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 Coastal Management and Ocean Conservation
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
NOAA Renewal Dies in Senate1994
Congress Moves To Protect Oceans, Marine Life1993
House Committee Passed Beach-Water Testing Bill1991
Florida Keys Declared Marine Sanctuary1990
Beach Pollution Bill Dies1990
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Reauthorization1989
Ocean Pollution Controlled1988
Ocean Dumping of Wastes1985
Coastal Zone Management1985
Reagan Vetoes First Comprehensive NOAA Bill1984
Ocean Dumping Bill Dies1984
Ocean Dumping Legislation1983
Marine Sanctuaries1983
Ocean Dumping Legislation1982
NOAA Authorization Fails1982
Congress Clears Barrier Islands Legislation1982
Ocean Dumping Sites1981
Marine Sanctuaries Act1981
Marine Protection Act1980
Deep Seabed Mining Cleared by Congress1980
Coastal Zone Management Revamped1980
Deep Seabed Mining1979
Ocean Pollution Research1978
Ocean Dumping1977
Deep Seabed Mining1976
Oceans Advisory Committee1975
Nantucket Islands Trust1975
Marine Protection1975
Marine Protection1974
Coastal Zone Management1974
Ocean Pollution1972
Coastal Zone Manacement Bill Clears in 19721972
Treaties on Ocean Pollution1971
Ocean Dumping: House and Senate Pass Controls1971
Coastal Management1971
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Message on Ocean Pollution1970
Ocean Resources1970