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May 5 - Working Hard or Hardly Working? Capitol Hill Lowers Its Sights As Days Remaining Slip Away
May 5 - Two Alternatives Defeated: Senate Poised for Showdown On GOP Deficit-Cutting Plan
May 5 - House Panel Skirts Central America Funding
May 5 - Measures Start Moving as Logjam Breaks: House, Senate Panel Leaders Strike Deal on Wilderness Bills
May 5 - After Two Years of Hearings: Rewrite of Clean Water Act Approved by House Panel
May 5 - But Maneuvering Continues in House Panel: Acid Rain Provisions Cut From Clean Air Bill
May 5 - Hoover Dam Power Allocation Kept
May 5 - Prospects Remain Uncertain: Foreign Assistance Measures: Bipartisanship Proves Elusive
May 5 - Training Part of 'Urgent' Salvador Aid
May 5 - $13.9 Billion Whittled Away: A Balky Administration Offers Cutbacks in Its Defense Budget
May 5 - 'Stealth' Bomber Faces Political Dogfight
May 5 - Floor Fight Looms on House Authorization Bill: Opponents Look to Another Chance to Kill MX
May 5 - Nuclear Freeze Groups Focus on Candidates
May 5 - Banking Bill May Emerge: Interstate Forays by Big Banks Revive Interest in Legislation
May 5 - Tennessee Brings Mondale Closer to Victory
May 5 - Aiding the Republicans? Jackson's Anti-Runoff Push Divides Southern Democrats
May 5 - Campaign Skills, Organization Stressed: Parties' Schools for Politicians Grooming Troops for Election
May 5 - Primary Outlook: McFarland Leads Oregon Democratic Contest
May 5 - Primary Outlook: Six in Nebraska GOP Seek to Challenge Exon
May 5 - For Attribution . . .
May 5 - Markey Drops Out
May 5 - South Carolina Contests
May 5 - China Nuclear Pact Raises Concern in Congress
May 5 - House Asks More Funds to Cut Illegal Imports
May 5 - Panel Backs Lower IDA Contribution
May 5 - New Controls Imposed: House Panel Votes Changes In Witness Protection Program
May 5 - Panel OKs Justice Authorization
May 5 - High-Technology Bills Approved
May 5 - Urges Advance Judicial Approval: House Panel Raps FBI Undercover Operations
May 5 - Floor Fights Possible on Some: Reagan's Latest Nominations For Legal Services Corporation Ready for Action by Senate
May 5 - Special Standard of Review Required: Press Freedoms Reaffirmed In High Court Libel Ruling
May 5 - Senate Panel Postpones Action: House Again Raises Funding For Child Nutrition Programs
May 5 - Funding Targeted More Narrowly: Senate Panel Raises Vocational Education Aid
May 5 - Committee Revises Transplant Bill
May 5 - Panel Approves Bilingual Aid Compromise
May 5 - Scramble On to Add Pork to Road Bill
May 5 - Shipbuilding Subsidies Advanced
May 5 - New Lobbying Regulations Issued
May 5 - On Personnel Matters: Federal Appeals Court Says House Members Can Be Sued
May 5 - Coastal Zone Oil and Gas Leasing
May 5 - Criminal Probe Sought of Ex-Synfuels Chief
May 5 - Helms vs. the State Department
May 5 - Broadcast Talks Break Down
May 5 - Bureau of Standards Authorization Passed
May 5 - Hazardous Materials, Gas Pipeline Safety
May 5 - House OKs Bill to Spur Use of Child-Restraint Seats
May 5 - Public Broadcast Funds Tripled
May 5 - Trade Preference System Extension Approved
May 5 - CONGRESS AND THE COUNTRY: Campaign Business: No Place for Amateurs
May 12 - Sharp Discord Remains: GOP Leaders in Senate Rebuff Attack on Deficit-Cutting Plan
May 12 - Critical Issues Remain: Delicate House-Senate Tax Conference Looms
May 12 - Ohio, Indiana Wins Revive Hart Candidacy
May 12 - Reagan Wins Victory on Central America Plan Foreign Aid Authority Squeaks Through House
May 12 - Reagan Woos Support From Congress, Public
May 12 - CIA Role Casts Doubt on Salvador Election
May 12 - Mexican President to Discuss Matter With Reagan: 'Contadora' Talks Prompt Praise - and Debate
May 12 - Panel Denies Funds for Honduras Facilities
May 12 - National Labor Relations Board: Democrats Force a 2nd Look At Reagan's Labor Appointee
May 12 - From Activist to Obstructionist: Peter Rodino - Ruling Judiciary In Defense of the Constitution
May 12 - The Feisty House Judiciary Committee: 31 Lawyers Who Debate Laws on Laws
May 12 - Child Pornography Bill Cleared
May 12 - Two House Veterans Scrap On Issue of School Access
May 12 - Gun Legislation
May 12 - Justice Authorization
May 12 - Health Costs Skyrocketing as Veterans Grow Old
May 12 - Agent Orange Compensation: Senate Fight Set Over Paying Veterans Exposed to Herbicide
May 12 - House Passes Stringent Soil Conservation Bill
May 12 - Clothing Lobbyists Look for the U.S. Label
May 12 - Hance, Doggett Head for Texas Senate Runoff
May 12 - North Carolina Results: Valentine Defeats Spaulding in House Primary
May 12 - Indiana Primary Results: Hall Loses House Nomination to Visclosky
May 12 - Ohio Primary Results: Murdock, Traficant Take House Nominations
May 12 - Maryland Primary Results: Bentley Wins Another Chance Against Long
May 12 - Idaho Outlook: Hansen Faces Tough GOP Primary Challenge
May 12 - Kentucky Primary Outlook: Natcher Follows Unique Campaign Strategy
May 12 - Gejdenson Foe Declares
May 12 - Minnesota Conventions
May 12 - Stein Challenges Green
May 12 - 'Dial-a-Porn' Rings Wrong Bells on the Hill
May 12 - Compromise Sought to Prod Administration: Opponents of ASAT Weigh a Shift in Tactics
May 12 - Free Hand for Non-incumbents: Political Uses of House Tapes Generating Inter-party Static
May 12 - Senate Panel Closes Williams Probe
May 12 - Text of Reagan Speech on Central America
May 12 - Text of Democrats' Response To Central America Speech
May 12 - Air Passenger Protections Shifted
May 12 - Senate Committee Divided: House Panel Adds Projects To Interstate Funding Bill
May 12 - Senate Committee Approval: Bills Take Aim at Odometer Fraud, Big Trucks
May 12 - Congressional Panels Advance Safety Bills: Hazardous Materials and Pipeline Safety
May 12 - White House Opposes Plan: New Shipbuilding Subsidies Win Approval of House Panel
May 12 - Would Reverse Supreme Court Ruling: Senate Commerce Moves Bill On Offshore Leasing Actions
May 12 - Compromise Boosts Superfund Bill
May 12 - Environmentalists Decry Changes: House Panel Approves Clean Water Bill
May 12 - Grants Administration's Request: Senate Panel Backs Trade Bill To Allow Canada, Israel Talks
May 12 - HUD Rules Dispute Detains IDA Bill
May 12 - After-School Day Care Approved
May 12 - Broad New Program of School Aid Voted
May 12 - Volunteer Programs Extended: Congress Clears VISTA Compromise
May 12 - Head Start, Fuel Aid, Block Grants: Social Services Bill Approved After Funding Pact Is Reached
May 12 - Tougher State Penalties Set: Panel Expands Food Stamps, Adding $1 Billion to Program
May 12 - Feldstein Departing as Chief of Economic Advisers
May 12 - GAO Report Raises Questions on MX
May 12 - House Approves Expanded Bank Boards
May 12 - Public Broadcast Cuts Rebuffed
May 12 - Crime Victims' Assistance
May 12 - House Passes Texas, Virginia Wilderness Bills
May 12 - Marine Mammals Reauthorization
May 12 - NASA Authorization, Landsat Sale
May 12 - National Clearinghouse to Locate Missing Children
May 12 - Pharmacy Robberies Made Federal Crimes
May 19 - House Approves MX With Cutback and Strings
May 19 - MX Lobbying: A Hard Fight by Both Sides
May 19 - Rep. Dymally in 'Toughest' Squeeze on MX
May 19 - Tough Budget Conference Ahead: Senate Ends Deficit Marathon, Approves Reagan-Backed Bill
May 19 - Deficit-Cutting Debate Sidelines Lobbyists
May 19 - Debt Limit Increase Pending
May 19 - Senate Votes $2 Billion Reduction: Reagan Seeks Synfuels Cuts As Program Troubles Deepen
May 19 - The House's TV War: The Gloves Come Off
May 19 - More Battles Loom Over Central America Aid
May 19 - 'Tentative Plans' Through 1988: Pentagon Sends Blueprint on Honduras Exercises
May 19 - Panel Kills Nomination: 'Blacklist' Issue Boomerangs On Appointee to Post at USIA
May 19 - Margin of 11 Votes: House Scuttles Legislation On Student Religious Groups
May 19 - Non-cash Benefits Now Excluded: Debate Rekindled on Defining Poverty Level
May 19 - House Approves Child-Care Bill
May 19 - Two-Year Deadlock Broken: Disability Program Overhaul Wins Finance Panel Approval
May 19 - Labor Opposition Remains Strong: White House Resurrects Youth Summer Wage
May 19 - Combating 'Visual Clutter': Court Says Cities May Ban Posting on Public Property
May 19 - Hart Cuts Mondale Lead in Total Primary Vote
May 19 - Sample Vote Returns from Various Areas
May 19 - Primary Outlook: Clark Leads in Mississippi House Contest
May 19 - Primary Outlook: Redistricting Stifles California House Races
May 19 - Primary Outlook: Spirited Contests Waged in Iowa's 5th District
May 19 - Arkansas Primary Outlook: Crowded Field Seeks Bethune's House Seat
May 19 - Seeking to Challenge Domenici Franklin Leads Primary Field in New Mexico
May 19 - Primary Results: Oregon Voters Set Smith-McFarland Rematch
May 19 - Will Challenge Exon, Daub: Hoch, Cavanaugh Win Primaries in Nebraska
May 19 - Committee Bills Differ: Fight Shaping Up on Helping Small Business Get Contracts
May 19 - Capital Budget
May 19 - Merit Pay, Pay Equity
May 19 - U.S. Mint Authorization
May 19 - Text of Reagan Question and Answer Session
May 19 - Massive Continuing Resolution Likely: Hill Budget Game Shifts Gears As Money Bills Start to Move
May 19 - $14 Billion Approved for HUD
May 19 - House Subcommittee Earmarks Funding: Panel Seeks to Clarify Rights Commission Role
May 19 - Controversial Projects Omitted: House Committee Approves Energy, Water Spending Bill
May 19 - Conferees on Supplemental Agree to Disagree: House to Vote Again on Central America Aid
May 19 - Constitutional Convention Bill
May 19 - Justice Department Appeals Court Ruling: Special Prosecutor Ordered For Carter Documents Probe
May 19 - Tough New Cigarette Warning Labels Voted
May 19 - House Panel Approves Raft of Health Bills
May 19 - Preliminary Agreement Reached: Panel Decides to Extend WIC Without Cuts
May 19 - Armacost Confirmed for State Department Post
May 19 - Arts, Humanities Authorization Increased
May 19 - Contempt Ruling Against House Clerk Overturned
May 19 - House Passes Puerto Rico Cruise Bill
May 19 - Legislative Appropriations Bill Starts Moving
May 19 - Second House Panel OKs Industrial Policy Bill
May 19 - Senate OKs Bill on Semiconductor Chips
May 19 - Suit Challenges Nuclear Energy Pact
May 19 - Transportation Appropriations OK'd by Panel
May 19 - 'Grove City' Testimony Flap
May 19 - PERSPECTIVE: Public People and Their Private Problems
May 19 - CONGRESS AND THE COUNTRY: Watergate: Mere Aftershock to Vietnam?
May 26 - House Rebuffs Reagan on Anti-Satellite Tests
May 26 - House Erupts Over Central America Issue
May 26 - $14.4 Billion Trimmed: Senate Panel's Authorizations Would Scrape Spending Ceiling
May 26 - 'Phantoms' and 'Leftovers': Defense Budget Cuts: The Invisible Approach
May 26 - Deficit-Reduction Conference Set
May 26 - Enough Until Mid-June: Congress Votes to Increase Debt Ceiling by $30 Billion
May 26 - Three-week Reprieve: Labor Flap Continues to Stall Bankruptcy Court Legislation
May 26 - Wilkinson Judgeship Bid Still Alive
May 26 - One Bill Defeated: Anti-Crime Measures Start Moving in House
May 26 - Mixed Signals From Administration: Civil Rights Bill Approved By Two House Committees
May 26 - For Those Who Prevail Against Uncle Sam: Committee Approves Attorneys' Fee Measure
May 26 - Judiciary OKs Contract Disputes Bill
May 26 - One Down, One to Go: After El Salvador Aid Victory, Nicaragua Question Heats Up
May 26 - House Splits on Central America Aid
May 26 - Mr. Duarte Goes to Washington: Salvadoran Leader Makes Conquests on Hill
May 26 - Duarte: 'Guerrillas Are Symptoms, Not Causes'
May 26 - U.S. Assistance to El Salvador. . .
May 26 - Central America: U.S. Troops Expanding Role in Region's Wars
May 26 - Toughens Existing Law, Expands Fund: House Subcommittee OKs Compromise 'Superfund' Bill
May 26 - Mondale Hunts One Last Big Primary Win
May 26 - State-by-State Reports on June 5 Primaries
May 26 - The June 5 Primaries: A Summary (Chart)
May 26 - New Jersey Primary Outlook: House Seat Focus of GOP Intra-party Collision
May 26 - West Virginia Outlook: Rockefeller Strength Tested in Senate Primary
May 26 - Cunningham Seeks Senate
May 26 - After Long Search: Democrats Settle on Harrison To Mount Virginia Senate Bid
May 26 - Montana Outlook: Baucus, Schwinden Favored for Re-Election
May 26 - Idaho Results: Hansen Narrowly Survives GOP Primary Fight
May 26 - Administration's Program Hit: Senate Agrees to Limitations On Disabled Worker Reviews
May 26 - Election-Year Legislating: Pension 'Equity' Bill Breezes Through House
May 26 - Court Says Law Firms May Not Discriminate
May 26 - First Fiscal 1985 Appropriation to Move: House Approves Funding Bill For Energy, Water Projects
May 26 - Coal Leasing Moratorium Renewed
May 26 - House Appropriations Committee: Commerce, Justice, State Funding Bill OK'd
May 26 - EPA Operating Funds Increased: Bill Sets $58.4 Billion for HUD and Agencies
May 26 - Anti-Abortion Amendment Added: Panel Approves $12.8 Billion For Treasury, Postal Service
May 26 - Budget Act Waived for Spending Bills
May 26 - Thorny Issues Remain: Bargain on Export Procedure Struck by Conference Panel
May 26 - A Leadership Without Liberals? Obey Withdraws From Race For House Democrats' Post
May 26 - Text of President Reagan's Press Conference
May 26 - Gulf War Raises Concern: Administration to Revive Sale Of Stinger Missiles to Saudis
May 26 - Senate Passes Compromise Agent Orange Bill
May 26 - House OKs VA Health, Housing Bills
May 26 - Special Investigator Sought: House Panel Names Casey in Debate Probe
May 26 - Simpson Says No: Rural Co-ops Bill Threatened With Stiff Senate Opposition
May 26 - House Passes: Grain, Cotton Bills
May 26 - Bipartisan Banking Bill Offered in House
May 26 - Bell System Pension Rights Approved
May 26 - Cigarette Label Bill Delayed
May 26 - Education Bill Cleared
May 26 - Oakar Sets Hearing on Pay Equity Lobbying
May 26 - Older Americans Act Extended
May 26 - Senate Approves Arthritis Institute
May 26 - Six Wilderness Bills Passed by Senate
May 26 - Small Business 'Breakouts'
May 26 - CONGRESS AND THE COUNTRY: GOP Moderates: Balance of Senate Power

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