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House Votes for Change In Antitrust Law to Allow Doctors to Unionize2000
Antitrust Fines Hiked; Director Curbs Eased1990
House Passes Bill to Help Fight Price Fixing1987
Municipal Antitrust Shield1984
Maritime Antitrust Differences Unsettled1983
Maritime Antitrust Bill1982
Foreign Nations, Antitrust1982
Pfizer Antitrust Measure1981
Soft Drink Bottlers Given Antitrust Protection1980
Antitrust Procedures1980
Antitrust Violations1978
Major Antitrust Enforcement Bill Passed1976
Antitrust Legislation1975
Antitrust Law Changes1974
Antitrust Procedures1973
Conglomerate Mergers1970
Antitrust Penalties1970
Antitrust Exemptions1967
Bank Merger Law Revised1966
Revision of Bank Merger Act Debated1965
Bank Merger Bill1965
Antitrust Decisions1964
Relief Granted Dupont Stockholders in Antitrust Case1962
Civil Antitrust Documents1962
Antitrust Enforcement1961
Antitrust Documents1959
Oil Prices Investigated1957
Antitrust Measures1955
Antitrust Investigations1955
Railroad Antitrust Exemption1947