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 U.S. Relations and Policy: Post-Soviet Russia
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
U.S.-Soviet Relations Chill by Year's End1990
Trump Signs Sweeping Sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea2017
Text of Reagan's Speech on U.S.-Soviet Iceland Summit1986
Start Ratified Despite Soviet Collapse1992
START II Arms Reductions Easier Signed Than Done1992
Presidential Statement: Bush Asks Nation's Support for Aid To Former Soviets1992
Lawmakers Seek to Curb Russian Involvement In Iran's Weapons Program2000
Conventional Forces Treaty Amendment Approved1997
Congress OKs More Aid for Russia1994
Congress Clears Bill Calling For Deployment of National Anti-Missile Defense System1999
Congress Backs Massive Aid to Russia1993
Bush Signs Freedom Support Act1992
Bush Sees Soviet Policy ‘Beyond Containment’1989
Bush at Coast Guard Academy: Welcomes Changes In Soviet Union, Europe1989
Bill Normalizes Trade with Russia2012
‘There Will Be No More Lies,’ Yeltsin Vows to the Nation1992
$692.1 Billion Defense Authorization Increases ‘End Strength,’ Adds Warships2017
$500 Million Approved for Soviet Aid1991