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Treasury Gets Keys to Fannie, Freddie2008
Tightening Reins on Mortgage Lenders2007
Tax-Exempt Mortgage Bonds1979
Second Supplemental Keeps Mortgage Programs Alive1994
Overhaul of Housing Finance System Gets Lost in the Senate2014
Omnibus Housing Act Of 19541954
Mortgage Settlement Costs1972
Mortgage Revenue Bonds1983
Mortgage Insurance Bill Advances1997
Mortgage Assistance Bill Signed2009
Mortgage Aid Fails1983
Mortgage ‘Prepayment’ Compromise1990
Housing Authorization1980
Housing Amendments1953
Home Ownership Bills not Enacted in 19671967
Funds Provided FNMA to Help Housing Industry1966
FHA Foreclosure Bill Awaits Final Action1993
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Insurance Program Shored Up1990
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Win Reprieve2017
Emergency Housing Bill1960
Details of Mortgage Finance Bill2008
Debate Over Fannie, Freddie Shifts2007
Congress Votes Emergency Mortgage Aid1974
Congress Raises Ceiling for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Mortgage Loans1989
Congress Expands Housing Programs1957
Congress Clears Emergency Home Finance Act Of 19701970
Congress Clears ‘Redlining’ Legislation1975
Congress Blocks Variable Mortgage Rate Plan1975
Bills Aim to Ease Mortgage Crunch2007
Attempts to Rein In Mortgage Giants Stall2005
“Participations” Approved as Borrowing Device1966