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 1945 - 79th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 8 - Taxes and Economic Policy
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Action in the House
Confirmation of Fred M. Vinson as Secretary of the Treasury
Confirmation of John W. Snyder as War Mobilization and Reconversion Director
Confirmation of W. Stuart Symington as Surplus Property Administrator
Deduction of Oil Well Drilling Costs from Gross Income for Income Tax Purposes
Exempting Insurance Companies from Anti-Trust Laws
Exemption of Civil Service Annuities from Taxation
Extension of Price Control
Extension of Subsidies Under RFC and Other Programs
Extension of War Contract Renegotiation Act
Federal Reserve Gold Requirements
Increase in Federal Debt Limit
Industrial Use of Silver
Key Committees on Taxes and Economic Policy
Major Actions, April-June, 1945
Major Actions, January-March, 1945
Major Actions, July-September, 1945
Major Actions, October-December, 1945
Merchant Ship Sales
Quitclaim to Submerged Lands
Registration and Protection of Trade Marks
Repeal of Land-Grant Railroad Rates
Repeal of Special Government Rates on Land-Grant Railroads
Separation of Lending Agencies from Department of Commerce; Confirmation of Henry Wallace as Secretary of Commerce
Subsidy Payments by RFC
Summary of Congressional Action on Bills Affecting Taxes and Economic Policy
Summary of Congressional Action on Taxes and Economic Affairs First Quarter, 1945
Summary of Congressional Action on Taxes and Economic Policy Fourth Quarter, 1945
Summary of Congressional Action on Taxes and Economic Policy Third Quarter, 1945
Suspension of Anti-Trust Laws for Common Carriers
Tax Adjustment Act
Tax Reduction
Transfer of Defense Plant Corporation, Related Agencies to RFC