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 1970 - 91st Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 2 - Appropriations
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1970 Labor-HEW Funds Approved After 8 Months Delay
Arms Control Agency Funds
Compromise HUD, NASA, Offices Bill Passed after Veto
Compromise Stalls Decision on SST for Three Months
Congress Appropriates $2.5 Billion for Foreign Aid
Congress Appropriates $8.1 Billion For Agriculture
Congress Authorizes $2.9 Billion for Housing Programs
Congress Authorizes $3.4 Billion for Space Agency
Congress Authorizes Defense Funds After Long Debate
Congress Clears $1.9 Billion Supplemental Funds Bill
Congress Clears $19-Billion Labor-Hew-Oeo Funds Bill
Congress Clears Continuing Appropriations Bills
Congress Clears Second Fiscal 1970 Supplemental Bill
Congress Extends Interstate Highway System
Controversial Fiscal 1970 Foreign AID Funds Approved
D.C. Appropriations
Defense Funds: Reductions Continue for Second Year
Education Appropriations Bill Passed Over Veto
First Labor-HEW Funds Bill
Interior Funds Boosted By 31.2 Percent For Fy 1971
Legislative Branch Funds
Library Construction
Massive Federal Aid Authorized To Fight Crime
More Defense Funds Provided in Construction Bills
Post Office and Treasury Receive $9.5 Billion
Public Broadcasting Funds
Public Works Projects
Public Works-AEC Appropriations
Second Labor-HEW Funds Bill
State, Justice, Commerce Funds