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Should the legal protections given to social media platforms be limited?Social Media PlatformsOct. 2, 2020
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Do mainstream outlets have a political bias?Media BiasMay 3, 2013
Should journalists be regulated?Free Speech at RiskApr. 26, 2013
Has embedding of reporters with troops been a success?Combat JournalismApr. 12, 2013
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Is transparency the new objectivity?Journalism Standards in the Internet AgeOct. 8, 2010
Should the proposed “shield” bill protect independent bloggers and all freelance journalists?Press FreedomFeb. 5, 2010
Should newspapers shut down their presses?Future of Journalism (Updated: September 3, 2010)Mar. 27, 2009
Is blogging increasing public participation in politics?Blog Explosion (Updated: September 14, 2010)Jun. 9, 2006
Is corporate ownership of newspapers hurting journalism?Future of NewspapersJan. 20, 2006
Should Congress pass a federal shield law for journalists?Free-Press DisputesApr. 8, 2005
Do mainstream media outlets have a partisan bias?Media BiasOct. 15, 2004
Are the major TV networks committed to localism?Media Ownership (Updated: July 5, 2010)Oct. 10, 2003
Are media mergers bad for consumers?Journalism Under FireDec. 25, 1998
Should would-be journalists pursue undergraduate degrees in journalism?Student JournalismJun. 5, 1998
Should journalists abandon their traditional detachment and become more actively involved in their communities?Civic JournalismSep. 20, 1996
Has media coverage of the O. J. Simpson case been excessive?Courts and the MediaSep. 23, 1994
Should the Newspaper Preservation Act, which permits newspapers to enter into joint operating agreements, be repealed?Hard Times at the Nation's NewspapersAug. 24, 1990