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 Military and Veterans' Education, Employment and Housing
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Bills Cleared to Help Vets on Appeals, Private Medical Care and Education2017
GI Bill Education Benefits Expanded2008
Veterans’ Bill Excludes Agent Orange Provisions1989
Veterans Affairs (VA) Housing Supplemental1988
Changes Made to Gl Bill1988
Congress Enacts Permanent GI Bill1987
New Gl Bill1983
New GI Bill Proposals1982
Veterans’ Benefits Cut1981
New GI Bill Proposals1981
Veterans' Education Aid1980
Veterans' Education Benefits1979
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Assistance for Vietnam-Era Veterans1978
Amendments to GI Bill1977
Veterans Bills1975
Veto of Veterans' Benefits Bill Overridden1974
Veterans Bills1971
Veterans' Unemployment1970
Veterans' Housing1970
Veterans' Employment1968
Veterans' Education1968
Message to Congress: Johnson on Veterans1968
Veterans' Benefits1967
Congress Approves ‘Cold War GI’ Benefits1966
Cold War Veterans' Bill Passed by Senate1965
Defense Education Act Extended Two Years1961
Cold War GI Bill1961
Veterans' Housing Loans1960
Veterans' Housing Loans1959
Cold War GI Bill1959
Veterans' Housing1957
GI Education1955
Korean GI Bill1954
Housing Probe1952
GI Bill Extended To Korea Veterans1952
Korean Veterans Housing1951
Defense Housing1951
Land Grant Colleges1950
GI Training Survey1950
GI Schooling Programs1950
Military and Veterans 1948: Summary of Action1948
Veterans Housing1945
Broadening of GI Bill of Rights1945
Amendments to GI Bill1945