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 State Department Organization and Funding
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
State Department Restructuring Debated2017
State Department Authorization Bill Is Cleared on Last Day of Session2016
State Department Authorization Bill Can't Escape the Committee Room2015
Obama Gets Less for Foreign Affairs2009
Bills Seek Aid Boost for Global Health2008
Lawmakers Look for Deep Cuts in Foreign Affairs Spending1995
State Bill Reflects Changing Climate1994
Better Government’ Plan Unveiled1993
Congress Enacts State Department Authorization1985
State Department Authority1982
Foreign Aid Reorganization1979
State Dept. Authorization: Policy Provisions Deleted1973
State-USIA Authorization: Senate Debate on Vietnam1972
First Supplemental, 19571956
Information Program1953
Bills Introduced – Miscellaneous & Administrative1951
Reorganization Act Of 19491949