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 Gun Control and the Second Amendment
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
No Action Taken to Regulate Firearms Shipments1964
Hearings Held on Administration Gun Control Bill1965
Control of Firearms1966
Gun Control Bills Stalled by Stiff Opposition1967
Gun Controls Extended to Long Guns, Ammunition1968
Message to Congress: Johnson on Firearms Registration1968
Message to Congress:Johnson on Firearms Control1968
Shootings, Mail, Lobbying Push Congress To Act1968
Gun, Ammunition Control1969
Gun Control Act Amendment1970
Ammunition Exemption1971
Handgun Control1971
Gun Control1972
Gun Control Bill Reported in House1976
Bill Easing Gun Law Dies1982
Bullet Bill, Gun Legislation1984
Armor-Piercing Bullets1985
Federal Gun Law1985
Armor-Piercing Bullet Ban1986
Congress Relaxes Federal Gun Control Laws1986
Congress Bans Plastic Guns1988
Gun Curbs Stall on Hill; Some Imports Banned1989
Brady Bill Part of Stalled Crime Package1991
President Signs ‘Brady’ Gun Control Law1993
House Votes to Repeal Assault Weapons Ban1996
Brady Gun Control Law1997
Gun Control Agreement Eludes Conferees, Derails Juvenile Crime Legislation1999
Juvenile Justice Bill Gets Hung Up on Dispute Over Gun Control2000
House Hands Firearms Lobby a Win2003
Senate Defeats Gun Liability Bill2004
Republicans Victorious on Gun Liability2005
Gun control effort has little power, even in wake of Newtown shootings2013
Mental Health, Gun Measures Linked2013
Gun Deaths Don't Lead to Gun Laws2015
Commerce-Justice-Science: Gun Check Plan Blocked, NASA Pruned2016
Gun Control Remains Contentious Despite Recent Mass Shootings2016
Shootings Shadow Gun-Related Bills2017