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 Federally Subsidized School Meals
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Child Nutrition Program Extended1994
Record Amounts To Aid Women, Children1991
Commodity Distribution1987
Child Nutrition Programs1986
House, Senate Pass Child Food Aid Extension1985
Child Food Aid1983
Child Nutrition Programs1982
Child Nutrition Programs Extended to 19851980
Child Nutrition Programs1979
Child Nutrition Programs1978
Child Nutrition Programs1977
Child Nutrition Programs1976
Summer Feeding Program1975
Congress Overrides School Lunch Veto1975
School Lunch Extension1974
School Lunch Program, FY '731973
School Lunch Payments Hike1973
Congress Expands School Lunch Program1972
Summer Food Programs1971
School Lunch Programs: Minimum Aid Level Set1971
School Lunch Authorization1971
Child Nutrition1971
Congress Clears Three School Lunch Measures1970
School Lunch, Milk Programs1969
School Lunch, Breakfast Aid1968
School Milk, Lunch Programs Merged in Nutrition Act1966
School Lunch Act1962
School Milk, Brucellosis1956
School Lunch Program1946
National School Lunch Act1946