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 Congressional Travel Allowances
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Travel Allowance Increase1980
1976 Foreign Travel: $2.4–Million Spent1976
Committee Travel1971
Federal Travel Allowance1969
Nearly Half of Congress Takes U.S.-Paid Trips1966
Members' Allowances1965
Congressional Trips Home1963
Congressional Travel Abroad1963
Travel Regulations, Legislative Funds1960
Congressmen Who Traveled in 1959 and Where They Went1960
190 Congressmen Traveled Outside U.S. in 19591960
Sea Transportation1959
Which Members of Congress Went Where in 1957?1958
Which Congressmen Traveled, Stayed Home, Where Did They Go?1958
Election Year Cut Into Junketing in 19581958
Congressmen Who Traveled in 1958 and Where They Went1958