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 1964 - 88th Congress, 2nd Session
 The Appendix
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1963 Campaign Receipts and Spending Reported for 65 Groups
1964 Platform Turns GOP Sharply to Right
1964 Presidential Nominations
255 New Lobby Registrations Filed in 1964
286 Lobby Groups List Their Spending in 1963
88th Congress Authorizes Record Investigations Funds
An Accounting of Stewardship 1961–1964
Baker Probe Reopened
Billie Sol Estes Investigation Reports Released
Bills Acted On–Agriculture
Bills Acted on–Appropriations
Bills Acted on–Education and Welfare
Bills Acted on–Foreign Policy
Bills Acted on–General Government
Bills Acted on–National Security
Bills Acted on–Public Works and Resources
Bills Acted on–Taxes and Economic Policy
Bills Introduced–Agriculture
Bills Introduced–Appropriations
Bills Introduced–Education and Welfare
Bills Introduced–Foreign Policy
Bills Introduced–General Government
Bills Introduced–National Security
Bills Introduced–Public Works and Resources
Bills Introduced–Taxes and Economic Policy
Buckley Payroll Criticized
Budget Message: Johnson Renews Kennedy Requests
Close Primary Races of 1964
Committee Issues Ten Reports on Federal Research
Complete Text of 1964 Democratic Platform
Complete Text of 1964 Republican Platform
Democratic Platform Seeks Wide Voter Appeal
Democrats Add to Overwhelming Senate Majority
Democrats Nominate Johnson-Humphrey at Convention Geared to Middle-Road Campaign
Democrats Score Net Gain of 38 House Seats
Election Sidelights
Financial Reports, Special House Elections
Funerals, Pharmacies, Land Frauds Investigated
How CQ Measures Members' Performance
Investigation of Senators Proposed, Rejected
Johnson Conviction Upset
Johnson Defeats Goldwater by 16 Million; GOP Loses 38 House Seats, State Legislatures
Johnson's Acceptance Speech
Johnson's Economic Report Predicts Boom From Tax Cut
Johnson's Michigan Speech on ‘Great Society’
Justice Department Role in Hoffa Trials Questioned
Legislation Acted On or Submitted in 1964
LIE Detector Study
Lobbies Report Expenditures of $4.2 Million in 1963
Major Investigations Undertaken by the 88th Congress
Message to Congress: Johnson on Automation Commission
Message to Congress: Johnson on Viet Nam Crisis
Message to Congress: Johnson Renews Plea for “Medicare”
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests $3.4 Billion in Foreign Aid
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests Appalachia Aid Program
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests Omnibus Housing, Community Development Program
Message to Congress: Johnson's Jan. 31 Farm Message
Message to Congress: Johnson's March 16 Message on Poverty
Message to Congress: President's on Consumer Interests
Miller Ethics Questioned
Newcomers, Switched Seats and Losers in 1964 Elections
Off-Year Political Spending Contrasted, 1957 to 1963
Party Line-Up, Congress and Presidency, 1854-1964
Patman Conducts Study of Tax-Exempt Foundations
Political Groups Report $7,524,941 Spending in 1963
Powell Libel Suit
President Johnson's Major Appointments of 1964
Public Laws, 88th Congress, 2nd Session
Registrations by Lobbyists
Reports on Secretary of State and Envoys Issued
Republicans Attack Conduct of Baker Investigation
Republicans Gain One Seat Among Governors
Republicans Lose Over 500 State Legislature Seats
Republicans Nominate Goldwater-Miller 1964 Ticket As Conservatives Dominate Convention
Rules Committee Issues Report on Baker Probe
Second Phase of Hearings
Senate Committees Criticize X-22 and Missile Contracts
Senate Membership in the 89th Congress
Senate Rejects Financial Disclosure Rule
Special Elections of 1963 and 1964
State of the Union: Johnson Announces Budget Cut
The 1964 Election Results
The Record
Ticket-Splitting Offsets Democratic Presidential Landslide
Un-American Activities
Veto Message: Johnson Vetoes Six Private Bills in 1964
Violence on TV
Warren Commission Report on Assassination
Winning Representatives' Vote Percentages Since 1954