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Summit Leaders Outline NATO's Past, Future1989
Senators Press Study of American Troops in Europe1967
Senate Ratifies Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty1969
Senate Overwhelmingly Ratified the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty1991
Presidential News Conference: Clinton Announces Agreement to End War in Bosnia1995
Presidential Address: Clinton Asks Nation to Back U.S. Role in Bosnian Peace1995
President Kennedy's Message on U.S.-French Weapons Agreement1961
NATO Troops1968
NATO Troop Cuts1973
NATO Treaties1953
NATO Expansion Forges Ahead1997
NATO Delegation1955
NATO Commitments1971
NATO Citizens Commission1960
Lawmakers Conflicted Over U.S. Involvement in Kosovo Peacekeeping Effort1999
House Seeks to Trim ‘Peacekeeping’1995
Hearings on Future of NATO1966
Greece, Turkey In NATO1952
Germany Peace, Defense Pacts1952
Bosnian War Sparks Conflict at Home1995
Bosnian War Remains Intractable1994