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 1984 - 98th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 5 - Congress and Government
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Bureau of Standards Bill Veto
Congress and Government 1984: Overview
Court Restricts President's Pocket-Veto Power
D.C. Home Rule, Judges
Earthquake Hazard Reduction
Federal Debt Collection
Federal, Congressional Pay
Few Grace Commission Budget Cuts Adopted
Former Spouse Benefits
Indian Aid Bill
Indian Health Care
Indian Reimbursement Bill
Infrastructure Study
Inspectors General
King, Columbus Holidays
Landsat Sale
Merit Pay, Pay Equity
National Archives
National Party Conventions
Olympic Tax Checkoff
One FOIA Bill Clears, But Overhaul Bill Stalls
Pay Raise Repeal Effort Fails
Polling Place Accessibility
Polygraph Curb Fails to Pass
Postal Service Pay
President Signs NASA Authorization Measure
Presidential Libraries
Presidential Power Extended with Reorganization Act
Procurement Bills Aimed at Cutting Costs
Reagan Vetoes First Comprehensive NOAA Bill
Senate TV Plan Fails Again
Small Business Programs
Space Launch Licensing
Televised Partisan Skirmishes Erupt in House
Three Members Subject to investigation by Ethics Committee: George Hansen, Geraldine A. Ferraro, and Sen. Mark O. Hatfield
U.S. Mint Authorization
Whistleblower Awards