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 Television: Cable and Satellite Services
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Satellite-TV Transmissions1988
Satellite-Dish Owners1987
Pay Television1967
Pay Television1969
Pay Television1958
New Decency Rules Exclude Cable2006
Lawmakers Vote To Allow Satellite TV Companies To Broadcast Local Programs1999
Lawmakers Compromise, Clear Satellite Home Viewer Bill1994
House Committee Reports Bill Limiting Pay TV1970
House Bill Would Delay Increases in Fees For Some Satellite TV Transmissions1998
Hill Enacts Cable TV Law Over Veto1992
FCC Powers - Cable TV1978
Cable TV Deregulation1983
Cable TV Copyright Bill1982
Cable TV Control1982
Cable Television1969
Cable Reregulation Blocked in Senate1990
Cable Industry Got Re-Regulation Delay1991
Cable Deregulation Passed1984