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 1970 - 91st Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 3 - Education and Health
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Animal Quarantine
Anti-Cancer Drive
Campus Unrest
Communicable Diseases
Community College Act
Comprehensive Drug Control Bill Cleared By Congress
Congress Clears Three School Lunch Measures
Congress Passes Community Mental Health Legislation
Contraceptive Materials
Drug Abuse Education
Drug Abuse Prevention
Drug Industry
Dry Cereals
Education Funds Authorized After Desegregation Fight
Equal Educational Opportunity
Equal Rights for Women Amendment Dropped in Senate
Ethnic Studies Center
Family Medical Practice
Head Start
Health Council
Health Insurance
Health Personnel Training
Hearings on Hunger and Health
Higher Education
Hospital Construction: Presidential Veto Overridden
Hospital Costs
Impacted School Aid
Indian Education
Lead Paint Poisoning
Libraries Commission
Medical Libraries
Medical Programs Extension
Medicare Nursing Service
Medicare-Medicaid Administration
Mental Retardation
Migratory Workers' Health
National Health Insurance
National Health Service Corps
Pharmaceutical Trade
Preschool Training
Public Health Schools
Rights of Mentally Ill
Salmonella Outbreak
School Desegregation: Back to the Courts in 1970
Senate Blocks Passage of Emergency School Aid Bill
Treatment For Alcoholism
Veterans' Hospital Care