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June 2 - $207 Billion Authorization Passed: House Toughens Restrictions on Production Of MX Missile After Prodding by Leadership
June 2 - Cuts Will Not Greatly Constrain Projects: House Panel Pares Military Construction Request
June 2 - Senate-Backed 'Caps' Are Central: Hill Deficit Reductions Hinge On Conference Deliberations
June 2 - Deficit Reduction: Conference Could Stall Over Health Issues
June 2 - Deficit-Reduction: The Big Conference: Getting to Be Old Hat
June 2 - GOP Ads Attack O'Neill in House Video War
June 2 - Unprecedented U.S. Bailout: Rescue of Continental Bank Fires Deregulation Debate
June 2 - Groundwork Laid for Push Eliminating Broadcast Equal Time, Fairness Rules
June 2 - As Gulf War Escalates, Reagan Sends Stingers
June 2 - Cover-Up Seen in Murders of Churchwomen: Pressures Cited in Salvadoran Trial Outcome
June 2 - Congress Quarrels With HUD Rules: Dispute Over Cities, Housing Snarls New Program, IDA Bill
June 2 - Former Rep. Roosevelt in Charge: Tactics of New Elderly Lobby Ruffle Congressional Feathers
June 2 - Senate OKs Measure; House Prepares to Act: Bills Raising Service Aid to Elderly Advance
June 2 - More Primaries in 1988? 'Back-Room' Party Caucuses Draw Fire from Mondale Foes
June 2 - Mondale Leads in All Delegate Categories (Chart)
June 2 - South Carolina Primary Outlook: Low-Key Tallon Faces Aggressive Challenger
June 2 - Faces June 12 Runoff: Robinson Seizes Arkansas House Primary Lead
June 2 - Kentucky Results: Natcher Easily Dispatches Primary Opponent
June 2 - For Attribution . . .
June 2 - Jackson Funds Cut
June 2 - Maine Primary Outlook
June 2 - Quiet in North Dakota
June 2 - Focus on Equity Issue: House Campaign Launched To Restore Abortion Funding
June 2 - In Draft Registration Case: Court Agrees To Scrutinize Selective Prosecution Issue
June 2 - Panel Approves $34.5 Billion Farm Money Bill
June 2 - Delay Averts Negative Vote on Salvador Aid
June 2 - EPA, Veterans Included: House Passes $58.4 Billion HUD/Agency Bill
June 2 - Vouchers Shift Thrust of Housing Policy
June 2 - Request Totals $1.3 Billion: Larger Congressional Budget Sought by House Committee
June 2 - Democracy Endowment Deleted: Pared Commerce, Justice, State Bill Passed
June 2 - PERSPECTIVE: The Environment Issue: Cleaner Than Thou
June 2 - CONGRESS AND THE COUNTRY: Another Path to GOP Victory in the South?
June 9 - Getting the Bare Minimum: Mondale Captures Majority, But Party Triumph Eludes Him
June 9 - Colorodan Stumps Congress: Democratic Leaders Urge Hart to Withdraw
June 9 - Easy Tax Issues Resolved: Deficit-Reduction Conferees Put Off the Tough Decisions
June 9 - Religious Issue Stalls Math-Science Bill
June 9 - Aid for Missing Children Authorized
June 9 - Objected to Ban on Amendments: Angry GOP Members Block Head Start Bill
June 9 - Republicans Sound Alarm on U.S. Role in Gulf
June 9 - Congress Is Having Second Thoughts About 'Institution-Building' Overseas
June 9 - Opposition Mounting: Contested Immigration Bill Ready for House Floor Action
June 9 - House Links Highway Aid, Drinking Age of 21
June 9 - Fights Loom on MX, Other Issues: Reagan Defense Program Faces Fresh Challenges in the Senate
June 9 - For Military Construction, a $1.2 Billion Cut
June 9 - On Warranties, More Pentagon Discretion
June 9 - Members Observe D-Day Ceremony
June 9 - Foreign Cruise Ships Find Safe Harbor
June 9 - Battle Shaping Up in Senate Over Rights Bill
June 9 - Committee Approves Legislation: Probe of OPM's Opposition To Pay Equity Bill Requested
June 9 - No Easy Answers in Sight: Congress Seeking a Handle On Ballooning Trade Deficit
June 9 - Preventive Detention for Juveniles Upheld: High Court Refuses to Modify Standard Used for Deportation
June 9 - Another Texas Cliffhanger: Doggett Barely Edges Hance In Democratic Senate Runoff
June 9 - California Results: Dornan Mounts Comeback in GOP Primary
June 9 - Favored for 13th District Seat: Saxton Wins New Jersey Republican Primary
June 9 - Iowa Results: Lightfoot, Fitzgerald Win 5th District Contests
June 9 - West Virginia Results: Rockefeller Crushes Rivals in Senate Primary
June 9 - Challenging Franklin Again: Clark Scores Solid Primary Win in Mississippi
June 9 - Primary Results: New Mexico Democrats Pick Pratt for Senate
June 9 - Primary, Runoff Roundup: Martin Takes House Runoff; Cunningham and Baucus Win
June 9 - Five State Wilderness Bills Cleared for President Reagan
June 9 - House Passes Marine Mammals Bill
June 9 - Environmentalists, Administration Opposed: Rough Sailing Ahead for Clean Water Bill
June 9 - House Cuts Farm Appropriations by 1 Percent
June 9 - Panel OKs Treasury-Post Office Money Bill
June 9 - First Fiscal 1985 Bill to Move: Energy, Water Funding Bill Ready For Action by Senate
June 9 - Panel OKs Justice, Commerce Funds
June 9 - Also Trims Its Own Budget: House Rebuffs Rule Change On TV Coverage of Debates
June 9 - Trims $2.4 Billion from House Bill: Panel Votes $56.1 Billion for HUD, Agencies
June 9 - Panel Provides $11.8 Billion: Transportation Funding Bill Raises Threat of Reagan Veto
June 9 - Nicaragua Dispute Also Continues: Appropriations Unit Puts Off Request for Aid to El Salvador
June 9 - Housing Grant Regulations
June 9 - Rural Electrification Administration
June 9 - Sen. Jepsen's Health Spa Visit
June 9 - Suing the Government: Attorneys' Fees
June 9 - Bill on Commercial Space Launches Passed
June 9 - Bill Shifting CAB Powers Passed by House
June 9 - Cable TV Deregulation Compromise Reached
June 9 - NIH Reauthorization, Arthritis Institute
June 9 - Simon Drops Higher Education Bill
June 16 - After Emotional Debate, One Major Amendment: Immigration Reform Measure Nearing Final Vote in House
June 16 - House Battle Over Immigration Issue Features Clash of Strongly Held Views
June 16 - Rights Bill Stalled in Senate Panel
June 16 - Budget Conference Meets, and Deadlocks
June 16 - Nearing $50 Billion Target: Tax Hike Conferees Press On; Difficult Issues Still Pending
June 16 - Members Scramble to Limit Bond Ceilings
June 16 - MX Survives in Senate as Bush Breaks Tie Vote
June 16 - Administration Opts for Compromise On First Test of Anti-Satellite Missile
June 16 - After Dickering, Senate Backs Limited GI Bill
June 16 - Lawmakers Seek Crackdown on Phony Goods
June 16 - Public Criticism Is Muted: Budget Deficits, Interest Rates Hit at Annual Economic Parley
June 16 - White House Lobbyists Find Congress Is Less Supportive
June 16 - How Two GOP Freshmen in the House Rate the White House Lobbying Effort
June 16 - Revised Version Fails: Senate Panel Axes Broadcast 'Freedom of Expression' Bill
June 16 - May Fall Victim to Crowded Agenda: Bill Blocking Sports Team Moves Approved
June 16 - Semiconductor Chip Bill Passed
June 16 - Compromise Eases Way for Generic Drugs
June 16 - GOP Says Block Grants Undermined
June 16 - House Reauthorizes Family Planning Funds
June 16 - Committee Restores House Cuts
June 16 - Panel Rejects Effort to Cut Endowment Funds
June 16 - Members Overloaded? Study Set on Senate Panels; Indian Committee Permanent
June 16 - Strong in the Frost Belt Mondale's Primary Weakness Bodes Ill for November Hopes
June 16 - Presidential Primary Recap
June 16 - Presidential Primary Vote Summary
June 16 - After 30 Years in Politics: Eagleton of Missouri to Quit Senate in 1986
June 16 - Virginia Primary Results: Saslaw, Flannery to Take on GOP Incumbents
June 16 - Thurmond Renominated: Tallon Crushes Demetrious In South Carolina Primary
June 16 - Gore Gains in Tennessee
June 16 - Hobbins Wins in Maine
June 16 - Massachusetts Senate Test
June 16 - Ohio Redistricting
June 16 - Robinson Takes Runoff
June 16 - Alaska Candidates File
June 16 - Nunn Looks Strong
June 16 - Popular Kassebaum
June 16 - Rhode Island Democrats
June 16 - House, Senate Panels OK Pension Revisions
June 16 - Also Scores Victory in Criminal Cases: Administration Hails Ruling On Affirmative Action Case: Seniority Prevails in Layoffs
June 16 - Democratic Platform Writers Facing Conflicts
June 16 - Drafting Committee Favors Mondale
June 16 - Jackson Takes Challenge to Hill
June 16 - House Democrats Not Satisfied: Federal Coal Leasing Program Still Under Cloud in Congress
June 16 - Baker, Percy Urge U.S.-Soviet Talks: New Willingness On Summit Voiced by President Reagan
June 16 - Intelligence Bills: Fresh Forum on Covert Aid
June 16 - Nicaragua: Arms Source for Guerrillas, or Not?
June 16 - Deadline Approaching: Congress Nervously Awaits Text of China Nuclear Pact
June 16 - Aid Supplemental
June 16 - Arms to the Sudan
June 16 - Foreign Aid Bill May Move in Senate
June 16 - Treasury-Postal Service Funds
June 16 - Mayors Cite Housing Shortage
June 16 - Minimum Drinking Age
June 16 - Recount Changes Texas Results
June 16 - Rep. Hansen Sentenced
June 16 - Veterans' Organization Dispute
June 23 - After Long Session, Senate Finishes Bill: Difficult Conference Looms on Defense Issues
June 23 - Nunn Loses Round on Burden-Sharing But Starts Serious Debate on the Issue
June 23 - Key Democrats Defect on Aid to Rebels: Vote Belies Eroding Support on Nicaragua Issue
June 23 - Congress Gropes Toward Deficit Reduction
June 23 - Import Relief Urged for Domestic Industries
June 23 - Ethics Panel Urges Reprimand for Hansen
June 23 - Drug Funds Authorized: House Passes Bill to Improve Organ Transplant Network
June 23 - House Education Committee Action: Scholarships Approved to Recruit Teachers
June 23 - Pell Grant Funds Insufficient
June 23 - House Passes Immigration Bill by Five Votes
June 23 - For Immigration Bill, Lobbyist Walks Tall
June 23 - Alien Guest Workers: A Lobbying Mismatch
June 23 - William H. Natcher: Steady in the Chair
June 23 - Bankruptcy Bill Sent to Conference
June 23 - Rejects Program Changes Sought by House: Senate Committee Approves Refugee Bill
June 23 - Law/Judiciary Notes
June 23 - Some Permanent Authority Granted: Senate Approves Justice Authorization Bill
June 23 - Riots in Dominican Republic Cited: Kemp Moves to Sever Linkage Of Economic Aid to IMF Rules
June 23 - Rules Panel Meets June 25: 1984 Democratic Party Rules Pad Mondale Delegate Lead
June 23 - The Democratic Campaign: What If?
June 23 - After 19 Convention Ballots: Minnesota Democrats Vote to Endorse Growe
June 23 - Lucero Wins Key Test in Colorado
June 23 - Text of Presidential Press Conference
June 23 - Democratic Platform Mixes Old and New Ideas
June 23 - Senate Passes Three: Fiscal '85 Appropriations Bills Pick Up Speed as Recess Nears
June 23 - Domestic Supplemental Funds Entangled: Reagan Battling for Central American Money
June 23 - Acts Before House Committee: Senate Subcommittee Votes $94.3 Billion Labor/HHS Bill
June 23 - Energy/Water Funding Bill Passed
June 23 - New Oil Leasing Bans Included: House Panel Approves 1985 Interior Funding
June 23 - Beefing Up Current Law: Superfund Reauthorization Approved by House Energy
June 23 - Clean Sweep for Administration: High Court Sides With Reagan On Antitrust, U.S. Liability
June 23 - Banking Deregulation Bill Moving
June 23 - House Passes N.M., Colo., Wash. Wilderness Bills
June 23 - Senate Extends Library Aid
June 23 - Drunken Driving Compromise Reached
June 23 - House Passes Military Construction Bill
June 23 - Senate Approves State Justice Institute
June 23 - Soviet Embassy
June 23 - Veterans' Compensation
June 23 - Campaign '84: Target Time on Capitol Hill
June 23 - Congress and the Country: The Double Life of Some House Republicans
June 30 - July 4-Democratic Convention Recess: Members Break for Politics After Passing Flurry of Bills
June 30 - Debt Limit Held Temporary Hostage: Effort to Reach Budget Accord Mired in Defense Money Spat
June 30 - $63 Billion in Cuts, Taxes: First Installment of 'Down Payment' Clears
June 30 - House Blocks Conference: Senate Broadens Legislation On Religious Student Groups
June 30 - Delays Plague Cigarette Labeling Bill
June 30 - Other Important Cases Settled: Court Upholds Reagan EPA On Clean Air Enforcement
June 30 - College Football TV Coverage May Grow
June 30 - Frustration With Allies Clear: Military Construction Funds For 1985 Approved by House
June 30 - House Approves Scaled-Back Head Start Bill: Social Services Bill Passes on Second Try
June 30 - Reagan to Try Again: Nicaragua Covert Aid Funds Blocked for Now by Senate
June 30 - D'Aubuisson Shunned During Senate Visit
June 30 - Reagan's Central America Aid Approved: Senate Committee Votes Foreign Aid Funds
June 30 - Congress Clears Drunk Driving Legislation
June 30 - Tired MADD Mother Heads for Home
June 30 - Loopholes Closed But Deregulation Differs: Panels Advance Divergent Banking Bills
June 30 - Relaxes Local Control: House Commerce Panel OKs Compromise Cable TV Bill
June 30 - Overturning Supreme Court Decision: House Passes Bill to Restore Full Reach of Civil Rights Laws
June 30 - Court Rejects Call for Special Prosecutor
June 30 - Also Covers Credit Card Fraud: Bill Prohibiting Computer Abuse Approved
June 30 - House Panel OKs Phone Taping Ban
June 30 - Stiffer Fines, New Fraud Offenses: House Judiciary Approves Five Anti-Crime Measures
June 30 - House Approves Revision of Clean Water Act
June 30 - Democratic Nominating Rules: Back to Drawing Board for 1988
June 30 - State-by-State Democratic Delegate Count
June 30 - Political Notes
June 30 - Old Promises and New Ideas: Democrats Concoct 1984 Platform in Harmony
June 30 - Five Minority Reports Filed for Convention Debate
June 30 - Congress Clears Bankruptcy Law Package
June 30 - Supplemental, Stripped of Latin Aid, Clears
June 30 - HUD Appropriations Cleared for President
June 30 - House Working Through Water Bill
June 30 - Includes Garrison Diversion Compromise: Energy, Water Funding Bill Cleared for President Reagan
June 30 - Refuses to Rescind Synfuels Money: House Appropriations OKs Interior Funding Measure
June 30 - Across-the-Board Cut Dropped: $1.55 Billion Legislative Appropriation Clears
June 30 - Labor-HHS Money Measure: Senate Panel Agrees to Relax Federal Abortion Restrictions
June 30 - Democracy Endowment Funding Trimmed: Commerce, Justice, State Bill Passed by Senate
June 30 - Treasury-Postal Service Bill Passed
June 30 - Budget Process Revamping
June 30 - Federal Reserve Nomination
June 30 - House Committee Votes Polygraph Restrictions
June 30 - Adult Education Program Extension Passed
June 30 - CAB Sunset Bill Moves Forward
June 30 - Ethics Briefings Recommended for U.S. Officials
June 30 - Polling Place Accessibility
June 30 - Transportation Appropriations
June 30 - TV Election Results Projections

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