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 2003 - 108th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 2 - Appropriations
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Vouchers Dominate D.C. Bill
Vets Win More Health Funding
Record Defense Bill Clears Congress
Quick Funds for Homeland Security
Overtime Eligibility Debate Slows Bill for Labor, Health and Human Services
Omnibus Fight Extends Into 2004
Omnibus Clears Up Fiscal 2003
Military Construction Feels Pinch
Members Relent on Privatization
Legislative Branch Gets Small Hike
Lawmakers Pare Land-Buying Funds
Iraq Supplemental Breaks Records
Hill Firm on More AIDS Money
Fiscal Year 2003: Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development
Fiscal Year 2003: Treasury-Postal Service
Fiscal Year 2003: Transportation
Fiscal Year 2003: Legislative Branch
Fiscal Year 2003: Labor-HHS-Education
Fiscal Year 2003: Interior
Fiscal Year 2003: Foreign Operations
Fiscal Year 2003: Energy-Water
Fiscal Year 2003: District of Columbia
Fiscal Year 2003: Commerce-Justice-State
Fiscal Year 2003: Agriculture
Disaster Supplemental Funds Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Deal Reached on Energy-Water Bill
Busy Year for Appropriators
Bill for Commerce, Justice and State Skips Trip to Senate Floor; In Compromise, Spending Caps Increased, But Permanently Fixed
Agriculture Bill Carries Omnibus
$78.5 Billion Supplemental Enacted