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 1963 - 88th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 7 - General Government
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Action on H RES 372
Aid For Mrs. Kennedy
Congressional Travel Abroad
Congressional Trips Home
Court Bars Lord's Prayer, Bible Reading in Schools
Criticism of Congress Provokes Few Changes
D.C. Crime
D.C. Liquor Board
D.C. Payments
D.C. Subway
Data Processing Control
Equal Time Broadcasts
Federal Pay Raise
Government Summer Jobs
Historical Documents
House Investigation Funds
House Minority Staffing
Indian Land Tenure
Kennedy Cultural Center
Kennedy Fifty-Cent Piece
McNamara Anti-Discrimination Directive Stirs Controversy
Minor Senate Rules
National Arts Foundation
Negro Demands Bring Civil Rights ‘Crisis’
Parcel Post Rates
Presidential Transition
Public Defender System
Puerto Rico Status
Reorganization Act
Rights Commission Issues Unanimous Recommendations
Rights Group Extended
School Desegregation Marked by Racial Disorders
Senate Committee “Protest”
Senate Investigation Funds
Sports Bribery
Supreme Court Decisions
Technology Study
Voting Participation