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 Military Enlistment, Deployment, and National Reserves
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Congress Shapes Coast Guard Policy2012
Commission Calls for Women on Warships1992
Military Enlistment Bonuses1977
Special Military Bonus1974
All-Volunteer Army1972
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Draft Reform1971
Draft Extended After War, Foreign Policy Debate1971
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Message on Draft Reform1970
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Draft Message1969
President's Draft Lottery Approved by Congress1969
Reserve Merger Blocked1967
Message to Congress: Johnson on Selective Service1967
Draft Developments1967
Congress Extends Selective Service Law for Four Years, but Rejects Proposals for Comprehensive Draft Reform1967
Revision of Draft Law Studied1966
Reserve Call-Up1966
Reserve Merger Plan1965
Draft Developments1965
Reserve Program Reform1963
Draft Extension1963
Reserve Reorganization1962
Armed Forces Reserves1961
Draft Extension1959
Military Reserves Strengthened1955
Draft Law Extension1955
Re-Enlistment Bonuses1954
Doctors' Draft1953
Military Reserve1952
Universal Military Training and Service1951
Extension Of Enlistments1950
Enlistment Of Aliens1950
Draft Extension1950
Coast Guard Draft1950
Draft and Universal Military Training1948
Unification of Armed Services1947
Extension of Selective Service1946
Voluntary Recruitment Bill1945
Deferment of Farm Workers1945
Deferment of Farm Workers1945
Bill to Draft Nurses1945