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 1982 - 97th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 9 - Law Enforcement/Judiciary
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‘Amerasian’ Immigration
Air Disaster Treaty
Aliens in Virgin Islands
Anti-Arson Legislation
Balanced Budget Amendment Fails in House
Bankruptcy Court Impasse
Bill Easing Gun Law Dies
Cable TV Copyright Bill
Consumer Bankruptcy Bill
Court Jurisdiction Review
Crimes Against Officials
Criminal Code Revision Dies
Curbing False Identification
Electronic Surveillance
Employee Claims Settlement
ERA Dies Three States Short of Ratification
Extradition Revision Dies
Federal Juror Law Revisions
Filibuster Dooms Controversial Antitrust Bill
Foreign Nations, Antitrust
Grain Elevator Bankruptcies
Home Video Recording
Immigration Reform Measure Dies in House
Insanity Defense Unchanged
Law Enforcement/Judiciary 1982: Overview
LEAA Goes Out of Business
LSC Kept Alive; Reagan Board Unconfirmed
Mandatory Jurisdiction
Manufacturing Clause Kept
Missing Children Legislation
New Federal Appeals Court
New Judgeships Blocked
Patent Fee Restructuring
Patent Term Extension Dies
Pretrial Services Program
Reagan Vetoes Package of Anti-Crime Bills
Reagan's Judicial Selections
Record Piracy Bill Cleared
Refugee Admissions Pared
Refugee Program Renewed
Revision of Special Prosecutor Law Cleared
Secret Service Zones
Senate Kills Abortion, School Prayer Riders
Senate Passes Anti-Busing Rider to Justice Bill
Service of Process in Suits
Shopping Center Leases
State Justice Institute
Supreme Court Police
Surplus Property Donations
Tax-Exempt Private Schools
Theft of Nuclear Materials
Threats to Public Officials
Trademark Amendments
Tris Reimbursement Bill
Victims, Witnesses of Crime
Voting Rights Act Extended, Strengthened