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 1970 - 91st Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 8 - Taxes and Economic Policy
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1970 Economic Report of the President Studied
Anti-Inflationary Policy
Antitrust Penalties
City Income Tax Withholding
Comptroller General
Conglomerate Mergers
Congress Clears Securities Investor Protection Bill
Consumer Finance Commission
Credit Union Insurance
Economic Development Act
Economic Review
Excise, Estate & Gift Taxes
Export-Import Bank
Federal Bankruptcy Act
Federal Credit Unions
FNMA Payments
Former RFC Properties
Franchising Controls
Import Duties
Insurance Regulation
Interest Rates
International Banks
Labor Practices
Mutual Funds: New Controls After Four-Year Delay
Pension Plan Investment
Pension Plans
Price Discrimination
Protection for Stockholders
Public Debt Ceiling
Regulation Extended to One-Bank Holding Companies
Revenue Sharing
Securities Exemption
Series E Savings Bonds
Small Business Act Amendments
Small Business Loan Authority
Small Business Reports
Tax, Import Duty Concessions
Tax-Exempt Status
Unsolicited Credit Cards
Water Carriers