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 Crop and Livestock Inspection and Food Safety
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Bills Aim to Give FDA New Authority to Regulate Food Production, Safety2009
Central Kitchen Inspections1984
Compromise Grain Inspection Bill Cleared1976
Dairy Recalls1997
Egg Inspection1971
Egg Inspection1970
FDA Regulatory Powers Expanded Under Food Safety Legislation2010
Federal Poultry Inspection Standards Extended1968
Fish Inspection Bill Dies in Hill Turf Fight1990
Food Additives1972
Food Inspection1974
Food Safety Bill1975
Food Safety, Labeling1976
Grain Inspection Costs1978
Grain Inspection Fees and Market Promotion Ok'd1993
Grain Standards1980
Grain, Cotton Inspection1984
Grain-Inspection Bill Clears1988
House Tries to Block State Demands That GMO Foods Be Labeled2016
House Tries to Block State Demands That GMO Foods Be Labeled2015
Livestock Inspection1970
Meat Inspection1971
Meat Inspection Act Amendments1970
Meat Inspection Fees1966
Meat, Poultry Inspection1976
Nutrition, FDA Get Small Increases2014
Poultry Inspection1957
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Rabbit Meat Inspection Bill1977
Presidential Veto Message: Ford Vetoes Rabbit Meat Inspection1976
Rabbit Meat Inspection1976
Standardized Food Labeling Ordered1990