
August 4 - Accord on Commerce, Justice, State Funds
August 4 - Military Construction: Senate Panel Moves to Soften Cutbacks for Overseas Allies
August 4 - On MX Missile, the Jockeying Continues
August 4 - Senate Leaders Give Up on Authorization Bill
August 4 - House Again Opposes 'Contra' Aid
August 4 - Calls From Reagan, 32 States: Congress Under New Pressure On Balanced Budget Measure
August 4 - Bill Bars Monetary Damages: Antitrust Relief for Cities Approved by House Judiciary
August 4 - New Delay on Wilkinson Nomination
August 4 - House Judiciary Committee Action: Measures to Ease Court Workload Approved
August 4 - Joint Ventures and Antitrust Law
August 4 - Record Rentals and Copyrights
August 4 - Sentencing, Bail Reform Still Stalled: Five Anti-Crime Measures Passed by House
August 4 - House Reprimands Idaho Rep. George Hansen
August 4 - Approved by 9-1 Margin: House-Passed Food Aid Bill Confronted by Senate Block
August 4 - Aimed at Settling Long-Term Debate: Generic Drug Bill Headed for House Floor
August 4 - House-Passed Omnibus Education Bill Authorizes $1.3 Billion in Fiscal 1985
August 4 - Pressure Mounts on Protectionist Trade Bills
August 4 - Potential 'Payment Shock' Ahead? Built-in Mortgage Rate Hikes Prompt New Review of ARMs
August 4 - House Committee Moves Against Fake Products
August 4 - Mortgage-Backed Securities Bill Approved
August 4 - Budget Item Opens a Window on Afghan War
August 4 - In Washington, 'Gucci Commandos' Press Demands for More Aid to Rebels
August 4 - Victory for Western States: Senate Clears Hoover Dam Bill Extending Cheap Power Rates
August 4 - Conservation Program Extended
August 4 - Senators Seeking Compromise: Study of Sex Discrimination In U.S. Jobs Bogs Down Bill
August 4 - Administration Strongly Opposed: House Votes to Let D.C. Mayor Name Judges
August 4 - Small Business
August 4 - Veterans' Job Preference
August 4 - Wick Calls Prompt Bills: Hill Looks at Ways to Enforce Ban of Secret Taping on Phone
August 4 - Burford Resigns Under Fire, Again
August 4 - Hazardous Waste Cleanup Program: Bill to Strengthen Superfund Ready for House Floor Action
August 4 - Senate Panel Nears Vote on Trade Measure
August 4 - Primary Outlook: Marriott, Owens Losing Leads In Utah Gubernatorial Races
August 4 - New Hampshire Primary Outlook: Republicans Eye Seat Left Open by D'Amours
August 4 - Oklahoma Primary Outlook: Keating Leads Cantrell for Spot Against Jones
August 4 - Looking to Dallas: Senate Republican Moderates Seek Voice in Party Platform
August 4 - Jackson Declines Contest
August 4 - Musselman Drops Out
August 4 - New Idaho Candidate
August 4 - Treen Bows Out
August 4 - Colorado Democrats
August 4 - Delaware Primary
August 4 - Johnson Matching Funds
August 4 - To Oppose Gore: Ashe Takes GOP Senate Primary in Tennessee
August 4 - House Veteran Dies at 71: Perkins' Death Sets Off Shifts In Committee Chairmanships
August 4 - A Revised 'Pension Equity' Bill Is Reported
August 4 - Panel Backs $2 Billion for Youth Jobs
August 4 - CIA and Freedom of Information
August 4 - House Banking Panel Revives Renegotiation Board
August 4 - House Panel Curbs Merger Tactics
August 4 - NRC Authorization Bill Amended
August 4 - D.C. Funding/Sakharov Plaza
August 4 - Lance Resigns as Mondale Campaign Chairman
August 4 - Senate Approves Child Support Agreement
August 4 - Subcommittee OKs Animal Drug Patent Bill
August 4 - Congress and the Country: Rhetoric of Amateurism From Political Pros
August 11 - Partisanship Dominated Short Summer Session
August 11 - Will Impasse Be Broken? Hill Leaders Agree to Summit To Set Defense Spending Cap
August 11 - Reagan Getting Central America Aid - for Now
August 11 - Administration Releases Gun-Running Data
August 11 - $9.13 Billion Authorization: With a Warning to NATO Allies, Military Construction Bill Clears
August 11 - Congress Approves Pension 'Equity' Measure
August 11 - Congress Clears Supplemental FY '84 Funding
August 11 - Controversial Programs Get the Nod: Funding for Commerce, Justice and State Clears
August 11 - Bearer Bonds Brouhaha: Senate Attaches Erosion Measure to Farm Bill
August 11 - Floor Action After Recess: Conference OKs $12.8 Billion For Treasury, Postal Service
August 11 - Turf Fight Threatens Transportation Money Bill
August 11 - Senate Panel Convenes Tax Revision Sessions
August 11 - The Free-Marketers' Favorite Vegetable: Can a Soy-Based Farm Policy Halt U.S. Agriculture's Slide?
August 11 - Administration Backs Idea: House Acts to Ban Big Trucks From Older Interstate Roads
August 11 - Cigarette, Toy Safety Bills Voted by House
August 11 - Election Projections
August 11 - ICC Nominees
August 11 - Congress Sends Reagan Child Support Measure
August 11 - House Votes Teacher Scholarships
August 11 - House Passes Older Americans Act
August 11 - Veterans' Education Bill Passed
August 11 - The Dallas Unity Show The GOP in 1984: Keeping the Family Together
August 11 - An Assortment of Ringmasters The Convention Officials: Running the Show
August 11 - Profiles of Delegation Leaders The Delegations: Reflecting the GOP Fault Lines
August 11 - Colorado Senate Race: Lucero Gains Ground
August 11 - Primary Results: Lousma Wins Bid to Face Michigan's Levin
August 11 - Wheat Renominated: Missouri's Rothman, Ashcroft Win Gubernatorial Primaries
August 11 - Primary Results: Meyers to Face Reardon in Kansas 3rd District
August 11 - Alaska Primary Outlook
August 11 - Crowded Washington Race
August 11 - Ohio Districts Set
August 11 - Perkins House Seat
August 11 - Boost for Small Businesses: Senate Votes Bill to Promote Competition Over Spare Parts
August 11 - Bill Would Require Guidelines: Judiciary Unit Moves to Curb Disparities in Prison Sentences
August 11 - Panel Backs 'Cop-Killer' Bullet Ban
August 11 - Money Laundering
August 11 - Municipal Antitrust Liability
August 11 - Nomination Process 'Fatally Tainted,' Kennedy Claims: After Cloture Vote, Wilkinson Is Confirmed
August 11 - Trademark Counterfeiting
August 11 - Landmark Changes in Federal Law: Senate OKs Generic Drug Bill After Reaching Compromises
August 11 - Critics Score Agricultural Drug Bill
August 11 - Measure Readied in Senate: Bill Lifts Export Ban on Unapproved Drugs
August 11 - Administration Opposed: House Enlarges Superfund To Clean Up Toxic Wastes
August 11 - Energy Research Bill Snagged
August 11 - House Adds to Library Services Bill
August 11 - House Panel Delays Action on Social Security Rise
August 11 - Senate Passes Vocational Education Bill
August 11 - Senate Picks Immigration Conferees
August 11 - Complaint Against Ferraro
August 11 - Deepwater Port Bill Clears
August 11 - Hatfield Investigated
August 11 - New House 'Special-Order' Policy
August 11 - Public Broadcast Funding
August 11 - Small Business Centers Bill Clears
August 18 - Changes Being Considered: Hill Budget Process Working To Force Economic Decisions
August 18 - Hard Defense Choices Forced by Budget Act Congress' Equivalent of the 'Locked Room'
August 18 - Hatfield Re-election Expected Despite Troubles
August 18 - Ferraro's Finances Fuel Controversy
August 18 - Seeks to Rule Out Tax Boost: Solidly Conservative Platform Ready for Adoption by GOP
August 18 - The Reagan Record: Flip-Flops on Taxes
August 18 - The Platform Panel: Conservative Loyalists
August 18 - Rep. Oberstar Fights to Keep Minnesota Seat
August 18 - Florida Primary Outlook: Democrats Scramble for Spot Against Ireland
August 18 - Primary Outlook: Edwards' Choice Challenged in Alabama 1st
August 18 - Georgia Primary Results: Fowler Scores Solid Victory Over Black Activist Williams
August 18 - Connecticut Candidates Set
August 18 - Rhode Island Schism
August 18 - Nevada Warmup
August 18 - Quiet in Arizona
August 18 - Sonia Johnson Nominated
August 18 - Vermont GOP Battle
August 18 - Congress Primed to Keep Salvador Aid Flowing
August 18 - Aid to El Salvador: a Record of Approval
August 18 - Hill Votes Unit on Agricultural Trade
August 18 - Controversy Intensifies: Chinese Nuclear Agreement Misses an Opportunity on Hill
August 18 - Administration Cuts Deficit Estimate
August 18 - Fate of Disability Insurance Bill in Doubt
August 18 - 98th Congress May Set Record: Wilderness Bills for Five States Passed by Senate Before Recess
August 18 - Congress Clears Bill for Dam Safety Repairs
August 18 - But Administration Opposed: Conferees Reach Agreement On Offshore Revenue Bill
August 18 - Senate Votes Program to Aid Crime Victims
August 18 - State Crime Aid, Missing Children
August 18 - House-Senate Conference: Issue of Targeting Aid Central To Vocational Education Bills
August 18 - Dual Battle Set Over Highway Funding Bills
August 18 - CAB Transfer Awaits Conferees
August 25 - The Republican Convention Reagan-Mondale: A Polarizing Contest
August 25 - Avoiding the Complacency Pitfall? Blueprint for Re-election Bid Shown by Reagan's 1970 Race
August 25 - The Republican Convention: Day by Day GOP Celebrates Reagan-Bush Renomination
August 25 - GOP Members Seek Larger Role in 1988
August 25 - GOP, Democratic Platforms Collide On Taxes, Defense and Social Issues
August 25 - Looking to the Youth: By Phil Duncan Southern GOP Still Struggling To Match Reagan's Popularity
August 25 - Purity vs. Pragmatism The New Right and the GOP: Can This Marriage Be Saved?
August 25 - Differences Over ERA, Abortion: Divided Republican Women Seek to Counter Gender Gap
August 25 - Building on Victories at Home: GOP Moderates Leave Convention Determined To Raise Stature
August 25 - Chance for Major Gains Seen: GOP Courts Hispanic Votes With Eye on Sun Belt States
August 25 - Proposals for Change Rejected: GOP to Keep Existing Rules For 1988 Presidential Race
August 25 - Reagan and Mondale: Where They Stand
August 25 - Text of 1984 Republican Party Platform: ECONOMIC FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY
August 25 - Text of 1984 Republican Party Platform: PREAMBLE
August 25 - Text of 1984 Republican Party Platform: SECURITY FOR THE INDIVIDUAL
August 25 - Text of 1984 Republican Party Platform: A FREE AND JUST SOCIETY
August 25 - Text of 1984 Republican Party Platform: AMERICA SECURE AND THE WORLD AT PEACE
August 25 - Text of U.S. Treasurer Ortega's Keynote Address
August 25 - Delivered Aug. 20: Text of Kirkpatrick Address To Republican Convention
August 25 - Text of Aug. 21 Remarks: Ford Addresses 'Fairness' Issue In Speech to GOP Delegates
August 25 - Text of Speech Given Aug. 23: Reagan Accepts Presidential Nomination
August 25 - Text of Aug. 23 Speech: Vice Presidential Nomination Accepted by George Bush
August 25 - Bangerter, Owens Win in Utah Primary
August 25 - Exemption Questions Linger: Ferraro's Finances Revealed; Ethics Panel Action Not Likely
August 25 - Judicial Appointments and Politics: How Judges Rule Depends On Which President Named Them

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