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 Water Quality
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Water Pollution: One Hit, One Miss2017
GOP Unable to Stop Clean Water Rule, But Judge Blocks It from Taking Effect2015
Major Safe Drinking Water Provisions1996
Drinking Water Act Wins Broad Support1996
Wide Support for Safe Drinking Water1995
Clean Water Rewrite Stalls in Senate1995
Safe Drinking Water Overhaul Fails1994
No Update on Clean Water Law1994
Clean Water Rewrite Fails To Advance1993
Clean Water Act, Wetlands Revision Begins1991
Lead in Drinking Water1988
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Clean Water Act1987
Groundwater Research1987
Congress Overrides Clean-Water Bill Veto1987
Reagan Vetoes $20 Billion Clean Water Bill1986
Congress Strengthens Safe Drinking Water Act1986
Safe Drinking Water Protections Mandate Regulation of Chemical and Bacteriological Pollutants1985
Final Action Stalls on Clean Water Act Revision1985
House Approves Revision of Clean Water Act1984
Drinking Water Bill Dies1984
Clean Water Act Rewrite1983
No Clean Water Act Rewrite1982
Drinking Water Deadlines1980
Waste Treatment Plant Costs1979
Safe Drinking Water1979
Water Pollution Compromise Enacted1977
Safe Drinking Water1977
Water Quality Report1976
Water Pollution1976
Safe Drinking Water1974
Water Pollution: New Funding Formula Cleared1973
Safe Drinking Water1973
Water Pollution Control1972
Safe Drinking Water1972
Presidential Veto Message: Nixon Vetoes Water Pollution Act1972
Clean Water: Congress Overrides Presidential Veto1972
Water Pollution: Senate Votes $ 16.8-Billion1971
Water Pollution: Committees Investigate Many Aspects1970
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on the Environment, 19701970
Major Anti-Pollution Measures Clear 91st Congress1970
Comprehensive Water Pollution Control Act Cleared1970
Water Quality Improvement Act1969
Pollution Problems1969
Message to Congress: Johnson's Conservation Message1968
Congress Acts On Pollution But Clears No Major Bills1968
Water Pollution Control Funds Expanded1966
Message to Congress: Johnson on Natural Beauty1966
Anti-Water Pollution Law Strengthened1965
Water Pollution1963
Water Pollution Program Increased1961
Water Pollution Grants1960
Water Pollution1959