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 1981 - 97th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 7 - Law Enforcement/Judiciary
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Aliens in Virgin Islands
Anti-Abortion Measures Begin to Advance
Anti-Busing Bills Advance
Anti-Crime Aid to States
Bail Revision Measure
Balanced Budget Proposal
Bankruptcy Bill Vetoed
Civil Rights Commission
Congress Grapples With Immigration Issues
Drug Abuse Treatment
Federal Death Penalty
Few Women, Minorities Added to Bench
Home Video Recording
Justice Dept. Authorization
Law Enforcement/Judiciary 1981: Overview
Legal Services Corp. Kept Alive Temporarily
National Guard Torts
New Federal Appeals Court
O'Connor: First Woman on Supreme Court
Patent Term Extension
Pfizer Antitrust Measure
Pretrial Services Program
Record, Tape or Film Piracy
Service Station Operators
Temporary DOJ Authority
Tris Reimbursement Bill