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 Clean Air Act and Air Pollution
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Air Pollution Control1962
Congress Enacts New Air Pollution Law1963
Auto Pollution, Waste Disposal Act Passed1965
Air Pollution Control1966
Congress Strengthens Air Pollution Control Powers1967
Johnson Memorandum on Air Pollution1967
Message to Congress: Johnson on Pollution, Resources, Road Safety1967
Air Quality Act Amendments1969
Clean Air Bill Cleared with Auto Emission Deadline1970
Low-Emission Vehicles1970
Clear Air Act Probe: Political Mileage for Eagleton1972
Auto Pollution Control Deadline Postponed1973
Clean Air Standards Relaxed1973
Congress Votes to Delay Clean Air Standards1974
Congress Faces Hard Choices On Clean Air Act1975
Ozone-Aerosol Issue1975
Clean Air Amendments Die at Session's Close1976
Major Clean Air Amendments Enacted1977
Commission on Air Quality1981
Congress Begins Rewrite of Clean Air Act1981
Congress Fails to Act on Clean Air Rewrite1982
No Action on Clean Air Bill1983
Clean Air Bill Stalled by Acid Rain Dispute1984
House Sets Stage for Clean-Air Debate in 19881987
Clean-Air Bill Fails to Move1988
Clean-Air Bill Moves in Both Chambers1989
Clean Air Act Rewritten, Tightened1990
Senate Sought To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution1991
Environmental Legislation Highlights Coastal Zones, Waste Management, and Antarctica Protections1996
Environmental Agency Tightens Clean Air Rules1997
Methane Rule Survives Repeal Attempts by Republican Majority2017
Ozone Limit Changes Only Rise So High2017