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 1991 - 102nd Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 3 - Government/Commerce
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Air Bag Mandates Moved
Attempts to Limit Dairy Production Unsuccessful
Baby Bell Restrictions Unresolved
Bill Prohibited Abusive Telemarketing
Both House, Senate Acted To Curb Sports Gambling
Bush Signed Law Assisting Entrepreneurial Women
Bush, Hill At Odds Over Airwave Access
Cable Industry Got Re-Regulation Delay
Congress Again Attempted To Limit Product Liability
Congress and the District of Columbia
Congress Urged Repeal of Boat Users' Fee
Constraints Planned for 900 Numbers
Drug Testing Required for Transit Workers
Efforts To Adjust 1990 Census Fail
Export Enhancement Program Expanded
FCC Reauthorization on Hold
Government Operations Bills Considered in 1991
Highways, Mass Transit Funded
House Approved Gambling On U.S. Cruise Ships
Insurance Industry Kept Exemptions
New Agricultural Credit Guarantees for Soviets
New Procurement Rules Passed by Senate
No Progress Made on Puerto Rico Plebiscite
Rail Strike Avoided Through Quick Action
Railroad Safety Act
Relief Sought for Drought-Stricken West
Senate Approved Madigan As Agriculture Secretary
Senate Conservatives Halted PBS Funding
Time Ran Out on Measure Promoting U.S. Tourism
Troubled Airlines Got No Help From Hill
Veto Threat Thwarted Hatch Act Revisions
Workers Remained Caught in Ethics Net