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 Voting Rights
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Voting Rights Law Proves Difficult2014
Historic Voting Rights Act Extended2006
New Voting Standards Enacted2002
Election Overhaul Provisions2002
‘Motor Voter’ Bill Enacted After 5 Years1993
Bush Rejects ‘Motor Voter’ Legislation1992
Bill Extends Assistance to Bilingual Voters1992
‘Motor Voter’ Legislation Blocked in Senate1991
Senate Republicans Kill ‘Motor Voter’ Bill1990
Poll-Closing Bill Passed1989
Uniform Poll-Closing Time1985
Voting Rights Act Extended, Strengthened1982
Overseas Voting Rights1978
Postcard Voter Registration1976
Postcard Registration1975
Overseas Voting Rights1975
Congress Clears Voting Rights Act Extension1975
House Blocks Action on Voter Registration Bill1974
Senate Passes Bill Allowing Voters to Register by Mail1973
Voting Rights Enforcement1972
Voter Registration: Senate Rejects Nationwide Plan1972
Voting Rights1971
Voter Registration1971
18-Year-Old Vote: Constitutional Amendment Cleared1971
Lower Voting Age1970
Congress Lowers Voting Age, Extends Voting Rights Act1970
Court Defines Scope of Voting Rights Act of 19651969
Congress Delays Extension of Voting Rights Act1969
Voting Rights Act of 19651965
Provisions of Voting Rights Act of 1965 (PL 89-110)1965
Message to Congress: Johnson's Voting Rights Message1965
Message to Congress: Johnson Asks Congressional Protection For 'The Most Basic Right' - The Right to Vote1965
Message to Congress: Kennedy's First Civil Rights Message Asks New Voting Measures1963
Filibuster Kills Bill on Literacy Tests1962
Federal Elections Bill1959
18-Year-Old Vote1954
Anti-Poll Tax Bill1947
Anti-Poll Tax Bill1946
Anti-Poll Tax Bill1945