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March 3 - Talks With White House Stall: Congress Takes Serious Steps Toward Budget-Deficit Cuts
March 3 - After Bipartisan Talks Stall: Ways and Means, Finance Panels Fashion Deficit Reduction Bills
March 3 - At Confirmation Hearing: Democrats Question Meese About Civil Rights, Finances
March 3 - New Negotiations Under Way: Labor Issue Complicates Bankruptcy Snarl
March 3 - Legislation Proposes Stiffer Drug Penalties; Committee Approves Creation of State Justice Institute
March 3 - Senate to Debate Constitutional Amendments: Famous Faces Fighting Hard for School Prayer
March 3 - Aid for Rural Co-ops Wins Easy House Passage
March 3 - Reshaping the Campaign: Hart's New Hampshire Win Signals Danger for Mondale
March 3 - Political Notes: Ohio Redistricting Delayed; Two States Complete Ballots
March 3 - Special Report: The Class of 1974 Whatever Happened to the Watergate Babies?
March 3 - Panel Raises Food Aid Requested for Africa
March 3 - Trade Retaliation Feared: Farm Lobby Groups Gang Up On Bills to Aid Wine Industry
March 3 - Pension Funds Eyed as Housing Aid Source
March 3 - Rocky Road Seen in House: Freedom of Information Act Changes Approved by Senate
March 3 - Victory for Reagan Administration: Court Adopts Narrow View Of Sex Bias Ban in Education
March 3 - Military Presence in Honduras Sparks Debate
March 3 - Key Provisions Gutted in Party-Line Votes: Panel Deals Blow to Central America Package
March 3 - Ambassador to Ireland? Speaker O'Neill Will Retire; Scramble Likely for Top Jobs
March 3 - Senate Approves Tougher Curbs on Exports
March 3 - Action Stalled: House Addition Sidetracks Credit Card Surcharge Bill
March 3 - Wirth Sets Hearings on Broadcast Bill
March 3 - Interstate Construction: Congress Acts to Free State Highway Funds
March 3 - Maritime Programs Reauthorized
March 3 - Permanent Reauthorization: House Committee Approves Vocational Education Bill
March 3 - Arms to Jordan
March 3 - Merit Pay
March 3 - Olympic Checkoff
March 3 - Veterans' Bills
March 3 - Child Support Enforcement
March 3 - Committee Funding
March 3 - Export Lobbying
March 3 - Grace Commission
March 3 - Trade Reciprocity
March 3 - The South: Key to Political Realignment
March 10 - House Democrats To Act Quickly: Senate Republican Leadership Pressuring Reagan on Deficits
March 10 - Congress' Panels Ask Rise in Reagan Budget
March 10 - Discussion Frequently Lethargic: Prayer Issue Engulfs Congress As Senate Embarks on Debate
March 10 - Three Senators Frame School Prayer Debate
March 10 - Approval Expected: Meese's Financial Dealings Probed by Senate Committee
March 10 - Reagan Team Tactic on Central America Aid Fails
March 10 - Concern in Congress: What if d'Aubuisson Gets Elected?
March 10 - Ambassador to Vatican Confirmed
March 10 - Presence in Cyprus at Issue: House Panel Scales Back Arms Aid to Turkey
March 10 - Another Outsider Crashes Democratic Party
March 10 - Hart Pushes to Fill Delegate Slates
March 10 - Collins, Savage Face Challenges: Chicago's Black Voters Split By Two Bitter House Contests
March 10 - Year's First Congressional Primary: Illinois Spotlight Shines on Senate Contests
March 10 - Forsythe Retirement
March 10 - Kentucky Primary
March 10 - Oregon Senate Filings
March 10 - Retirement Income at Stake: Established to Resolve Crisis, Federal Pension Corporation Finds Itself in Financial Straits
March 10 - Flush Retirement Plans Draw Hill Notice
March 10 - House Panel OKs Organ Transplant Measure
March 10 - Exit Polls Targeted: Method Sought to Restrict Broadcast Vote Predictions
March 10 - TV Syndication Action Forestalled
March 10 - Liner Agreements Win Approval: Ocean Shippers' Antitrust Measure Clears
March 10 - Presidential Veto Threatened: House Gives Congress Power To Block DOT Sale of Conrail
March 10 - Congress Sets 1984 Committee Spending Totals
March 10 - High Court Holds Pawtucket Creche Lawful
March 10 - Pentagon Takes Aim at Arms Warranties Law
March 10 - From Sen. Andrews, a Populist's Skepticism
March 10 - Echoes of 1980 Campaign: Debate Over Combat-Readiness Gets a Replay
March 10 - Energy Aid Supplemental Approved: Reagan Foreign Aid Request Delays African Food Funding
March 10 - House Revamps Vocational Education Act
March 10 - Developing Omnibus Rights Bill: Court Ruling Prompts Members To Shore Up Anti-Bias Laws
March 10 - Agriculture Panel Approves Wheat Changes
March 10 - 'Sodbuster' Bill Advances
March 10 - Balanced Budget Lobbying
March 10 - Clean Air Act Amendments
March 10 - Veto Override Attempt Of Water Bill
March 10 - Civil Rights Commission
March 10 - Credit Card Sucharges
March 10 - Ocean Dumping
March 10 - Political Platform Meetings
March 10 - Political Use of Videotapes Creates House Fight
March 10 - CONGRESS AND THE COUNTRY: 'New Ideas' and the Search for Substance
March 17 - Democrats Eyeing Larger Reductions: Reagan Achieves GOP Unity By Agreeing to Deficit Cuts
March 17 - Budget Committee Chairman Jim Jones: Will He Come in From the Cold in 1984?
March 17 - Members Await Others' Reductions: Senate Panel Votes Tax Boosts, Spending Cuts
March 17 - Tax Lobbyists Converge on Senate Panel
March 17 - Shifting Numbers Complicate Deficit Cutting
March 17 - Generally Seek More Spending: Most Congressional Panels Report on Reagan's Budget
March 17 - Reining In 'Wall Street Cowboys': Congress Eyes Proposed Bans On Further Big-Oil Mergers
March 17 - African Food Tied to Energy Aid: Senate Panel Hands Reagan Latin American Aid Victory
March 17 - Stage Set for Showdown on Central America
March 17 - Aid to El Salvador: How Much Is 'Urgent'?
March 17 - Emergency Powers: Three Options on Aid
March 17 - Israel's Friends on Hill Take Aim at Missile Sales to Jordan
March 17 - Administration Moves on Development Funds
March 17 - NASA Authorization Approved: Manned Space Station Wins House Panel's Endorsement
March 17 - Special Report: Hazardous Wastes Superfund Contaminated by Partisan Politics
March 17 - Toxic Trash Creates Political Problems
March 17 - Bars Fuel Switching by Car Owners: Clean Air Reauthorization With New Acid Rain Controls Approved by Senate Panel
March 17 - Vocational Education Focus Moves to Senate
March 17 - More Food Aid Proposed
March 17 - Hart, Mondale Shift to Key Frost Belt Battles
March 17 - California Ballot Set
March 17 - Indiana Filing Deadline
March 17 - Kentucky Senate Primary
March 17 - More Elected Democrats Involved: GOP Fractured Over Platform; Reagan Helps Unite Democrats
March 17 - Focus on Finances, '80 Campaign Papers: Judiciary Committee Reopens Meese Nomination Hearings
March 17 - Silent Prayer Alternative Rejected: Senate Vote Set on Vocal Prayer Amendment
March 17 - Intensive Talks Continue: Snarled Bankruptcy Measures May Move Forward in House
March 17 - Antitrust Exemption for Oil Companies
March 17 - Farm Bill Blocked Temporarily
March 17 - Fiscal 1984 Housing Supplemental
March 17 - NSF Authorization Bill
March 17 - Balanced Budget Amendment
March 17 - Dingell Eyeing Bid for Majority Leader
March 17 - Maritime, Coast Guard Authorizations
March 17 - Pocket-Veto Ruling
March 17 - Small Business Administration
March 24 - Senate Rejects School Prayer Amendment
March 24 - Confirmation Prospects Clouded: Meese Seeking Vindication In Special Prosecutor Probe
March 24 - Metzenbaum: Meese Nemesis, Senate Scold
March 24 - Consumer Bankruptcy Standards Stiffened: House Passes Compromise Bill Revising Bankruptcy Courts, Shielding Labor Agreements
March 24 - Consumer Bankruptcy Standards Stiffened: House Passes Compromise Bill Revising Bankruptcy Courts, Shielding Labor Agreements
March 24 - Senate Passes Bill to Overhaul Farm Programs
March 24 - Panel Approves Housing Funds
March 24 - Senate Vote Delayed: Pact Calls for Funding Cut In El Salvador Aid Package
March 24 - Proposal Pending in Senate: Showdown Possible on U.S. Export Subsidy
March 24 - Faltering Hart Faces Crucial Nomination Tests
March 24 - Senate Democrats Select 25 'SuperDelegates'
March 24 - House Campaigns Quiet as Few Seek to Run
March 24 - Floridian Switches Parties: Rep. Ireland to Run on Republican Ticket
March 24 - Incumbents Survive Challenges: Percy, Simon Win Illinois Senate Primaries
March 24 - Reagan Yields to Congress on Jordan Missiles
March 24 - Lawmakers Cite Relations With Israel: Bid to Move Embassy Triggers Confrontation
March 24 - Space Station Funds Included: House Committee Authorizes $7.5 Billion for NASA Programs
March 24 - Lawmakers Scrutinizing Spare Parts Practices
March 24 - A Political Odd Couple Seeks to Limit . . . . . . Political Fallout on Spare Parts Pricing
March 24 - 'Bureaucrats Can Regulate a Law to Death': Pentagon Rules Rekindle Warranty Law Dispute
March 24 - Restores 1981 Reagan Cuts: House Panel Votes Expansion Of WIC, Children's Food Aid
March 24 - Split Over Defense Budget: House, Senate Leaders Favor Varying Deficit-Cutting Plans
March 24 - Administration Also Concurs: Congress Displays Rare Harmony Over Taxes
March 24 - Reagan's 1985 Budget Reviewed by Panels
March 24 - Congress Overrides Reagan Water Bill Veto
March 24 - Following Reagan's About-Face: House Passes Dam Repair Bill, Opposes Local Cost-Sharing
March 24 - Invalidates Gas Pricing Scheme: Court Widens Libel Reach, Rejects Reagan Antitrust Plea
March 24 - FCC Delays Business Fees
March 24 - Federal Reserve Bills Approved
March 24 - Former Presidents
March 24 - Oil Company Mergers
March 24 - Child Support Payments
March 24 - Hansen Trial Opens
March 24 - NSF Authorization Scaled Back
March 24 - Organ Transplant Bill Approved
March 24 - Social Security Disability Benefits
March 31 - Sharp Partisanship on Budget: House, Senate Brace for Vote On Deficit-Cutting Proposals
March 31 - House Approves HUD Funds
March 31 - Senate Votes to Reduce El Salvador Aid
March 31 - Panel Defies Administration: Controversial Issues Threaten To Doom Senate Aid Package
March 31 - Reagan Expected to Score a Short-Term Gain: Hill Seeks New Strings on Central America Aid
March 31 - Opponents Rewrite Unisex Insurance Bill
March 31 - Credit Card Pact Reached
March 31 - Senate Commerce Approval: Bill Limiting Responsibility For Unsafe Products Voted
March 31 - Mondale and Hart: Even in All But Delegates
March 31 - Democrats to Go Uncommitted: Southern Conservatives Hope To Increase Convention Clout
March 31 - Presidential Promises: The Democrats' Stands
March 31 - Taking Aim at Reagan: Democrats' Platform Talks Open With Requests for Party Cohesion
March 31 - Climbing Into the National Spotlight . . . . . . Ferraro Vows to 'Make a Difference'
March 31 - Pennsylvania Primary: Foglietta Faces Tayoun
March 31 - Missouri Statehouse Fight
March 31 - Moore Spurns Senate Race
March 31 - Rep. Sawyer to Retire
March 31 - House Votes to Ease Tough Disability Reviews
March 31 - Easy House Passage Seen: House Ways and Means Panel Approves Pension Overhaul
March 31 - Election-Year Momentum: State Wilderness Measures Beginning to Move Again After Long Winter Freeze
March 31 - Special Report: House Armed Services Committee Democrats' Panel Defends More for Defense
March 31 - Federal Funds Trimmed Gradually: Finance Compromise Sends Child Support Bill to Senate
March 31 - New Aid for Elderly, Mentally Ill Approved
March 31 - Limit on Secret Service Protection: Senate Panel Votes to Curb Benefits of Former Presidents
March 31 - Precedent Worries Opponents: Olympics Checkoff Plan Moving in Congress
March 31 - Votes 30-Day Extension of Deadline: Congress Postpones Action On Bankruptcy Court Reform
March 31 - Request Triggered by Loans: Independent Counsel Sought To Probe Meese Transactions
March 31 - Sensitive Cases Draw Special Prosecutors
March 31 - House, Senate Move on Drug Legislation
March 31 - Move Sought by High-Tech Industry: Panel Eases Antitrust Rules For Joint Research Ventures
March 31 - Most House Bids Blocked: Significant Changes Rejected By Agriculture Bill Conferees
March 31 - Congressional Pay Amendment Sent to Senate
March 31 - Rep. Edwin B. Forsythe Dead at 68
March 31 - Environmental Employment for Senior Citizens
March 31 - International Development Association Funding
March 31 - National Science Foundation Authorization
March 31 - U.S. Embassy in Israel
March 31 - Coast Guard Authorization
March 31 - Export Administration Act
March 31 - Hospitals and Antitrust Law
March 31 - NASA Authorization
March 31 - Silent Prayer
March 31 - PERSPECTIVE: Billcast: Can Computer Outguess Lobbyists?
March 31 - Neighborhood Power Growing in Sun Belt

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