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 Television: Programming
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Broadcasters Agree To Rate Television Programs1997
Closed-Captioned TV Coverage Initiated1991
Congress Restricts Ads During Kids' TV1990
TV Violence Talks1989
Improving Children's TV Moves Slowly in 19891989
Reagan ‘Pocket Vetoes’ Kids’ TV Legislation1988
Senate Adapts to Television1987
Senate TV Coverage1986
Senate Radio, TV Coverage1985
TV Rerun Rule Forestalled1984
Senate TV Plan Fails Again1984
TV Syndication Rights1983
Senate TV Bill Died1982
House TV Coverage1977
Educational Broadcasting1976
TV Food Advertising1973
Television Violence1972
Political Broadcast Spending Veto Upheld by Senate1970
TV Violence, Licensing1969
Maneuvers Late in the Session Kill TV Debate Bill1968
Political Broadcasting1967
Violence on TV1964
Television Commercials1964
Equal Time Broadcasts1963
Educational TV1962
Educational TV1961
Political Debates on TV1960
Political Broadcasts1959
Educational TV1958
Televised Hearings1952