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 1967 - 90th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 7 - Foreign Policy
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1967 AID Authorization Lowest in History
Asian Development Bank
Concern Grows Over U.S. Foreign Commitments
Congress Airs Dissent on War Objectives, Conduct
Congress Restricts Arms Sales to Developing Nations
Economic AID to VietNam
Fishing Vessel Seizure
Food for India
Glassboro Conference
High Cost, Poor Results in Viet Nam War Stimulate Dissent; Congress Critical of Aims, Conduct and Impact on Economy
Informational Media
Inter-American Bank
Latin American Aid
Lead - Zinc Quotas
Low-Wage Imports
McNamara Speech on U.S. Nuclear Strategy
McNamara's Impact on Defense Policies Weighed
Middle East War
Middle East Water Plan
Narcotics Treaty
Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
Ocean Space Development
Other Viet Nam-Related Action
Panama Canal
Peace Corps
Protectionists Balk at Kennedy Round Tariff Cuts
Responsibilities Hearings
Ryukyu Islands
Sea Safety Treaty
Senate Adopts Resolution Urging UN Settlement of War
Senate Curtails Eximbank East-West Trade, Arms Credit
Senate Ratifies U.S.-Soviet Consular Treaty
Summit Meeting
Summit Meeting Reviews Alliance's First Six Years
Trade Hearings
Treaty on Outer Space Clears Senate Unanimously
U.A.R. Cotton Quota
U.S. Congo AID
U.S. Industries Seek Protectionist Legislation
USIA Personnel